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Since the game is in the closing process, applications are permanently CLOSED.
Reserves are currently CLOSED.

Please be sure to review our FAQ, rules, and taken page!

Player Cap: 38/60

Please note that reserves only hold the character for you to apply with. Should all player slots be filled before the end of the scheduled application round, applications will close at that time. Due to the limited number of player slots, revision requests will be given a 24 hour window for re-submission.

To submit your application during an open round, copy and paste it directly in a comment here. If your application exceeds the character length, please only use one top-level and reply to it with as many comments as needed.

Please title your comments in the following format:






Preferred Pronouns:

Other Characters: If this is your second character, please list your first here.


Name: Please include any known aliases as well.


Memory Option: (1, 2, 3 -- see HERE for more information).

Established Status
: Y/N. If yes, please state for how long (up to five years, more information can be found here) and detail briefly what they've been doing since they've come to Overjoyed. Please note that no memory regains will be possible prior to game-start: this option is only available to allow you to better establish your character and their potential organizations/business/etc.


Canon Point:

Citizenship: Please review the settings guide and job guide, as not all characters will have citizenship. This will be very important for plot events and will not be easily changed once accepted, so consider your options carefully.

Job: See our jobs, FAQ, and culture pages for more information. Who they work for--whether it's The Company, The RAC, or another option, will have a significant impact on their daily lives. The most important thing to bear in mind is that the job should make sense for the character--we probably wouldn't have Gundam Wing's Heero become a pastry chef (though that would be its own level of awesome), and likewise, Ash Ketchum probably isn't suited for biomedical engineering.

* Level: For characters who are applying as members of the RAC, please state the level you believe is the most logical starting point for them. Keep in mind that no one begins higher than a level 4.

Abilities: For an overview of how your character's canon powers can translate to Overjoyed, please review the FAQ, powers guide and/or hit up the brainstorming meme where a mod will be happy to work with you. In short, we will only be nerfing those abilities deemed game-breaking, but will require that magical abilities translate into more scifi iterations of themselves. Additionally, you will need to classify your abilities between minor and major and explain why you chose that classification. Minor abilities will be available from day one, but major abilities can only be regained through AC purchases.

This section should also include any standard physical or mental abilities that are noteworthy about your character.

Personality: We expect this section to be thorough and as comprehensive as possible. While we understand that the nature of an AU-bending game will skew a canon personality, we ask that you refrain from heavy use of headcanon and, in the instances where you do use it, provide your logic and reference canon to back it up. Things to consider in this section: How do they react to conflict? What are their strongest traits and their weakest points? In their worst moments, what are they like? How about when they're at their best? We want to see well-rounded characters--no one is perfect and no one is completely flawed.

CRAU: Yes or no. If yes, please provide a brief summary of the world setting they're coming from, the developments and/or formative experiences that occurred during the time they were there, and a link to the game's main navigation page.

AU History: This is the section where you will blend the world setting with your character's original history. Because we realize that this isn't the easiest task, we want to make it as painless--and as fun--as possible. If you're struggling for ideas, please don't hesitate to hit up the brainstorming meme. Your history does not need to mirror canon precisely--some things just won't translate well at all, but try to stay as true to the original path as you can. The people tasked with rewriting your character's memory would try to align it as closely to true experiences as they could.

Original History:
If canon: A wiki link is sufficient as long as it covers the pertinent details and pertains to the specific universe in which you're pulling your character from (anime, manga, game, etc).

If OC: Please provide a detailed account of their life and general world setting of their original universe. If possible, try to limit this section to no more than 1000 words, but know that this is more of a general guideline for your moderators' sanity than unbending rule (so if you feel that you need to write more to convey important details, we understand).

Inventory: Items that your character had on their person at the time of leaving their universe will be permitted, though some may change form when entering Overjoyed to suit the environment (i.e., if you had a magical pocketwatch, it would probably look slightly different now.) For application purposes, please list any items within their possession at the canon point you'll be taking them from, and describe any changes the items will undergo.

Samples: Please provide either (A) a sample written within the game verse or (B) two threads, only one of which may be network, wherein at least one is set within game verse (i.e., tdm).

Miscellaneous Notes: Is there anything you would like the mods to consider that didn't quite fit into the above sections? For original characters, please note your PB here. Otherwise, feel free to add anything pertinent that didn't quite fall into the above categories.


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Kaz Brekker | Six of Crows Duology | Reserved

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Name: Leucrotta (Leu)

Age: 28

Contact: leucrotta @ plurk

Preferred Pronouns: She/her is fine

Other Characters: N/A


Name: Kaz Brekker aka Dirtyhands (real name Kaz Rietveld)

Age: 20 (canon age +3)

Memory Option: 1 (deteriorating partial AU)

Established Status: Yes, 3 years. During this time, Kaz has worked to establish both his reputation and his information network(s) in Old Town.

Canon: Six of Crows Duology

Canon Point: Just after the events of Crooked Kingdom (so, the end)

Citizenship: Old Town, Westerley. Officially Kaz Rietveld is dead; Kaz Brekker is a fake identity.

Job: Info Broker/Gangster/Thief-for-hire

Abilities: Kaz has no superhuman/magic abilities, but he does have A Very Particular Set of Skills.

Lockpicking: In canon, Kaz claims he can pick any lock. This might well be a bluff, (see below,) but if it is, it’s never properly called. The fact is that he’s an excellent lockpick and safe cracker, learning new locks as they hit market by acquiring and dismantling them to study their innards. In OverJoyed this will mean he’s well-versed in electronic locks as well as manual ones.

Sleight of Hand: Kaz is an exceptional thief, both on the large scale and the small. He got his start by picking pockets, and he certainly still can, but he can also do card/coin tricks and practical (non-magic) illusions, stash things on people without them being the wiser, and switch objects even under watchful eyes. And yes, while wearing gloves. It’s ridiculous.

Escape Artist: A combination of the previous two skills. Kaz is very difficult to keep in a room, or handcuffed, or generally restrained. He’s a slippery customer, and if he can’t wriggle his way out, odds are he’s got a set of lockpicks or two stashed on his person to assist in the attempt.

Poker Face: Kaz has like every bluff modifier in the book. If he has a tell while lying, it’s gotta be damn hard to detect, and he’s got such a reputation for pulling off impossible things that even those close to him (to use that as a relative term) don’t often know when he’s bluffing or what he’s thinking. Basically he can lie with a completely straight face and keep his composure under most dire circumstances (there are exceptions, more on that later).

Street Fighter: He has no formal training, but Kaz knows his way around a fight. He’s scrappy, but has no finesse. To quote him on his own "style", he practices "the art of 'pull his shirt over his head and punch till you see blood'". A decent shot, he’s also capable of using knives and, of course, his cane, with which he is extremely proficient. The cane was made for fighting, and he knows what pressure points to hit with it. He’ll use his fists, too, but preferably only with his gloves on. I wouldn’t say he’s in the same class as highly trained warriors, but he plays dirty and he has a violent reputation for a reason.

Chessmaster: Kaz is a schemer, known for having not only a detailed plan for every occasion, but several backups, and backups for the backups. He thinks through every possibility for failure and tries to cast a wide enough net of countermeasures that his success will be ensured. He’s (almost) always several steps ahead, or at least that’s the illusion he gives off, both out of a mixture of his intensive pre-planning and his ability to quickly devise an alternate route. In canon, one of the other characters calls him demjin (demon), because of his almost supernatural ability to predict what other people will do before they do it.

Mathemagician: This isn’t really magic I just wanted to make a joke. Kaz is great with numbers and has a good memory for them. He does most of the figures for his gang’s income entirely in his head.


To make a long story short: Kaz is not a good person. Since his childhood ended abruptly at ten, he’s made a living doing terrible things, and has built up a reputation to match. Those on the streets know him as a ruthless, cunning, dangerous person, and that’s not at all far from the truth.

His most defining character traits are probably, paradoxically, his spite and his level head. Kaz is an angry, angry person, a carefully contained maelstrom of fury and violence wrapped in an unsettlingly calm exterior. Like if you took a hurricane and somehow made it inside out. On the surface level, he appears to be a cold, calculating creature, giving away nothing he doesn’t want others to see. He seems confident in nearly every situation, unflappable even with a gun pressed to his chest or a fire fight raging around him. He remains at ease, unflinching. This goes for the things he does as well as the things he finds himself faced with; they don’t call him Dirtyhands for nothing. He’s made a name for himself as someone willing to take any job, do any task, regardless of the ethical issues or the difficulty involved. He’s a thief, a con man, a liar, a killer. Merciless and efficient, practically amoral. At least, that’s his persona.

But this self-control does not come easily, and it’s not entirely genuine. Yes, Kaz is all of those things, but that’s not all he is. Underneath the still waters is a raging river, and it sometimes rears its head when least expected. In a rougher line of work, weakness isn’t tolerated, and more often than not, it ruins your reputation and gets you killed. Kaz has worked very hard to perfect his dangerous image, and any cracks in that armor tend to send him spiraling. If he runs out of tricks or plans on a job, if his physical and mental limitations get the better of him, or if he fears he’s becoming too emotionally attached to someone, he has a tendency to lash out or completely withdraw. Basically, if he feels vulnerable, he’ll get nasty. When he’s on his game, he’s excellent at what he does. Throwing him off isn’t easy, but manage it, and he’ll have a difficult time recovering without someone else to snap him out of it. In short, he’s a fortress built on unsolid foundations.

To speak more on those unsolid foundations, what Kaz views as his weaknesses are not only physical, (he has a pronounced limp in his right leg from an old injury,) but mental, as well. In his canon, and presumably on Westerley as well, there isn’t a lot of great psychiatric care for people like him, but it’s not a stretch to say he has something like PTSD from certain events in his past. He has a Thing about being touched, especially if the contact is skin on skin, and for this reason he always covers himself and wears gloves. Touching people fills him with fear and physical revulsion, and makes him remember things he’d rather not. If the contact is minor, such as a hand on his sleeve, he’s more likely to get angry or violent, but if there is prolonged or forceful contact, he can get so overwhelmed that he freezes up or even passes out. Being surrounded by other human bodies is the worst. As stated, he does hide this phobia pretty well, (usually with threats,) but just the knowledge that it exists, that it could cause him serious problems at any time, frustrates him endlessly. As a way to combat anyone finding out about this fear, he’s sort of built up a mythos that there’s something actively wrong with his hands- scars, spooky bloodstains, demon claws. That sort of thing. As he tries to do with all of his shortcomings, he’s made an attempt to weaponize it.

And then, aside from the fear, there’s the issue of his anger. Kaz’s primary motivator in life is his hatred, his need for vengeance against one particular person, and his willingness to tear down anything that gets in his way. This has gone so far that there are times when he has a slight break from reality, when he actually hears the voice of his dead brother demanding justice. Even beyond wanting to, he believes he Must do this in order to let his brother rest in peace. His anger can become so all-consuming that he actually loses his cultivated calm around the object of his wrath. Kaz will keep to any deal he makes, but cross him, and he’ll make it his life’s work to destroy you.

And just to complete the trifecta of “things Kaz considers his weaknesses”, the opposite of fear and loathing: trust. Kaz is a nasty dude when it comes to people he hates, but it is, in fact, possible to get closer to him. Since his particular brand of crime (cons, dealing in secrets, etc.) requires other people to fetch him information and assist him in completing jobs, he’s grown reliant on certain folks, as much as he’d never admit it. Namely this includes Inej, but it’s certainly not impossible for him to make other friends. Good luck figuring out you’re his friend, though, because like literally everything else, Kaz keeps his affection to himself. It’s less what he does to show he cares than what he allows the people he trusts to do. Like, be near him and talk back to him. And possibly put a hand on his shoulder. Big deals.

As for why this is a weakness, beyond the obvious "feelings are hard and gross", it's because, much like when faced with the object of his revenge, Kaz can get a little unhinged when the people he cares about are put in danger. At least, possibly-deadly danger. Danger that isn't part of the plan. Try to kill someone he cares about and he's very likely to attempt swift and reckless payback, assuming the perpetrator is within reach. And if they're out of arm's length, see above notation re: "making it his life's work to destroy you". Basically he doesn't always think straight when his friends are seriously jeopardized.

Which brings us to the fact that despite being mostly amoral, Kaz is capable of positive things. Mostly he's is an asshole, but he can be almost magnanimous. It’s just exceptionally rare. If he thinks a person has been completely unjustly wronged or is stuck in a terrible position (much like, say, he was once,) and/or if he has some reason to care about them specifically, there’s a chance he’ll do something that might be misconstrued as actually nice. Things like giving a person a place to stay, offering protection, things like that. He’ll often “justify” this by making the other person agree to work for him, or having them owe him a favor or several, but there are some cases where it seems like he’s just actually trying to do a good thing. To go into some canon details, he pays off Inej’s “indenture” to a brothel using his gang’s money. In theory she’ll have to work for them to pay it off, but he does give her the option to say no, and he makes sure her new contract is in her native language so she can understand it. It’s not an entirely selfless gesture, he absolutely has ulterior motives, but he definitely goes out of his way to help a specific person. In another example, he once more goes out of his way to ensure that his enemy’s fortune doesn’t simply burn, but rather lands in the hands of his disenfranchised son.

Despite his overall shark-like demeanor, he’s still just barely not a kid, and sometimes that shows up. He does have a sense of humor, for instance, though it tends to be a bit on the snarky side and sort of downright mean from time to time. But there are moments when he jokes around about stupid stuff like eating waffles and being so theoretically future rich that you can pay someone to pay someone to burn your money for you. The joking around camaraderie thing really only shows up for those who’ve earned at least a little of his trust, though (although the mean kind can apply to anyone). Most of the time, he’s way too mature for his age.

In an attempt to add to that whole “wiser than his years” reputation, Kaz has a bit of a flair for the dramatic. He dresses sharply in all black, is rumored to have started rumors about himself (rumorception), and definitely puts on a show of being incredibly cynical and hardcore. He says dramatic one-liners and dispenses with sort of morally grey advice to his associates, and at one point even gives a rousing speech (it was part of a plan, but still). Someone in canon refers to him mockingly as “philosopher crook”, and they aren’t wrong. It’s all just more of that whole personal legend he’s trying to uphold.

Speaking of which, close to him or not (or what passes for it), most people aren’t privy to just how much of that is fabrication. If it were up to him, no one would ever know that Kaz Brekker can be funny or is capable of doing good things. As it stands, no one ever seems to know what he’s thinking, or what his plans are. Even the people he’s on a job with. While they’re enacting the said plans. It can be a problem. He plays everything so close to the chest that when things go terribly wrong, or even terribly right, his crew can’t tell which it is. The good thing about this is that when he successfully corrects a problem through quick thinking, he looks like he planned it all along. The bad thing is that when he can’t, the illusion of control is further shattered. And also things go terribly awry, probably.

Speaking of plans, that’s something we should definitely talk about. In any job, Kaz is the mastermind. He makes the plans, and he’s good at what he does. This is partially because of his good memory, but mostly because of his almost Sherlockian skill at reading people and predicting their actions. Contrary to popular belief (which he has, himself, perpetuated,) he can’t actually read minds or see into the future. Instead, he simply puts multiple plans into action at once and includes countermeasures for as many possibilities as he can think of. He’s like a living embodiment of the Boyscout mantra: “be prepared”. That’s not to say his success is a result of simply throwing a lot of things at the wall and having one stick- he’s genuinely cunning and observant enough to get it right the first time in most instances. But he’s also a meticulous planner and hates the idea of someone getting the better of him. As another relevant note, he’s incredibly adaptable. If a job throws him a curveball, he can often think his way out of it and remain a step ahead. That is, assuming the curveball isn’t the object of his vengeance or lots of people touching him, or something.

So, in summary:

Kaz is not a good person, but he’s not entirely bad. He’s capable of not-bad things, even if he usually has ulterior motives for doing them and they’re usually only done for people he actually likes. He’s almost eerily level-headed unless something knocks him off balance. A monster with weaknesses that he hides in plain sight. Does not handle slights and betrayals well. Is willing to do really awful shit. Overall an angry garbage fire of a person, but a very smart one.
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AU History: Gonna keep this pretty close to his canon history, which is linked below.

- Kaz’s family were temporary farm workers on Leith and made a modest amount of money doing it.
Unfortunately, his mother died when Kaz was young, and his father was killed in an accident, leaving his teenage brother Jordie in charge. Kaz was 10 at the time.
- Jordie and Kaz came back to Westerley, to Old Town. Jordie had aspirations of owning a business there, but he fell in with a con man and lost everything. He and Kaz became homeless.
- At about this time, a brief plague outbreak swept through Old Town. Both brothers got sick, but only Jordie died from it. Kaz survived, but barely, and was mistaken for dead by those who came to collect the corpses for disposal.
- When he woke up after his sickness, Kaz was out in the Badlands with a bunch of rotting dead people and no way home. He waited for rescue, but rescue never came, so he was forced to find his way back to Old Town by himself.
- On his return, he vowed revenge against the con man who left he and his brother for dead. The con man turned out to be a gang boss, untouchable to a street urchin. So Kaz decided to drag himself up to his level.
- He started his criminal career with mugging and pickpocketing, then graduated to taking jobs as a thief. At some point in those days, he fell off a roof during a job and gained a permanent leg injury.
- He eventually signed on with a gang called the Dregs. They were kind of a loser gang, but as Kaz rose quickly through their ranks, he sort of hauled them up with him to at least some prominence.
- Two years ago, Kaz used the gang’s money to pay off the illegal “contract” of a girl named Inej Ghafa from a black market brothel. In exchange, she now works for him as part of his spy/info gathering network.
- Kaz has spent the last three years in Old Town building his dangerous reputation and expanding his network of spies, informants, and paid-off officials. He’s currently running the Dregs, essentially, though he’s not actually the boss.
- He’s still working on that whole revenge thing, also.


Original History:

There wasn’t a (good) wiki reference for this, so I wrote my own, which can be found here. It’s long, I apologize, but I thought it perhaps unlikely that most people would be canon familiar.

- A very nice black suit. The fancy kind with a vest and everything. He absolutely stands out for dressing like a goth businessman while living in a slum, but you know. Flair for the dramatic and all that.
- His cane. In canon it was created via magic, but that’s really not necessary, especially in a world with advanced machining. It’s an actual ambulation device, he does legitimately need it, but it’s also a weapon. It’s made of wood and features a crow’s head at the top with a very sharp beak. It also has a lead core to make it pack a punch and keep it from snapping. Getting hit with it at full force can break bones.
- Two (2) knives. Kaz apparently always has at least two knives on his person. The only thing that should change about them would be how they were made- with future tech as opposed to early 1900s tech.
- Lockpicks. They’re just pieces of metal with weird notches and bends to a casual observer.
- His gloves. Kaz is basically always wearing a pair of these, even when he sleeps. He normally only takes them off to wash his hands. They are black, unlined, and made of leather, with tiny little slashes in the fingertips so he has an easier time with sleight of hand.

Samples: I wrote up TDM starters here, but since I was unexpectedly busy this week they didn't really go far. (Oops!) I also have an incredibly short thread on a castmate's starter here. If you need more samples let me know!

Miscellaneous Notes: His PB is Ezra Miller. I’ve tried not to use too many icons from any one movie/show, but I haven’t actually seen most of what Ezra Miller has been in, so I’m not sure where/if there’s too much overlap. If there are too many icons from one thing, let me know and I can switch them out asap.

ALSO noting a thing here:
In canon it’s never stated (not even once, in almost a thousand pages) which of Kaz’s legs got broken when he was young. I’m going to almost arbitrarily pick the right leg, mostly because that’s the leg I have a bad knee on, so I’ll be able to remember easier. I would provide some kind of canon justification for this, but there really is none. The author honestly just doesn’t say. Oops.

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LEOPOLD FITZ | MCU (agents of shield) | RESERVED

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Name: jay
Age: 18+
Contact: charred @ plurk
Preferred Pronouns: she/her!
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Name: Leopold Fitz
Age: ( 27 in canon + 3 years = ) 30.
Memory Option: 1 — AU deterioration.
Established Status: Yes — 3 years.
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe — Agents of Shield
Canon Point: s3e1 — "laws of nature"
Citizenship: Leithian
Job: Company R&D Team Lead ( / private tech consultant )

* Level: n/a

Abilities: Literally as human as things can get. No special powers or anything even remotely close to that.

However, Fitz is an Marvel-canon tech genius! Which means he understands things no normal person understands, and has an affinity with tech that's at a level of "take a look and know exactly what needs to be done", or "make a cool new invention in a few days" ( which could be a super power on its own ). Technology in Marvel is already ridiculous, so his intellect is also a little ridiculous, basically. His specialties are in robotics and in quantum physics, but thanks to being around Simmons for years/being her lab-mate he probably has some understanding of biochemistry too. Basic first aid, stuff like that.

Also by the virtue of being a SHIELD agent he has some experience with fire arms, and got through more than his fair share of sticky situations. Frankly his hand-to-hand is awful but he can take a few hits, which is nice.

Personality: NOTE: there are spoilers in this app for agents of shield ( surprise ).

Leopold Fitz is a socially awkward genius who just really wants some friends. That's it — and he owns up to every single part. Which means, to talk about Fitz, all one has to do is examine the "socially awkward genius" bit, then the "really wants some friends" bit.

So. He's a socially awkward nerd, indulging in all things nerdy, complete with the whole "talk about a lot of really complicated topics really fast" tick. He's squeamish, brings fragrant sandwiches to infiltration missions, and has jokes directed at him go right over his head. Yet he's unparalleled ( almost, because Tony Stark exists in this universe ) in his intelligence. It's the one thing, while surrounded by a bunch of really badass people who can probably snap him in half, he can boast about — and he knows this very well. He congratulates his teammate for being able to "string 3 words together in a sentence", and lets another know "don't worry, you're not the one with a degree in quantum physics". Unsurprisingly, his humor also tends to be dry and sarcastic, with a penchant for drama.

It's obvious that a lot of his self-esteem comes from his intelligence — as does almost everything about him, really. He's almost the mad-scientist archetype, if he isn't so good ( more on that later ). It's thanks to his intelligence that he's able to play up his pride, his competitiveness, his temper as a point of charm, through the inventions and the rapid solutions to technical problems. Proof that he's useful, if not necessary, on the team — despite smashing a brand new communications device with a hammer, or throwing a prototype at a wall; these things are seen as quirky. So once you strip his brain away from him, he's out of his element, and his confidence nosedives. The brain damage he suffers is traumatic for this very reason — he believes that his intelligence, the only thing that put him above all others, is turning against him. Coincidentally, it's when Fitz's worst traits ( the pride, the competitiveness, the temper ) are shown in the worst light; and from this point forward, take a more hostile edge than ever before. He isolates himself away from the rest of the team, trying to become the "old Fitz" that was useful. When that doesn't work, his temper flares up, prone to angry outburst that leaves a room silent. He only breaks out of the destructive pattern when brand new teammates begin to befriend him, because they don't hold the same expectation that his old teammates did; they're crucial in allowing him to accept himself, first. But even now, past the worst of his condition, he's still prone letting his temper to get the best of him — outbursts, while now "charming" once again, also hold more weight than before.

Yet it's the most important development Fitz has, because while he's too stubborn to change parts of himself, he gains new traits. Ironically, he becomes extremely accepting of change — if not the most accepting on the team. While he's still stubborn, the stubbornness is kept within the boundaries of what he believe is right, and he becomes extremely adaptive to the rest. The trauma forces his hand — he becomes the first to change, and only when he "accepts" himself does the rest of the team follow suit. He's the first person to protect the inhumans ( specifically, Skye ), when everyone else seems to handle this new unknown with the same wariness they felt towards Fitz. He's an extremely empathetic, forming personal attachments despite the whole nerdy archetype — the fact that he had to adapt to a huge change helps him along.

Though that can't all be credited to how well he adapts. This is also a great time to examine the "really wants some friends" bit, because it points to Fitz's most defining trait: his loyalty. He would, without a doubt, go at lengths to stand up for and protect the people he cares about. Somehow, on a show about spies that turn on each other and have their alliances questioned, Fitz's loyalties have passed every single test thrown at him. It does take him a bit before he can warm up to people — shyness, once upon a time, was also a defining trait — but once he does, there's no shaking him on his faith on another person without some drastic measures. He refuses to believe that Simmons is dead when the rest of the team believes she's lost forever. When Ward, a former teammate and someone Fitz considered a "brother", is found out to be a sleeper agent for HYDRA, he's the last person to believe that Ward is a bad person; at least, until aforementioned brain trauma becomes Ward's fault. This extends just past his friends, too — his fundamental beliefs have him believing that there is no complete evil in a person, and that's seen time and time again with the new characters that join the show ( as well as the number of times he's betrayed ). With loyalty, kindness, sympathy and bravery are traits that closely follow.

Despite this, he can't claim to have a lot of friends. Part of it comes from working at a spy organization where his existence has been wiped off the map, but he has never had a lot of friends. In fact, before the start of the show he has only had one friend — Jemma Simmons. A biochemist genius who had also been too smart for her age, and so the only person that he had ever related to. Yet the fact that Simmons thinks that he hated her when they first met says something about how terrible he is at first impressions ( it's also because he basically fell in love with her at first sight, but that's neither here or there ). For all of the traits that make him a great friend, for how personable he could be, these parts of him only show up when he's in a situation he feels comfortable in. He really does want friends, really — but many of his friendships have happened because the other side has made some kind of first step.

Luckily, Fitz's world has been slowly expanding; even if now, his only friends are people who can snap his neck in half plus Simmons. Since the start of the show he has forged relationships and experiences that he has never thought possible. Yet he's still a pasty nerd with a passion for monkeys, and prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella sandwiches with a hint of pesto aioli. A nerd with a huge heart that will protect every friend he has.

AU History: No one knows Fitz is a genius until he's in his late teens. The education system has him feel like he's wasting away, and he nearly fails most of his classes. His mother, after the departure of her husband when Fitz was 8, has no idea what to do with her boy — she knows he's brilliant, as all mothers believe, yet the grades he gets suggests otherwise.

It's through a freak accident during science class ( surprise, surprise ) when he nearly blows up a part of the school building that authorities in suits come to take him to an elite academy in Qresh, full scholarship and everything. The awkward boy who was always made fun of in school is — well, no, he's still the nerdiest kid in school. He's one of the brightest the academy has ever produced, a PhD ( or two ) under his belt in almost record time.

One of the brightest, because his best friend is the other — they both graduate the academy 3 years early.

Her name is Simona, but Fitz calls her Simmons. They meet in first year and somehow she instantly clicks with him; she follows his fast, rambling way of speech, keeps up with every single one of his ideas ( he does the same for her ). She challenges him, supports him, and for the first friend he makes, she's more than what he could have hoped for. She's bio-chem, but that hardly matters with Simmons. He would have liked her if she didn't know Newton's Second Law of Motion.

They're scouted by the Company almost instantly after they graduate, and together they lead a division of research and development, making cutting-edge equipment for the enforcers. Unsurprisingly, they excel, and together, they're unstoppable. A force to be reckoned with. In the few years they work, they bring enough new tech to the Company to keep them ahead of the game for at least a few years.

And then Simmons decides she wants to try being a field agent, and continue their work while being right in the middle of action. Fitz hates it, and they argue like they've never argued before. But because Simmons is Simmons and no one knows how stubborn she is except Fitz, he eventually gives in. They get assigned to a small, investigative team, with a small lab space for the two of them, and frankly — Fitz sees more action and gun fights than what he bargained for, but somehow, it's fine.

Until one day, when he goes on a mission while Simmons is told to stay behind in the lab. It's supposed to be simple, until something goes sideways and — this is when his memories get hazy — a blast knocks him into a lake. They tell him he was knocked out immediately; while he was rescued, he stayed too long underwater, and the lack of oxygen caused brain damage. Hypoxia. Aphasia. A group of terrorists, it seems, are the reason for all of this.

Apparently when it rains, it pours — they tell him that Simona had been working with those terrorists for a long time — she confessed her crimes, they said, and was executed. Any other attempt at gathering information leads him to dead ends, files that he doesn't have the authority for.

Fitz goes from one person to less than a half in a span of 24 hours.

Therapy is long — difficult and frustrating in ways he's never experienced before, trying to make himself whole without the thing that made him whole in the first place. But a few years of work, he gets his tremors down to a small fraction of what it was, his words flowing in rapid fire sentences just like before. He returns to the R&D division once they find him fit enough to do so, taking team lead by himself this time around. Everything's back the way it is — within a week or so, he begins producing his finest for the Company. He dutifully ignores the occasional pity glances that are thrown in his direction. If anyone asks, he says that it's better this way — Simmons is a traitor, after all.

( Everyone believes him because Fitz is supposed to be a terrible liar; and he was, when he didn't have a good enough reason to lie. So he starts a side business in the shadier parts of the Quad, fixing tech for people that need it. Nothing that'd get him in trouble, at least not on the surface — as far as people know he's just fixing old phones ( for the possible resistance network, but he can turn a blind eye to that ) for a hobby. He's probably screwed if this gets out, but if Simmons died a traitor then he might as well too ( not that he plans to die. He's not suicidal, thank you, and he's going to live for as long as he can ). )

( note: because jemma simmons is such an integral part of his canon backstory and personality, i decided to substitute her with someone else entirely (and then killed her off so that he's not entangled with her). this way, should a jemma simmons app into oj, they can do so without being so closely entangled to a pre-established back story (if you give me a simmons, stranger/friend, i'll love you!! alternatively if you do want to fit your au together with the mess here, shoot me a pm and i'd be happy to hash things out)!! and as they get their memories back fitz can casually curse at the assholes who made him forget about jemma. it'll be a great time all around )

Original History: here!

→ a SHIELD issued phone which just translates to the network device here
→ the clothes on his back which are probably some nerdy sweater vest, pants, and a collared shirt

Samples: some tfln thread, oj tdm top level

Miscellaneous Notes: it's time to space scottish the shit out of everyone!!! also as always i'm sorry for the assault on your inbox
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Inej Ghafa | Six of Crows | Reserved

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Name: Jenny

Age: 25

Contact: [ profile] cephalopods

Preferred Pronouns: She/her

Other Characters: Kate Bishop


Name: Inej Ghafa

Age: 18 (16 + 2 years in game)

Memory Option: Deteriorating AU!

Established Status: 2 years! She's been in Old Town. Her memories of working at the brothel are all fake, so her time in game starts specifically just after Kaz recruits her.

Canon: Six of Crows

Canon Point: Post canon, so just after the end of Crooked Kingdom.

Citizenship: Undocumented

Job: Gang member? Teenage delinquent?

Abilities Inej is a normal human! All of her abilities are taught.

→Acrobat: Inej was raised as a performer, which means she has incredible balance and gymnastics skills. She's a hell of climber, too, and often scales buildings and travels over roofs rather than on the streets.

→Spy stuff: She's taught herself to be very, very quiet, to the point that she somehow managed to sneak up on Kaz with bells on her ankles. She's incredibly observant, and while she's not skilled at lockpicking like Kaz is, she's capable of breaking into places and leaving unnoticed. Basically, she's called "the Wraith" for a reason.

→Knives???: Inej has learned to defend herself, mostly with her six (6!!!) knives. She's more of a stealth fighter, relying on going unnoticed until it's too late over brute force. However, Inej is largely self trained, which means that she depends on smarts and trickery to win fights, and is at a disadvantage when pitted against an opponent with formal training.

→Languages: She can speak Kerch, Ravkan, and Suli, although that won't matter until she gets a significant chunk of her memories back.

Inej is essentially a whole mess of issues, just like the rest of the cast, courtesy of the wonders of Ketterdam. From what we know, she was a normal teenager before she got snatched, and quite a few of those traits have persisted. Inej is incredibly daring, willing (and in fact insistent on) walking a high wire with no net. Since she was part of a Suli caravan that travelled the country, made up mostly of her family, she puts a very high value on family and culture, and she’s very compassionate. Inej is thinking of other people almost always, and there’s a part of her that’s always afraid she’s going to cross the line.

Of course, her experiences have hardened her quite a bit. Inej states that, when she was first bought by Tante Heleen, she was convinced someone would rescue her, but as the months went on her hope dwindled. That’s left Inej very realistic, almost edging on pessimistic, and this mindset is not really helped along by Kaz. In fact, a few of Inej’s coping mechanisms after escaping the brothel seem nudged along by Kaz in some way. For example, Kaz repeats the ever so pleasant “better terrible truths than kind lies”, and she seems to respect him for never promising her happiness, simply a sort of freedom.

Inej was victimized for a year, and so she’s hardened herself. At first, she’s motivated purely by survival. She’s fully aware of her image—a tiny waif of a Suli girl—and so works hard to cultivate her dangerous reputation. When Kaz brings Inej into his gang, he warns her that he won’t be able to watch out for her, and so Inej makes a point of ruthlessly watching out for herself. Every time one of the members of the Dregs called her a name or catcalled her, she went out of her way to respond immediately and violently, to “make the risk higher than the reward”. She’s learned to read a room and to especially read her enemies, and she’s rarely taken by surprise. Befitting her role as a spy, Inej prefers to be very sneaky, and to strike before anyone even realizes she’s there. She takes comfort from her title as the Wraith, and takes comfort in her knives, too, which she keeps on her at all times, to the point that when Kaz is demanding a trade of hostages, he demands Inej’s knives come back with her.

She’s been left with a huge mess of trust issues, too. This is complicated by the fact that there’s clearly a part of Inej that longs for a feeling of belonging, but more importantly, a makeshift family. At first she tries to deal with this realistically. The Dregs, after all, are not her family at all, but coworkers. Over the course of the book, she begins to realize that her closest friends, which consist of the team Kaz picked to infiltrate the Ice Court, are incredibly precious to her and have become her new family. Still, when she’s being held by Van Eck, she files through a list in her head—Nina is the only one she thinks will be insistent on saving her out of pure affection and friendship. Wylan will do it because he’s a good person, Matthias will do it because of his overwhelming sense of honor. Jesper, while he likes her, in horribly in debt, and leaving Inej where she is is far more profitable to him. And then there’s Kaz—Kaz won’t try to rescue her at all, because in Inej’s mind, it’s a simple matter of logic, and Inej is worth nothing next to Kuwei. What’s interesting is that in the other character’s POV chapters, we see the exact opposite is true. Every single member of the crew is overcome with the need to rescue her, even Kaz. While she realizes this later, considering her development is being temporarily reset a bit, this will still be an issue for her.

In some ways Inej will always be the Suli girl who grew up in a large, close knit family. She’s compassionate, and this keeps her from becoming a monster like so many other people in Ketterdam. When Kaz finds out one of his men betrayed them and leaves him for dead, part of Inej longs to go to the man anyway and hold his hand as he dies. When she knocks out a young Suli girl working for Tante Heleen to steal her costume, Inej wonders if the girl chose her life willing, and hopes that she has. It’s rare that she holds a grudge if the other person is remorseful, and she’s one of the members of the cast that is the most genuine with her feelings. She also acts as a (sort of) voice of morality for Kaz, although he doesn’t always listen to her. She’s always ready and willing to call him out when he goes too far, and is one of the few people who can get away with it. Her morals aren’t gone completely, they’ve just been shoved sideways a bit. Inej tells herself the Wraith doesn’t have time for traitors, and leaves the man to bleed out. After Van Eck nearly shatters her legs, she promises herself she’ll kill him, and while she’s trapped in his theater, she goes out of her way to figure out what would hurt her Suli babysitter the most and use it against him. In her own ways, Inej is vindictive and vengeful, it just takes much more to get her there.

The incredible 180 between Inej’s life before being kidnapped and after has been, as you can imagine, really, really hard for her to accept. Inej is a super religious person. She prays regularly and names her knives after her saints, and she recites their names whenever she’s afraid or knows something dangerous is about to go down. From what we know of these saints, they are super not down with killing, but Inej tells herself that they’ll accept her deeds because she was trying to survive. She does consider herself tainted, and thinks of the girl she was before Ketterdam as dead. She’s afraid to find her parents again, because she’s not sure they’ll accept her after the things she’s done. Inej has also developed a (very understandable) issue with being touched. Most of the time she’s fine with it, and she finds physical affection comforting from those she’s close to. However, she does mention that every once in a while, one of her friends will hold her hand or touch her waist and it will bring up a whole slew of terrible memories.

On a more surface level, Inej tends to strike most people as reserved and a bit of an old lady in a teenager’s body at times, due to her habit of repeating Suli wisdom to make a point. She’s not shy about stating her opinions, and can be very stubborn about them. She’s very adaptable, which allows her to keep up with Kaz’s last minute changes in plan even if he doesn’t tell her about them, and even if it drives her nuts. She can be teasing and playful with those she’s close to, making dumb jokes about waffles and about how Matthias is a bright yellow, brooding tulip. With Kaz, she tends more towards deadpan. She also has a habit of being sentimental, although less so after her time in the Barrel. So, basically, Inej tries really hard and would prefer to be a spotlessly good person, Ketterdam just really doesn’t want her to be.

AU History: Inej's history will track pretty closely to her canon one.

- Inej is from a smaller planet outside the quad, and her family was part of a group of performers who traveled from planet to planet on a ship, as discussed in the brainstorming meme. From a young age, Inej was taught a variety of skills, from tumbling and gymnastics to walking the highwire, and she was incredibly fearless.

- When Inej was 15, she was snatched by a group of slavers from the ship and taken to Westerley, where she was sold to Tante Heleen and made to work in a brothel in Old Town. Inej was forced to sign a contract that meant she had to pay off the price Heleen paid for her herself, but in reality, Heleen had no plans to let her go.

- One day a young man named Kaz Brekker came to the brothel. Inej initially took him for a patron, but then realized he was there for information. With no other options, Inej snuck up behind him when Heleen wasn't looking and offered to help him.

- Kaz paid off Inej's debt and negotiated new terms with her. She would sign a new contract with no tricks or catches, and work off that debt by being a spy for Kaz's gang. She accepted.

- Over the next few years, Inej learned to be Kaz's "spider" and eventually gained his trust. She also learned how to survive in Old Town, and how to make herself dangerous, enough to gain notoriety as the Wraith.

CRAU: n/a

Original History: I had to write my own, which is here. Sorry it's so long!

- A set of six knives, two of which are attached to mechanisms that release from under her sleeves with a trigger, sort of Assassin's Creed style
- Brass knuckles, which she apparently keeps in her pocket
- Slippers with flexible rubber soles made specifically for climbing
- And her clothes, of course

Samples: Here! Hopefully those are enough, rip.

Miscellaneous Notes:

(no subject)

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Prompto Argentum | FFXV | Not Reserved

[personal profile] chromogenic 2017-03-06 12:31 am (UTC)(link)


Name: Adi

Age: 30

Contact: [ profile] moondoggie1

Preferred Pronouns: His/He

Other Characters: N/A


Name: Prompto Argentum

Age: 20

Memory Option: Deterioating AU

Established Status: 5 years

Canon: Final Fantasy XV

Canon Point: Chapter 13

Citizenship: Authorized non-citizen

Job: Reclamation Agent

* Level: 3
- recently promoted!

Prompto is skilled enough with a handgun and trusts himself to shoot with it as much as he does with his camera. Sometimes he'll do both at once!

Other than that, I mentioned on his Gravisphere thing on the brainstorming meme. Let me know if that's okay or if you can suggest something else for the ability (like making it a nanotech thing or whatnot).


On the surface, Prompto appears to be a typical young man brimming with curiosity as well as energy. Among his group of friends, he's the most lighthearted, often offering some quips and laughs and always trying to keep the mood from being too serious. That's not to say he's insensitive to feeling the mood when needed, he definitely knows when the time for jokes is right and when it is not. When there's tension in the group, he'll be the first one to try and soothe things just to keep everyone together.

When it comes to his friends, his only friends (Noctis, Gladiolus and Ignis), Prompto is fiercely loyal to them. Their happiness and well-being are the world to him, and anything that threatens their dynamic quickly reminds Prompto of how he's nothing without them. Whether Noctis is in grief or Ignis suffers an injury to his eyes, Prompto is the one who wants to aid his friends as best as he can.

Even though he hasn't been an adult for very long, Prompto is still very much young at heart. He relies on others for simple tasks such as fishing or cooking, and to an extent even driving - because despite having a license, he's still the worst driver out of everyone due to the sheer fact that he's easily distracted. Furthermore, he likes playing videogames more than the others and is often heard referencing his favourite game.

Underneath the persona Prompto puts out, however, lies someone much more fragile and insecure about themselves. Unlike the rest of his close friends, who all grew up within nobility and have a role in serving Prince Noctis, Prompto's only connection with the prince is the fact that they've been best friends since the beginning of highschool. In Prompto's mind, that alone makes him feel like he has the least to offer, combined with the fact that he's just not as strong or smart as the rest of the gang. As much as he believes these negative things about himself, he doesn't allow it to weigh him down. On the contrary, it's this harsh self-image of himself that spurs him on to work hard every day just to earn his place.

Prompto's determination to turn his life around and be someone worthy goes all the way back to his childhood. Whenever canon depicts him being at home, it's always in an empty house with takeaway food. However, he does reference his parents so it's presumed that they're always working. Between school and home, Prompto basically spent all his days alone and observing his surroundings through a photo camera. A huge turning point for him was the day he tried to befriend a young Prince Noctis, only to embarrass himself followed by the other boy's off-hand (but innocent) comment about his weight. Ever since that day, he's been working hard, focusing on losing his weight which was steadily followed by increase in confidence, at least outwardly in the sense that he can talk to others more easily.

As mentioned, however, that social confidence only takes him so far. Setting aside all his inner hangups, Prompto still cannot talk to attractive women without tripping over himself. It's all the more surprising because he fancies himself as someone who has a chance when the object of his affection isn't around; he'll call dibs, he'll fantasize about going on dates, but when it comes down to actually asking them? It's an entirely different story. In one instance in particular, he relied on Noctis whispering him what to say to his crush, and even then he refused articulate any of the confident (and honest) dialogue choices. At the end of the day, when it comes to romance, Prompto can talk the talk but he certainly can't walk it.

When it comes to dealing with conflict, Prompto knows what needs to be done and steps up. He's not fearless by any means, because to be brave one needs to have fears in the first place, and Prompto certainly faces them despite a few complaints here and there. More importantly, as a Crownsguard, Prompto doesn't fight for himself, but for the sake of his best friend and Crown Prince. In battle, he's a team player through and through, but he'll always be a follower rather than a leader.

At the end of the day, Prompto is your average young man dealing with imposter syndrome, but he never lets it get in the way of being a great friend. Whether a friend needs to laugh or cry, he's there no questions asked.

AU History: I'm gonna try and keep this close to canon history!

- Born a Westie, but raised on Leith by adoptive parents. His parents aren't around much, but he has a simple life if not lonely. He doesn't know why he was taken in, but it's not something he actively sought answers for once he realized the truth. As far as he was concerned, he would rather stay where he is than be cast out if anyone else found out about his origin (in his own perception, at least).

- As an adolescent, he begins to question his worth. He's overweight, no friends, not connecting with his parents and not even knowing who his real family is. The reason he has no friends has nothing to do with nobody liking him and everything with his own self-worth. He's scared to approach other seemingly friendly children, so he observes the world through a camera lens instead.

- Over time, he becomes quite proficient at using his camera. Apart from being good at videogames, his photography is his only amazing skill and yet he sees no future in that.

- By 15-16, he's pretty convinced that he won't inherit anything. He's not sure whether he belongs in Leith or Westerley, so he decides that he'll give up all citizenship when he's old enough. He will train rigorously and be good enough to make money as a Killjoy one day.

- Combining his understanding of technology, his gaming and photography focus, Prompto starts being proficient at using a gun. Within a year of training and the right diet, he has also lost all his weight and looks much more lean. His style of clothing has also evolved with a lot of focus on vanity and being "cool". By now, he's also confident at talking with others as long as he's in his comfort zone.

- His career as Killjoy has been fairly good to him, if not a little easy. He follows instructions and is a good team player. Being a Killjoy has not only made his days less lonely, but he feels like he's contributing something and he gets to take pictures of the places he's authorized to travel now. Overall it's a great gig and he found his place! However, he starts his third year within the RAC with a promotion to Level 3, which itself comes with a brand new set of responsibilities that he's not sure if he can handle, but he wants to prove himself nonetheless.


Original History: Here!

- Photo camera (cleared of any saved photos)
- His hand gun

Samples: TDM

Miscellaneous Notes: None! I did have some concerns in the brainstorming meme about the hidden barcode on his wrist. If there's nothing we can do to incorporate that part of his backstory to Overjoyed, then I'm happy to ignore it. Thanks!

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royce bracket | transistor | reserved

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Name: Xel

Age: 30

Contact: [ profile] piasora | tevinter#3439 @ discord

Preferred Pronouns: She/her

Other Characters: Timothy Lawrence (Borderlands); will drop if Royce is accepted


Name: Royce Bracket

Age: 37

Memory Option: Deteriorating AU

Established Status: 5 years

Canon: Transistor

Canon Point: Post-game

Citizenship: Qreshi

Job: Cybernetics R&D (independent but closely affiliated with the Company)

* Level: N/A

Abilities Brilliance and imagination. Unusually well-built dorito body (so probably above-average strength). Ability to make cataclysmically terrible decisions and regret basically nothing. In seriousness, the primary characteristics that make Royce so successful are his remarkable intelligence and uncompromising drive toward excellence—these, coupled with a... not very restrictive set of personal ethics.

Personality: "Eccentric" might be a kind way of describing Royce. His surface presentation and mannerisms are peculiar and sometimes jarring in their dissonance: a stranger on the street will see a tall, handsome man with sharp fashion sense and a piercing stare, but unless sufficiently excited, his voice tends to come out gentle, almost frail, and gives an impression of him being much older than he is. The second he's engaged in conversation he'll reveal himself to be soft-spoken and awkward, prone to meandering and repetitive speech, either clipped and disorganized or veeeery slooooow, as if carefully considering the words he wants to say. He has a tendency to ramble and not notice if people aren't listening anymore (or, indeed, if they've straight up left the room). All in all, one comes away with the impression that Royce isn't quite a people person.

Much like his AU version, he is quite gifted and benefited from an elite education in his youth. He's shown to love his work for its own sake, pouring a great deal of energy into his creations—and ego, apparently, because when he begins to fall out of Cloudbank's favor, he first devotes his time to creating all manner of avant-garde structures in an attempt to have his work endure. When that fails, he quits working for the city altogether and withdraws to a remote suburb to pursue his interests freely. It's not an unreasonable leap to say Royce's ego factors into his decision-making quite a lot, particularly as it culminates in his willingness to straight up murder a bunch of people in order to turn Cloudbank into its best self.

"Best," of course, is relative. Fact is, it was Royce and his colleagues who decided what the greater good would look like for the hundreds of thousands of other people living in Cloudbank, whose government was based on majority rule. While Royce didn't originate the Camerata's plan himself, he freely admits to Red that he was "all for it, all for it at first." When the plan falls off the rails with cataclysmic consequences, he shows himself to have very little genuine regret about his own catastrophic mistakes. Royce is a believer in the old adage that it's impossible to make an omelette without broken eggs; it should be established that death doesn't seem to hold quite the same gravity in Cloudbank that it does in our world, but he nonetheless is quick to acknowledge the moral truth of their actions:

"What we did was wrong, in the traditional sense. In the contemporary sense."

It's important to note the way in which his recognition of their plan's "wrongness" differs sharply from Asher's; overburdened by guilt for their sins, Asher spills everything to Red before it's too late to tell her. Royce realizes this by the time Red reaches Fairview and seems to regard Asher with a little bit of pity:

"Poor Asher. Before the end he just, he went and told you our whole plan, did he? Expecting what, your sympathy? Your mercy?"

Royce possesses no such illusions. He knows full well that his actions are unforgivable, and thus he doesn't see the use in clinging to regret for his mistakes. And his mistakes were catastrophic, he absolutely sees that, but they can't be changed, so what else is there to do but try to move forward under these new circumstances? It does certainly leave the impression that Royce is remorseless, cold, and next to a more... normal person, this might be a fair assessment. But his thoughts and actions come not from a place of malice, but sheer pragmatism. Maybe even optimism, as even right down to his showdown with Red he's still extolling the virtues of her voluntarily allowing him to absorb her into the Transistor.

Finally, it's worth taking a little time to discuss Royce's relationship with the Process. Indeed, it's arguably his primary relationship in the game. Evidence would suggest that Royce was the one who discovered the Process in the first place while searching for the underpinnings of his ever-changing city. Not long after, he discovered a means by which the Process could be directed to take specific actions: the Transistor. Royce speaks about the Process in his notes with the kind of excitement you'd expect from a zoologist who's discovered a totally new species. He is, by turns, fascinated with and affectionate toward and frightened by them. However, it's still important to recognize that for all his recognition that the Process is a unique and powerful entity, his primary concern has always been to find ways of utilizing it for his and his fellow citizens' own benefit. Everything Royce has done, in fact—his harnessing of the Process, his part in a plan that would guarantee the deaths of several dozen people and ultimately resulted in the deaths of thousands more, all of it—was, to him, entirely for the sake of helping his beloved city realize its true potential.

Also, he has a teeny bit of a southern accent. Nobody else in Cloudbank does. We don't understand why.

AU History: Royce was born into an offshoot of the Hyponia family—not a direct offshoot, but close enough to reap the privileges of a Qreshi upbringing. While others might be content with the life of luxury their station entitles them to, Royce was never so complacent. His life up to this point has been lived with an unquenchable thirst to make and do and learn. Royce used the prestigious education readily provided to him to pursue his interests freely, and by his late twenties his meandering academic path led him to his fascination with the overlap between humanity and tech—so often taken for granted—that pervades the world in which everyone lives. Most recently, he has become highly fixated on technology's potential to shape the very essence of humanity (i.e., human thought, consciousness, memory). And no wonder, because think of the good it could do! Everyday people could be made better from the brain outward. Bandits and other criminals could be reformed. Belligerents on both sides of a war could simply... no longer want to fight.

To that end, Royce has begun collaborating closely with Company researchers on projects pertaining primarily to cybernetics/hack-mods. While not a Company employee per se, the majority of his work is conducted with Company cooperation and with the use of Company resources. However, he does keep a remote lab in the mountains of Leith that is dedicated to his own independent research, which is where he can normally be found when not traveling to Company sites across the Quad.

While Royce cares very little for the Nine's squabbling and politics, there is something to be said for self-preservation. Consequently, although he is aware of the research of the late Dr. Jaegar, her ties to Lands Simms and Kendry have led him to keep much of his own work close to his chest. That's just being pragmatic.

On that note, Royce's morals can be a bit, um, flexible in the face of his intellectual pursuits. There's no substitute for human trials, after all, and he's found that most everyone has a price (especially on Westerley and similarly lawless locales). He genuinely believes that his work, if fully realized, would ultimately benefit people all across the Quad—perhaps all the way up to and including the Nine, who have proven over generations of empty squabbling and excessive bloodshed that they simply cannot be relied upon to rule as they are...


Original History:

- The dapper clothes on his back, minus the Camerata patch.
- Always cigarettes. Always.


Miscellaneous Notes: Consider CR with Royce if you are: 1) past the legal hack-mod limit to retain personhood, 2) otherwise in possession of interesting mods, 3) affiliated with the Company, 4) a member of or close to the Nine, 5) in need of a filthy rich awkward nerd who lowkey thinks he knows what's best for the entire Quad in your character's life. :)


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Ango Sakaguchi | Bungou Stray Dogs | Not reserved

[personal profile] counterspied 2017-03-09 04:52 pm (UTC)(link)


Name: Dynast

Age: 25+

Contact: [ profile] storywise and PMs.

Preferred Pronouns: She/her.


Name: Ango Sakaguchi

Age: 22 (estimation based on canon)

Memory Option: 1 - AU Memory Deterioration

Established Status: Nope. He's just been reassigned after field duty.

Canon: Bungou Stray Dogs

Canon Point: Post Dark Era (i.e. 2 years before the start of manga canon).

Citizenship: Leithian.

Job: Senior Intelligence Officer under direct employment of the Company.

Ango has an ability named Discourse of Decadence. In BSD canon, abilities are sort of like mutations -- only a few people have them, and everyone else are just filthy normals like you and me. However, nothing is known about his ability as he's yet to use it in canon. As-is, I'll play him without it since we know nothing of it.

Other notable skill sets that he has are related to his background in espionage, such as:

- Military training : Ango is known to be mentally and emotionally resilient, though not so much physical -- he makes up for that with his firearms knowledge.

- Negotiation: During his time in Port Mafia, he was also tasked to work on alliances between Port Mafia and other (criminal) organisations. He also somehow negotiated his way into joining Mimic, an international military force, despite having no physical ability.
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“Sakaguchi Ango, Port Mafia’s intelligence agent,” I try getting into his frame of thinking by reciting his title. “A secretive, knowledgeable man. No one knows your true identity.”
- Oda Sakunosuke

It's hard to divorce Ango the informant from Ango the individual because of how formative his career has been on him. However, for a guy who's lived a chunk of his life pretending to be someone he isn't, it's worthwhile to examine him in both lights.

Ango the Government (Elite) Informant

Throughout his entire career in espionage, Ango has consistently been involved in information brokering and intelligence gathering-- even when he isn't under government employment. This is an indication of the attitude that Ango has both on and off work: His meticulousness for detail, his dedication to work (three all nighters to finish a report on time, and he isn't even the procrastinating sort!), and most notably, his mental resilience. Odasaku remarks upon this himself:

"Of course, Ango has information on the mafia that is more precious than gold. To prevent the possibility of information being leaked by enemy interrogation, this responsibility must be given to someone who is unafraid of punishment and is mentally resilient."

Wealth, scandal and pleasure were never on his list of vices; even in an environment as highly corruptible as Port Mafia, he remained constantly diligent and sometimes, to the amusement of his friends, a constant (but efficient!) grump. That's probably how he ascended as quickly as he did through the ranks. He's good at what he does and despite the occasional grumbling, also has the self-confidence in his handiwork that helps foster others' trust in what he does.

There lies the oddity, though. Constantly described as someone unflappable, "scholarly" and serious, Ango nevertheless managed to successfully infiltrate into Mimic, a band of death-seeking violent militants that delighted in battle. For all that Mimic was, they were nonetheless loyal, choosing death over abandoning the brotherhood. How is it that someone as non-violent (and foreign, in both a literal and figurative sense) as Ango have managed to convince the close-knit Mimic to accept him as their brother-in-arms? It can only be surmised that Ango, grump and all, can actually be fairly charismatic when he wishes to be. Port Mafia may have been interested in picking his mind (to some extent, Mimic was too), but to have appealed to such hardened individuals-- Ango must have truly had a silver tongue.

But if Ango is as charismatic as he (could) have been, why doesn't he attempt to be more sociable within the structures he's infiltrating? Partially is his own fail-safe mechanism, but as they always say: The best lies are always those with a little bit of truth in them.

Ango the Individual

Getting glimpses of Ango's actual impressions of things is a fairly rare occurence. It's not because he doesn't have any, mind you, but mostly because he's become pretty adept at suppressing his own thought processes to defer to those expected of him. If the government tells him that he'll have to sell out one of his (criminal) comrades, for example, Ango would have doubts but do it nonetheless. But it's in these pocket moments of individual free will (and of such, doubt) that Ango's true personality shines through.

Take, for example, how he acts when he's drinking with Odasaku and Dazai back when they were all still part of Port Mafia. Ango is prickly and probably the shining paragon of sarcasm, but there's something genuine about that attitude, of how he's never particularly spiteful despite the withering remarks. He even cracks jokes -- something entirely unexpected for such a serious man of his stature. It's a far throw from the seemingly overconfident Ango who pushed people and the idea of friendship away at the start, who would rather have Odasaku and Dazai stand far away from him while conversing with him.

Ango, for the lack of a better term, mellows upon forming bonds. Odasaku reminisces about the trio's friendship as thus:

"It’s as though the hierarchy at work doesn’t exist and we are just drinking and chatting together. About things that happen on the street, alcohol, people we’ve met; there are no topics we are particularly passionate to share between us. Even so, we can talk endlessly without stopping about even the small things. Like soldiers that meet on the desert battlefield serendipitously, encircling the campfire, we quietly carry certain things forward, quietly drinking, enjoying the insignificant times spent together."

Odasaku is hardly one to look at memories through rose-tinted glasses; he's pragmatic and for him to speak so highly of their friendship belies how close the trio were. Considering his position as a triple agent, such close camaraderie would be a highly dangerous thing for Ango; even if it is assumed that he could possibly talk his way into becoming friends (with one of the youngest prodigies in Port Mafia, nonetheless), the fact remains that he chose not to do so and was practically bullied into befriending them. Perhaps in a time where he kept having to keep things more cloak than dagger, having people whom he didn't need to try so hard to appeal to seemed immensely relieving. Even if they don't know each other's backstories (or perhaps, it's because they don't know each other's stories), they are oddly close friends.

But that's exactly when his priorities start to go askew. Ango as the government informant makes the call to poison Odasaku so that his continued existence isn't revealed to Mimic. These are where his priorities are meant to be. But barely 24 hours later, he hightails it to the bar that the trio (i.e. Odasaku, Dazai, Ango) frequents in a desperate attempt to salvage the relationship -- and damningly, reveals crucial info about Mimic's leader to the other two. It's a ridiculously high-stakes gamble: This meeting could've been discovered by his superiors, or Dazai could've called for backup to eliminate a confirmed Port Mafia spy. There was no reason for him to have been able to walk away alive from that, and it's ridiculously telling that a man as meticulous about plans and details as Ango would've left such a gaping hole in his plans. And his reasons for the reveal:

"Dazai, Odasaku-san, I am the same as everyone. As a member of an underground organisation that I cannot disclose, as an ability user who arrests ability users, I have always buried myself in the dark corner of the government. I am a person who can never live a life walking the path of light.” Ango says, looking at us. “Someday, when the time changes, when the Special Ability Department and the mafia’s structures change, when we are in positions of greater freedom - can we come back here to drink?"

It rounds out and confirms the image of Ango as a sympathiser, a sentimentalist. He's hardened by his experiences, but not enough that he won't offer up his life in favour of his friendship. Granted, he does lose the friendship in the end (Odasaku dies, Dazai swears him off as an enemy), but he keeps going back to it. He clears Dazai's ledger when Dazai wants to move to the Armed Detective Agency. He warns Dazai about the Guild's diplomatic immunity and Dazai follows up by breaking Ango's airbag just when a car crashes into theirs. Persistence, despite constantly being met by animosity.

If we round everything up, an image emerges: Of a highly efficient man who's bathed in crime for a good half of his life. But also a lonely man who craves friendship - not for popularity's sake, but for companionship and to feel a little more human. That's probably not all Ango is, but it makes up a huge part of him.

AU History:
By all means and fancies, there was no reason for Ango Sakaguchi to enter the intelligence business.

Born to good, honest merchant parents on Leith, he received a good education of which he displayed an aptitude, in mathematics and economics. Taking over the family business would've been a logical progression for such a methodical person, but Ango would instead go on to join the Company. Too young to join the machinations of the Company's hulking finance divisions, he was offered - and accepted - a role in Intel instead.

The next few years would prove to be challenging...and rewarding. Investment from beyond the Quad was flowing in, bringing with it both fresh and weathered faces of criminal activity. It was a boom - one that the Company would be interested in sustaining, assuming that the easily volatile conditions were kept under control. Ango was to be a piece in this. He started off being placed in a minor criminal ring distantly linked to the Company's less...savoury activities, working as one of their hacking grunts. He rose quickly through the ranks, graduating out of commonplace cyberhacking to more nitty-gritty information brokering.

But that wasn't enough. It wasn't reactivity that the Company needed, it was proactivity. Proactivity in gauging where the dice would land, where the business would flow. Small fry - such as the group that Ango was part of - had absolutely no clout. And so, Ango was moved closer to the other side of the board: To the Mafia.

Operating several star clusters away, the Mafia controlled (and is still controlling) a large share of criminal activity within several star clusters. The J star cluster has been mostly free of their influence due to the overwhelming presence of the Company, though with investments starting to flow in, it was regarded as a sphere of opportunity.

To gain the Mafia's attention in the shortest time possible, Ango allied himself with a separatist division within his current group. They conspired to break into one of the highly secured vaults owned by the Mafia -- a task made only possible by Ango's numerous contacts and his background in cyberhacking. They succeeded in breaking in and spiriting away several valuables but that didn't last for long.

The Mafia placed bounties of the heads of all those involved in the heist and picked them off one by one. Most didn't get happy endings -- or rather, most got an end, period. Ango went on the run, utilising the Mafia's rather unreliable communication systems to keep them off his trail. It was a costly gamble that could have ended with him dead in a ditch of a remote planet somewhere. However, upon being cornered, Ango was instead given an offer: Work for the Mafia, or meet his end, like the rest of his cohorts.

He took the offer.

Within the next few years, he would ascend the Mafia corporate ladder, going from a lowly accountant to - at his highest - the Mafia's lead intel officer. All significant business negotiations had to pass through him, and only few could rival his memory for the names of all those under Mafia payroll. All this info would be transmitted back to the Company, but if they intended to act upon this goldmine of information, they made no indication of it.

At least, not till Mimic entered the picture.

Ango may have been the main intel officer for Port Mafia but he certainly wasn't the only one. News of Ango's double timing reached Mafia's leader and instead of dismissing him bloodily, they instructed him to instead instigate the entrance of Mimic, a violent mercenary group from a neighbouring planetary system, into the Mafia's territory. With no choice but to obey, he complied. The resulting blowout led to the start of a bloody conflict between the two sides.

(Though-- despite what it may have sounded like, the Mafia had solid non-Ango reasons for bringing Mimic into their stronghold. If required to expand upon this, I can provide the info.)

Sensing the danger in the situation, the Company arranged a hasty extraction for him, but the Mafia wasn't going to let their bargaining chip escape without capitalising on him. A trade agreement was forged, of which one of the conditions was for the Company to give priority to Mafia-allied businesses when dealing with firearms and cybernetics within Mafia territories. In return, the Mafia would allow the Company to conduct trade unhindered within their areas of influence.

Upon his return to the Quad, Ango was promoted to the role of Senior Intelligence Officer, and essentially benched from field duties to keep him away from the public. A necessary move considering how safety and how widely known his face was at one point -- but one that he finds somewhat relieving nonetheless.
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Red | Transistor | Not Reserved

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Name: Dolly

Age: 27

Contact: [ profile] owlits

Preferred Pronouns: She/her

Other Characters: Rhys | Borderlands | [personal profile] rhygret


Name: Red

Age: 27

Memory Option: Deteriorating AU.

Established Status: Yes, 5 years.

Canon: Transistor

Canon Point: After restoring her lover's body and realizing she cannot return him to life.

Citizenship: Authorized Immigrant

Job: Composer and songwriter


Red has no supernatural abilities as magic and the like doesn't exist in her world. The Transistor she has in her possession and the powers it possesses are detailed below under her Inventory section.

In terms of personal skill Red has an incredible singing voice. In Cloudbank Red was ranked in the top percentile of Cloudbank's contemporary performing artists for five years running. Her music has been known to have incredible impact: in one instance an altercation erupted during one of her performances (the very first altercation in four years across the city), and the individual banned blamed Red's for being an instigator and provocateur.

Although she has never been formally trained in fighting Red is able to wield the Transistor as a weapon to defeat both the Process, and ultimately, Royce Bracket who initially discovered and used it. So while a great deal of that is due to the Transistor and the individuals they collect on their journey, Red is also a bit adaptable. She literally runs around dragging that thing for days yo.


"You always have a plan."
-The "Boxer"

Red is a character who is not easy to define at first, primarily because so much of who she is and built herself up to be is stolen at the start of the game by the Camerata: her voice.

Despite the fact that Red attended Traverson Hall, primarily a technical institution which boasted grooming some of the most ambitious civic planners, she showed an interest only in music and became the first to select two non-traditional disciplines. Red spent most of her time building up the nascent arts program until she hit the spotlight five years prior to the game's start. When interviewed about her history and what influenced her work Red always insisted her "work spoke for itself." Red's passion for music, for expression through lyric and melody was the driving force behind all of her Selections up until the events of Transistor. In Cloudbank Selections define who people are, what they will become and where they will fit into society: they are a rite of passage, made during one's studies. And Red purposely chose to follow her passions despite how unprecedented it was. She struck out against the tide to forge her own path because it was was she cared about, what she wanted.

Which is what makes the loss of her voice on the night of her comeback concert such a profound blow for her. As she and The Transistor make their escape from the events which led it into her possession they stumble upon promotional posters for her performance: her return to what she loved after her lyrics drove a man at one such event to start an altercation--the first in four years of Cloudbank's history. She spends a long time looking at the poster even as the Transistor urges her to "Let's just go. C'mon just go, just...yeah." Red has to mourn the loss of her voice, her life, and her lover all in the same moment, and for once she can't express herself the way she's always been able to with words. Her actions become her primary method of communication from that point on.

Red is determined: The Transistor himself ("him" being her lover who was absorbed into it) notes that Red always has a plan. When they escape the Camerata's attack and he urges her to flee, assumes they're going to escape and lay low Red instead heads back to where it all happened looking for answers: why did they choose her, what's going on? Is the Process following her? There's so much she doesn't know and wants to understand, but more than anything she wants to find a way to restore her lover to the way he was. To this end she fights her way through the city of Cloudbank against the volatile Process, against the monstrous Spine and the Camerata themselves. Red does this because she wants to, not because it's what anyone wants or expects her to. She has always followed her own desires and this holds true throughout the game:

The Transistor wishes to escape, Red instead heads back into the city to undo what's been done and uncover the truth. The Camerata expects her to seek revenge but instead Red is almost much as anyone in her position can be. She ends Sybil's suffering after being Processed rather than let her continue on in her monstrous existence, and even tells Asher that if he wants her help stopping the process he's going to have to tell her the truth. When Royce offers a truce in order to stop the Process Red listens to him and acknowledges the need for collaboration to stop what the Process is doing--to stop everything from being wiped out of existence. And finally at the end of the game, despite being given the virtual key to Cloudbank, the power to reshape and reform it in any way she sees chooses only to restore as much as needed to reach her lover's body in the hopes of reviving him.

When she realizes the limits of the Transistor and that it can't bring the dead back to life, Red chooses to end her own life with the sword and live inside of it with her lover despite how he begs and pleads for her not to do it, to live on because he's okay with how things are for him now. She doesn't need to do this--they're already together.

But again Red is determined and only does what she wants to do. Red follows the tune of her own song and doesn't allow her choices to be swayed or influenced by the assumptions or expectations of others. For her the only thing that truly mattered was understanding what had happened and finding a way to save her lover from being trapped inside the Transistor forever; "You're all I have," she tells him. When it became clear that entering it was a one-way street and there was no hope of reviving him, Red chose to do the one thing that would guaranteed she could be with him the way she wanted for all eternity.

What's important to note is that this is not an impulsive decision for Red. She doesn't act rashly or without thought and this can be seen in the comments she posts to the OVC network on Cloudbank throughout the game. red is often seen typing out several drafts of what she wants to say and what she decides to say, only ever posting when she's satisfied with what's been written. The same was true when the instigator at her performance accused her of being the reason for his outburst. When she finally understood the potent effect her music had she decided to take time off from the stage to reflect--not to quit, not because she was discouraged, oh no; it was very much the opposite. She imposed precautions by herself and composed in solitude until she had grounded herself once again and was ready to return.

Red openly admits that she never wrote her music with the intent to stir controversy, and the same can be said about her attitude and manner in general. Several times she has the opportunity to make provocative statements and accusations via the OVC terminals throughout the game, but each time she chooses to delete the reply in favour of something more controlled and collected. Red is not inflammatory and does not desire conflict; she doesn't want to incite others to action. Her music is simply a way to express herself and convey emotion.

What is obvious about Red is that she is a lover, someone who is passionate and cares deeply for the strange man who wandered into her life. The man she lost inside the Transistor, and the only thing she cares about as the world around her is steadily destroyed. Red only ever wavers or doubts when it seems she might lose him when The Spine makes its appearance, or when she must release him back to the Cradle in order to stop the Process.

Red is her own person, and never wanted the power to create or control as city as she fit. She never wanted to get revenge, to be a voice of dissent or become the city's saviour. All she ever wanted was to be with the man she loved, even if that meant ending her own life to accomplish it.

Red is a set and thoughtful individual, but she is not without enjoyment and humour and happiness. Some of her most beloved memories are of meeting the man who would win her heart or challenging herself to compose despite the fallout. She likes to order pizza even when the world is ending all around her to share in that calm, familiar moment. She gives wry smiles on her way to the powder room as her digitized lover tries to be collected and sensible about it. His awkwardness and tendency to babble and carry on are what make him wonderful, and there was never a time she could keep a smile from her face when he was around.

AU History:

Red was born into a well-off family of status in power far beyond the reach of the Nine and the Quad. She was heiress to the mantle of some of the finest civic planners her city had ever known; her parents were famous for their ability to serve the people and facilitate their whims and desires for architecture and development. Their prowess and power put them at the forefront of affairs both political and others in the city, but for this Red had no longing or desire; her only interests laid in music and composition, of lyric and expression...and the strange sword-shape artwork that hung in her room. It was her dream to make this her career, to follow her heart rather than the whims and wants of others.

As she entered higher education she went against the expectations of her peers and family and pursued the fine arts. She made a name for herself as a composer and songwriter and was met with renown and success. But all was not well in her life: her parents insisted on a marriage for political purposes, for her to give up her career and walk the path of security and civic duty. Her marriage to the heir of a powerful administration would ensure good relations among their families and provide for the citizens an image of peace and power, of reconciliation and the continued prosperity of the city.

Red refused. Her suitor was kind, but she did not love the woman her parents wished for her to marry. She apologized, told them that it was not where her passions laid and she would follow her heart, but it did not appease those who wished to orchestrate her life. They moved ahead regardless of her wishes and made every attempt to plan and conduct what was to be...until one day Red took the sword-shaped piece of art she considered her muse and left without saying a word--not out of spite or anger, but because it was what she wanted: to move on and see where else life could take her, to follow her own path and see where it would lead her.

Years later it would lead her to the Quad and Leith, a system ruled by the iron fist of The Nine and the Company. Its conflict and turmoil held no sway for her, but the people: the places, the atmosphere and its centre stages...all of it called to Red, and there she decided to stay in order to continue composing and writing music.

And then ya'll went and started a dang civil war which was uncool. Red has been in the Quad for the last year.
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Original History: Red's history, as well as her involvement in the game's plot.


The Transistor:

The Transistor is the sword-like weapon Red wields in game. No one knows exactly what its origins are, whether it hails from the world/reality of The Process or if it was sent to Red's by them. Regardless, it is the one thing capable of combating and controlling The Process which is why Red's entire city of Cloudbank got hella screwed up when the Camerata lost control of it (and therefor the Process itself).

Besides controlling The Process (which doesn't exist in OJ obviously) the Transistor is capable of several things, most notably of which is the ability to download an individual's trace data (essentially them, their consciousness, skills etc) when they are struck by it. This is a one-way street however and leaves the downloaded individual dead in the physical world, (because they just got hit by a giant USB sword. so.) trapped for all eternity within the Transistor as data that can only be heard by the Transistor's owner, should they know them. If they don't...they may as well just be data; the wielder will not be able to hear them nor know they exist.

Why would you want to murder people just to download their consciousnesses? Besides having access to any information about them one could want, another handy function of the Transistor is that it turns the trace data it takes from people into abilities it can use. One good example of this is the ability derived from absorbing Red's trace data at the beginning of the game: Crash() strikes enemies and stuns them. A full list of all the functions the Transistor has at her current canon point can be found here.

In-game Red has the Transistor as it is, but considers it a piece of art she somehow always had. It currently has no abilities or powers and just sits there.


The Nine dissolve the Accords and the people of Westerly riot. Dissent is everywhere and even though the people of Leith try to pretend as if none of it is their problem she can see it taking a toll on them as well. Rebellion makes the people uneasy, sows seeds of doubt and uncertainty. It's a kind of social turmoil she never saw back home, where the voice of the people was that which rang the loudest and even those with wealth and lineage were subject to the whims of the majority. Everyone there served the will of the people.

It's the complete opposite here in the Quad, and Red can't say she very much cares for it. Pedigree doesn't make one a leader or define their worth, but here family and genetic inheritance are everything. It's...alien, to her. Like the J-Star system really is filled of an alien race she can't quite seem to understand. It would be nice if things were different, something more like home and yet not at all...but it's not her business. Not her desire or goal to take the reigns or shape things, to work against the powers that be.

Leith is a stepping stone for her, just another part of her journey as she chases after the song inside that constantly escapes her grasp. The music and words come to her easier now after a year spent among the baffling order to things on Leith, her drive clearer than it's ever been on her home planet. So she stays, watches, lives. She composes and meets people who make her smile, who find a composer without a voice a novelty and an oddity.

Sometimes she writes. Not just songs or music, but correspondences. She isn't a very public individual despite the success she's enjoyed since her arrival, preferring the comfort of a quiet life. But on rare occasions she finds herself trading words back and forth with the small pool of individuals she's gotten to know. They're usually short and probably not all that interesting to anyone else, but Red has come to treasure these short moments where it's truly easy to communicate with others.

Hey, haven't seen you lately. Taking a break from the spotlight? Can't wait to see your next work, heard you made some headway. My sister's been asking about you, wondering when her favourite writer's going to have some new material out there.

I've been thinking a lot lately
I've been taking some time to collect

Been working a lot lately, everything looks like it's on track. Expect to see a show soon.

It's a short note she rewrites a few times before sending it, but the reply that pops up on her screen less than a minute later has her smiling all the same, eyes wrinkling with pleasure.

We're all looking forward to it! When you're free give us a head's up. We should get together again soon, for old time's sake.

I miss
Say hi to

Count on it.
Red hums, closes her display, and takes up her pen again.

Miscellaneous Notes:
Lavi better put a ring on it i'm just sayin

also Red is mute but can somehow still hum because #videogamelogic
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Yoruichi Shihōin | Bleach | (Expired) Reserved

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Name: Laure

Age: Over 30!

Contact: PM,

Preferred Pronouns: Ari's wife!, or her

Other Characters: Kanda Yu


Name: Shihōin Yoruichi

Age: (Death god + what is age to a bleach character? At least 150 though, so) lets go with 36

Memory Option: Deteriorating AU (1)

Established Status: Yes; Five Years

Canon: Bleach

Canon Point: Ch. 406, after being defeated by Aizen.

Citizenship: Former Qreshi, now Leithian through the Scarback Monastery

Job: Scarback

* Level: N/A

Abilities :

Passive | Swordsmanship: While preferring to fight her opponents barehanded, during her days as a captain, Yoruichi showed herself to be a highly capable swords-woman. Despite this, we still have not seen either of her sword’s released forms as of yet.

Passive | Strategist: As the former Commander-in-Chief of the both the 2nd Squad and the stealth forces, Yoruichi is both a master assassin and strategist.

Passive | Medical Knowledge : While her canon understanding is medical-grade kido, since Overjoyed does not have magic or spells, this will translate to having received a comprehensive level of field-grade medical training as part of her role within the Kendry.

The following abilities are have been translated as ‘enhanced’ through a combination of genetic manipulation (during the incubation process used for the Nine) and medical-grade nanites implanted within her bloodstream:

Passive | Enhanced Speed : Because of the high level of her spiritual pressure and skill, Yoruichi is the fastest character in her canon. For the game setting, this will be nerfed to 2x normal human’s speed in everyday use, though she does have a few major regains that boost this temporarily.

Passive | Enhanced Endurance : Despite her own admission of being out of shape, Yoruichi is a very resilient warrior. Both when out of breath from prolonged running against another captain-level opponent and sustaining fractures from an Espada attack, Yoruichi was still able to fight effectively while showing no signs of weakening. In game, this is due to the nanites actively working to heal the damage from point of receiving it until it’s completely healed.

Passive | Enhanced Physical Strength : Despite her slender appearance, Yoruichi is quite strong in her Shinigami form - so much so that a concentrated blow from Yoruichi is powerful enough to destroy an entire city block. In Overjoyed, this will be nerfed to that of 2X a normal human’s physical strength in everyday use, though she does have a few major regains that boost this temporarily.

Passive | Hakuda Master: As former Commander-in-Chief of the stealth forces, Yoruichi is one of the most accomplished hand-to-hand combatants in Soul Society - to the end that we’ve yet to see her even draw a zanpakuto, despite fighting high leveled traitorous soul reapers and espada. Translation : In Overjoyed, this means Yoruichi has spent her entire life learning and mastering a myriad of martial arts/hand-to-hand combat practices from around the J-Star Cluster.

Minor | Taketonbo (竹蜻蛉, Bamboo Dragonfly):, is one of her favorite Hakuda techniques, wherein she suddenly and violently flips an opponent upside down (she’s done this to opponents that were ten times her own size).

Minor | Raiōken (雷王拳, Thunder King Fist) is another hakuda technique that she favors. This technique involves a series of ultra-high-speed punches delivered using both arms with enough force to shatter bones.

Death God → Human
Feline Transformation : Yoruichi is unique among all of the soul reapers in that she can freely shapeshift into the form of a black cat. While in this form, she retains her ability to use and manipulate spiritual energy; however her strength is limited to that of a cat’s. While in cat form, her voice deepens to male registers so for those that do not know her normal form or only know her feline one, she is thought to be male. Translation : Rather than being able to shape-shift, she will have an AI that she can control, communicate through, and send out within a 5 mile radius of her actual position.

Major | Shunpo Master : Shunpo is a form of footwork that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow, with the actual speed of movement based on the user’s skill. While all seated soul reapers are capable of using shunpo to some degree, Yoruichi is considered to be the most proficient - so much so that even after a century outside of the Soul Society, she still retains the title “Flash Goddess” (瞬神, shunshin; literally “Flash Master”) as she is unmatched in speed, even when carrying another person that weighs twice her own size. Translation : Activation of the nanites within her system allow Yoruichi is able to see, move, and react at a rate that is the game max of 3x that of a normal human.

Through this mastery, she’s also created her own techniques:

Major | Utsusemi (空蝉, Cast-Off Cicada Shell) called the Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihō, which enables her to leave anywhere from one to a dozen or so tangible after-image behind. Translation : She combines her speed with her AI’s projection ability in order to leave up to a dozen ‘reflections’ of herself within the vicinity. These images have a much shorter range and duration – they last for either one minute or three blocks from her physical location, whichever reaches limit first and can be dispelled upon attempts at contact by an outside force.

Major | Shunkō (瞬閧, Flash War Cry) : An advanced technique which combines Hakuda with Kidō in order to surround her body with condensed spiritual pressure in the form of kido-based lightning. The technique is so dense that, once fully activated, it blows any cloth covering her upper arms, shoulders, and back away. Once activated, it can be controlled and fired at opponents from her body, usually by hands or feet, which create massive explosions. Translation : Rather than compressed spiritual energy, she has advanced microfiber vambraces and greaves that she wears on both arms and feet that draw in kenetic energy from her own motions and convert it into a dense energy barrier around her person. With a focused effort, she can direct sharp burst of this energy into specific directions though in doing so, she depletes the barrier at a much faster rate. When used primarily as a body ‘shield’, the barrier lasts no more than ten minutes.

Major | Hanki (反鬼, Reverse Demon): This technique is used by Yoruichi during Shunkō and enables her to use an equal and opposite 'spin' of kido energy to negate an opponent's use of shunko. Translation: Rather than negate another's use of shunko, this ability will instead interrupt the energy current within an opponent's nervous system by hitting it with a precise energy burst (generated with the same vambraces as her other abilities) in order to neutralize an opponent's movements. It will require player permission for both initial use degree of severity (i.e. numb an arm vs temp paralysis depending on situation and plotting).
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[personal profile] nekoshunshin 2017-03-10 09:52 pm (UTC)(link)

Mannerisms : Growing up as the princess and eventual 22nd Head of the Shihōin (one of the four great Noble Houses in the Soul Society) meant a life of ceremony and protocol from her earliest days. Because of this, she tends to be a mix of old nobility and a complete and utter disregard for formality of any form outside of her duties (at least back when she was captain of the 2nd division. In the original translations, she refers to herself in the same manner that older men do in Japanese culture; yet when talking to humans or subordinates that she’s taken an interest in, she tries her hardest to get them to disregard her noble birth altogether). She’d rather be seen as a peer than a superior, and dislikes the distance that the pedestal of nobility automatically provides.

In game, much of the formal mannerisms have fallen to the way side, since she’s no longer counted among the Nine. Now she’s more… bluntly eloquent. In contrast to this disregard, while she interacts with others through her cat AI, her voice deepens to that of an older male and her mannerism shifts to match, so that her speech pattern is more formal and dignified.

Habits : Lack of formality for Yoruichi tends to extend into her personal habits as well – primarily in that she tends to not like wearing clothes. The more layers involved, the less likely they will be to stay on.

When working on something, investigating, or on some form of (often self-imposed) mission, Yoruichi tends to prefer to work alone. Beyond this, she actually keeps the weave of her thoughts and concerns held pretty close to her chest – she’s more comfortable keeping her own confidence unless she has one of the very few people she feels she can trust implicitly nearby. In canon, this is primarily Kisuke and Tessai, but in game this is (so far) limited to Takasugi.

Interactions & Temperament : When things aren’t imminent doom and gloom, she’s completely unreserved – laid back and seemingly carefree, laughs loudly, talks loudly, and speaks bluntly. She doesn’t waste time with guile, appeasement, or empty reassurances. Instead, she’ll tell it exactly like it is, preferring direct honesty above all else no matter how good or bad that honesty hits the other person.

When things are more serious, she lets go of the laidback side of her persona and focuses in on the objective. These are also the times that she shows her own respect, her faith in the skills and abilities of her friends and subordinates, by trusting that they’re capable of handling any task she gives them - or if needs be, she won’t hesitate to give them a swift punch upside the head if they lose focus on the actual purpose for whatever it is their working towards. She might give them a playful tease to lighten the moment when they have a chance to rest, but she’s relentless in driving towards reaching whatever goal it is they need to get to in order to succeed.

Motivations : Protecting her friends, above all else. She places them above her own rank and status, above her own responsibilities and obligations. And she does this while also looking at the broader picture, to allow her to play towards the endgame rather than the immediate situation. That’s the reason she saved not only Kisuke and Tessai, but also all of the captains and lieutenants that Aizen had experimented on rather than let them all take the fall as a part of Aizen’s schemes. In her own way, that’s how she does her best to protect not only Soul Society, but the world of the living as well.

Morality : Yoruichi acts and reacts based on what she’s determined is the right path - regardless of whether or not it coincides with the laws of the Soul Society. She does not accept orders at face value, though she has the wisdom to play the role she's in and provide the image of a proper leader and conduct her own investigation into the situation. If, at that point, it looks wrong and smells wrong, it’s flat out wrong. Bottom line.

She would rather act on her own to do what’s right, than carry out orders she knows is flawed.

AU History: Once, there had been two primary branches within Land Kendry, a familial rivalry that could trace it’s cutthroat traditions back to twins born to the family head, generations earlier. Because of this, members of these two sides of Land Kendry have always worked in subtle ways, the ebb and flow of power a constant tide between the two house factions – at least, until this last generation.

Yoruichi had been born first, the eldest and heir apparent for Land Kendry. She’d carried the weight of the ‘Seyah’ title since the day she drew first breath – but it was a weight her shoulders were strong enough to carry.

At least, she’d always thought so as a child.

And so, under her mother’s strict tutelage, she’d trained to become the head of their family, had trained to take over the Punishment Force, had trained with due diligence in matters of intrigue and state, negotiation and strategy.

Unfortunately, all the training in the Quad hadn’t prepared her for the biggest threat: Her Aunt, the mother to her younger cousin, Delle.

Because while Yoruichi had spent her life preparing to lead the Kendry… Aunt had been scheming to permanently shift the power within their family. Hers was the deeper laid plan, because in one night, when Yoruichi had stepped in to confront her Aunt over a series of illegal human experiments she’d been funding through the family, the woman had managed to neatly frame Yoruichi for said testing, as well as the unexpected death of her mother (the previous head of Land Kendry). She even managed to tie Yoruichi’s movements as part of the Punishment Force in with several instances of illegal arms smuggling to resistance faction leaders.

Warned by her father, Yoruichi had fled the Quad that same night. Aided by a few friends of the family, she spent the next several years in exile on a planet called Edo, on the outer edges of the J-Star Cluster as her Aunt settled into the role of family Head and Delle took up the mantle of ‘Seyah’, after Yoruichi abandoned it.

Six years into her exile, Yoruichi received word of her Aunt's death and Delle's ascension to Head of Land Kendry, and so Yoruichi finally returned to the Quad – no longer a Kendry, but a Shihōin from Edo. Once more in familiar space, she’d gone to the Scarback Monastery to train, to pick up the mantle of ‘Auntie’ and carry the tides of war.

Because, while she may not have been a member of the Resistance at the time of her fall, she more than anyone, knows how dangerous Kendry ambitions can be, and she refuses to let the rest of the Quad suffer for that family’s selfish desires.


Original History: HERE.

Inventory: Her old captain's cloak (Stored in an old luggage container in the back of her closet), the commander's seat from when she'd been a proper captain within the soul society, and her favorite seat cushion from Urahara's Shop in the world of the living.

Anken (暗剣, Dark Blade): Small knives which Yoruichi hides in her boots.

Anti-Hierro Armor: A set of metal gloves and boots, invented by Kisuke Urahara, designed specifically to protect against Arrancar/Espada attacks during hand-to-hand combat (also in old luggage storage).

Razor Wire: Razor-sharp wire which Yoruichi carries on her person. She can trap an opponent in a field of it almost instantaneously, and according to her, it can harm even the most powerful of they try to move through it.

Samples: Previous game One | Two | OJ TDM

Miscellaneous Notes: None.
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hannibal lecter - hannibal - reserved

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Name: Christy
Age: 25
Contact: [ profile] yeezus
Preferred Pronouns: Female
Other Characters: Handsome Jack @ [personal profile] refactor


Name: Hannibal Lecter

Age: 45

Memory Option: One—Full AU

Established Status: Yes—Hannibal has been here for five IC years

Canon: NBC's Hannibal

Canon Point: Post-S3

Citizenship: Leithian

Job: Self-employed concierge doctor

Hannibal is rather out of the ordinary, but he's at least not quite so strange that he needs this section all that much! Hannibal's abilities are largely intellectual, such as being an excellent doctor with an especially keen sense of anatomy, an excellent attention to taste and detail as a chef, or being an accomplished polygot. However, outside of being just a very intelligent person, he does have two things of note for this section:

- Eidectic memory — Hannibal's memory is photographic, which is a big reason why he's so accomplished in so many things. While it's not truly perfect, there's very, very little that Hannibal forgets. Memorization comes naturally to him.

- Sense of smell — Hannibal's sense of smell is extremely sharp to the point of being able to identify truly insane amounts of detail from tiny smells alone. For example, Hannibal discovered this talent as a boy when he smelled that a teacher of his had cancer before she knew she had it. Or for a more concrete example, Hannibal was able to figure out that a corpse came from a farm because he could smell the corn dust on it. It's insane.
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In short, Hannibal Lecter is the devil himself.

Of course, Hannibal wouldn't want you to know this, and it's part of what makes him so sinister. To most people, Hannibal Lecter is a kind, helpful, and rather pretentious man. He's an intelligent, insightful, and well-respected psychiatrist with a mild temperament. He has eccentric hobbies, such as a great love of art, music, and most of all, cooking elaborate gourmet meals, but his overall disposition is that of a good man. However, these aren't Hannibal's only hobbies. While these traits are all perfectly genuine parts of who Hannibal is, there's something absolutely evil hiding under the surface of that temperament that are dangerous to discover in ways that might not be as obvious.

Hannibal is a cannibalistic serial killer, which is evil enough in itself, but the reason that Hannibal ascends to a level that's beyond being a murderer has nothing to do with the physical danger he presents. Instead, Hannibal is dangerous because of how he can influence people, and it's this skill that makes him so devilish. Hannibal has a great skill in how he interacts with people, though you may not typically describe that as a skill. He has a great capacity to read and understand people, and this skill has been put to use in his work as a psychiatrist. He can see people for what they are before they can, and through conversation, he can lead them to accepting, improving, or otherwise acting upon whatever troubles them. And many times, he does just that. He's an extremely skilled psychiatrist, and he's well-respected because of his very genuine ability to help others. He's an excellent listener, and he takes very genuine interest in most of the people that come into his life, whether as patients or as friends.

However, the problem comes when Hannibal gets invested in someone, which is very different from interest. Because whatever may cause him to get invested in another person is rarely anything good. Because of his ability to see people and what they may be capable of, if something especially captures his interest, it's likely to be something just as dark as himself, and he wants to encourage that. And in Hannibal's mind, by doing so, he's truly helping that person. He understands that it'll hurt them or others, and he knows that it's considered wrong, but in those cases, Hannibal considers his help to be for the betterment of that person, which is above those things. So for example, when he sees the capacity to kill in someone, he'll tend to encourage it, especially if repressing that desire causes them distress. In his way, Hannibal believes he's helping them. But just as much, he doesn't particularly care what it may mean for that person to accept that darker part of themselves.

This is the way that Hannibal really tends to get into peoples' heads, because other characters comment that Hannibal has an uncanny ability to seem to be able to know what someone is thinking before they themselves do. He's able to see events and people seemingly differently from everyone else, and it allows him to be incredibly, uncannily manipulative. Even people that are fully aware of what Hannibal is and what he's capable of find themselves easily caught up in his web, because he has a great capacity to be subtle in what he does. For example, even when Hannibal is caught and in prison with limited contact with anyone, he's able to manipulate events that take place entirely outside of the prison to lead to his escape (and to him getting the boy, but I'll get to that). His manipulation is something that shouldn't be underestimated, because he's a true master of it.

But of course, this is the less obvious way in which Hannibal is dangerous. There's the much more famous and immediately repulsive one, which is the fact that Hannibal takes great enjoyment in murdering people and taking body parts from his victims so that he can either eat them or feed them to other people. He's the infamous Hannibal the cannibal, and Hannibal truly feels no guilt over what he does. However, he does consider himself an elegant and purposeful killer, so to himself, none of the people he's killed are ever without a reason. These reasons can sometimes be petty, such as when Hannibal notes that "whenever possible, one should always try and eat the rude," and keeps a rolodex of business cards with the names of people who have personally slighted him, but other times, the reasonings are more logical. If someone threatens him (or someone he does genuinely care about) in some way, then Hannibal's response will always be to kill, and sometimes viciously. He's just as adept in the ways of how to kill people as he is in his manipulations, and in his idea of a perfect scenario, these events overlap.

The connecting string between the person that Hannibal presents himself as to most versus the monster underneath is always hedonism, after all. Hannibal's primary goal in life is nothing but amusement and pleasure, and these show in both aspects of his life. He enjoys manipulating people for the entertainment of it and the satisfaction of seeing his curiosity about what they might do answered, but he also enjoys things like literature for the intellectual pleasure they provide him. As such, everything in Hannibal's life is a pursuit of pleasure. Granted, his definition of pleasure can be grotesque, but it doesn't always have to be. He enjoys things like parties where he can socialize with people perfectly normally just as much as he would enjoy being questioned by the FBI. He never wants to be bored, and so he does everything he can to assure that he never is.

It's this aspect of his personality that makes him so easily charming. Hannibal is eccentric, but he's undeniably charismatic. He's an extrovert (albeit a quiet one), and he takes such genuine interest in people that it's very easy to be drawn in. Yet even so, what makes the illusion of normalcy so convincing is that Hannibal isn't without flaws in that outward part of his personality. His pretentious and petty nature shows just as much there. He absolutely despises rude people, and often has to do a lot to barely veil that dislike, and his intellectual pursuits are also something he has no problem showing off. He'll one-up people that insult him out of spite, and he very clearly enjoys doing so. He also doesn't really have any interests that are "down to earth" in the sense that even with his normal hobbies like cooking or music, he tends to pick the most lucrative and elaborate versions of things as his favorites. Nothing Hannibal ever does is simple, and he takes no small amount of pride in that fact.

These traits encapsulate Hannibal as a whole, but there is one, specific point that's worth mentioning, and that's Will Graham. In NBC's version of the Hannibal stories, Will Graham is essentially Hannibal's turning point. Hannibal has been killing people for many years, but it's not until he meets the FBI profiler with an empathy disorder that he ever had any hope of being caught. And it wasn't because of Will's empathy at all—It was because Will Graham captured Hannibal's interest in a way no one else ever had. That was in no small part because of Will's empathy disorder, but in short, Hannibal fell in love with Will.

Will's empathy disorder gives Hannibal a chance for something he deeply, deeply desires, but also had never thought was actually possible, and that's the capacity for someone to understand him. He craves understanding, and in some ways, his darker hobbies are an expression of that. To Hannibal, his kills aren't unlike a painting, and they're meant to reflect the mind of the artist. He doesn't crave understanding for forgiveness or anything like that, but he simply wants someone to truly see him for what he is, good, bad, and everything in between. And throughout the course of the show, Will is able to do just that. It's what makes Hannibal's interest in Will nothing short of obsessive, because he deeply craves for Will to accept him. Their relationship is complicated (to say the very least), but Hannibal is definitely deeply in love with Will because of that sense of understanding and eventually acceptance that comes with him. That, and he's kind of charming for a weird, antisocial dog thief. But of course, it's aso worth noting that Will's acceptance doesn't come from anything like an ideal, returned love. It only comes from years of Hannibal's gaslighting, manipulation, attempts to kill Will, and the deaths of many people around him. Hannibal's love is always dangerous and bloody, but Will decides that being with him is better than the alternative.

Which is really the sum of everything for Hannibal. In one part, he's a perfectly genuine, if someone odd man. He's charming, friendly, and always willing to help others. He doesn't hesitate to hear people's problems and try to help them through their darkest times, and he may even do so by extending the kind of care that means bringing them a homecooked meal. He's intelligent and thoughtful, and in every way, it's no surprise that he attained the success as a psychiatrist he had. Of course, this is why it comes as such a shock when someone finds out what Hannibal truly is. None of it is disingenuous, but there's always been a sinister undertone that you never noticed. Finding out what Hannibal is means looking back at every conversation and every meal you've had, because he so easily hides what he's capable of just out of sight, but there were always hints. But figuring out what he is also isn't a simple task with a simple solution. He does his best to hide it, but even when he's discovered, you may end up dead or trapped by the noose of events he's been manipulating around you the entire time.

So all of that said, Hannibal proves that it's not always better the devil you know.

AU History:
For a full history (since I wrote it out for my own reference...), see this post.But as it's quite long, have some bullet points:
  • The Lecter family was one of the first families to settle on Leith, being of minor and non-threatening Qreshi ability. The family has enjoyed respect on Leith and Qresh both but previous generations have leaned towards more radical True Leithian sentiments

  • As a consequence, the Lecter estate was attacked when Hannibal was quite young and the estate's family and workers were slaughtered save for the two children, Hannibal and Mischa. The attackers attempted to use the children as bargaining chips to escape consequences, but weren't successful and were instead barricaded on the estate unable to leave. They eventually killed Mischa and cannibalized her, and this including feeding her remains to Hannibal.

  • After escaping, Hannibal was found and raised (but not adopted) by distant members of his family that lived on Qresh instead (but still had little status themselves). His aunt and uncle raised him on Qresh, which is why he's quite intellectual, well-mannered, and pretentious.

  • As a young adult, Hannibal studied medicine, and while in schooling, took the opportunity to very silently take revenge on the people that had killed his family that were still alive. This is what developed him towards being a serial killer, since he enjoyed the pleasure of killing.

  • After finishing his higher education, Hannibal reclaimed his estate and reestablished the Lecter family's name under his own image as the new head of the family. Hannibal quickly gained respect and admiration with all circles for being well-mannered but not radical like previous generations. Hannibal started in medicine, but because of his skill, became a concierge doctor to the very wealthy, which has given him respect and recognition in higher social circles without the political threat of having any sway (or interest) in becoming one of the Nine.

  • In the meantime, he also provided charity work to Westerley, and occasionally used this as a cover to kill and eat people. On Westerley, a serial killer became known as "the Ripper," and while some Enforcers worked on this case, it was considered a relatively low priority

  • Hannibal eventually met one of the Enforcers on the case when Will Graham showed up in a Leithian hospital, nearly gutted by a killer he had been pursuing. Hannibal saved Will's life and out of amusement in knowing that he was on his case, stayed to talk with him. Hannibal quickly became infatuated with Will after because of his empathy disorder.

  • It began a few years courtship where Hannibal was obsessed with Will, though Will didn't quite return the sentiment. Eventually, Will also found out who and what Hannibal was, but after plenty of struggling about that, eventually decided that being with Hannibal was a happier prospect for him than trying to get justice for Hannibal's crimes. This was in no small part because of Hannibal's own manipulation.

  • Eventually, they got married, and this is quite a scandalous and juicy piece of gossip in Hannibal's social circle. He personally loves it. Nowadays, Hannibal and Will live on his Leithian estate, Hannibal is still a doctor, and he also still kills people. Will is aware, and though he doesn't delight in it, he tolerates it.

Original History:

N/A — Hannibal won't be bringing anything with him.

test drive meme!

Miscellaneous Notes: my taste in characters sucks and i'm real sorry
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percy jackson | riordan mythos | reserved

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Name: Ty

Age: 28

Contact: [ profile] alternatively or PM!

Preferred Pronouns: She/her

Other Characters: N/A


Name: Perseus "Percy" Jackson

Age: 18 (17 in canon + one year established)

Memory Option: 1 with the potential for memory regain!

Established Status: Yes, one year!

Canon: Riordan Mythos (Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus/etc.)

Canon Point: Post-Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle

Citizenship: Westerley

Job: Percy tends to pick up odd jobs and cycle through them. Currently his most steady form of employment comes from ship maintenance/repair on his own time and working at a weapons shop dealing with the distribution and trade of various weaponry.

* Level:


Major: Hydrokinesis. Percy can control every form and great volumes of water. As a demigod child of Poseidon it's part of his DNA but for the game's purposes since magic doesn't exist/his demigod powers are dormant he will be using liquid programmable matter to generate the water for his skills (which he can't use anyway until I buy back the major ones if I'm understanding correctly.) The matter draws liquid from the air around him and his sword (see below, traditional sword that also uses programmable matter to change its size) is used to forcibly move the water in the patterns he wishes. Using his sword as a catalyst in conjunction with programmable matter for the bulk of his powers is generally how I'd like to apply his powers to the game setting, though please let me know if I need to be more specific!

Almost all forms of his hydrokinesis will be considered major. Forms of his hydrokinesis I'd say that are major include:

Hydrogenesis: Percy can create water from his own power. It takes a lot of his own energy to do so, but water can be created out of thin air and used to fuel things such as personal hurricanes. He's also been known to create water out of items such as seashells.

Water Solidification: Percy can harden water into an almost solid shape. Examples of this include shielding himself, walking on water, and punching a monster in the face with two giant hands made of water that mirrored his own motions.

Atmokinesis: Percy can summon hurricanes/cyclones and other types of storms.

Major: Electrokinesis: More than likely it's a fluke but Percy is capable of generating small amounts of lightning while creating his storms.

Major: Aerokinesis Percy can summon strong winds and control them in his hurricanes/cyclones.

Major: Geokinesis Percy can create earthquakes on his own and also to a degree can cause volcanic eruptions.

Major: Cryokinesis Percy is capable of controlling ice, snow, and icy water considering they're all just different forms of liquid.

Major: Toxikinesis Percy can control and manipulate poisons since, again, just a different form of liquid.

Onto the minor skills!

Minor: Healing When in contact with water, he can heal most wounds and poisons.

Minor: Water Propulsion Percy can control water to propel himself a small boat. He can also shoot water at targets.

Minor: Underwater breathing Percy can breathe underwater. He can also generate oxygen bubbles to help other people breathe underwater. Translated in game via the use of nanotech that used to help with cell repair and Percy's rebuilt (or bargained with someone to rebuild) to help supply himself with more oxygen once applied.

Minor: Water Immunity Percy can submerse himself in any depth of water and remain unaffected by the water pressure. He stays dry when he's in the water (though has the will to get wet if he feels like it) and can dry items that are underwater as long as he's in contact with them. Translated in-game as a thin layer of armor that he can put on and remove at will since magic isn't a thing.

Minor: Heat Resistance Percy has an incredibly high resistance to heat and burns, though he's not immune. It takes much longer for heat to bother him but the longer he's exposed the greater his chances are of being burned. Translated in-game as a thin layer of armor that he can put on and remove at will since magic isn't a thing.

Minor: The ability to speak to sea creatures and equine creatures (horses/zebras/etc.) Since his father is the ruler of the sea and also created horses out of sea foam, Percy has the ability to speak to sea creatures (mythological and real) and equine creatures. This is a form of telepathy. This might not even matter in-game?

Minor: Prophetic dreaming It's hard to really pinpoint a term for this, but basically demigods (Percy especially) have the ability to be able to receive messages from others and see future events in their dreams. This may be nullified in the game itself.

Minor: Empathy Link This is something he only has open with his friend Grover, but it's basically a psychic link that's opened up between demigod and satyr that allows the pair to see, feel and telepathically communicate with one another. The catch is that if one end of the link dies, it's likely the other will, too. This may be nullified in the game itself.

And finally...the passives/skills.

Passive: swordsmanship Percy is trained in the art of swordsmanship and has been training with his weapon, Riptide, for five years. Canonically stated to fight like a demon, he's capable of slashing, stabbing and basically being a one-man army. The sword in question is listed in his inventory below, along with how this translates to the game's setting!

Passive: Enhanced Physical Condition Generally speaking Percy is much faster, stronger, durable and more agile than a standard mortal. This allows him to sustain a large amount of injuries and live through things he probably shouldn't live through, like wars and blowing up a chunk of the Northwest of America and falling from the St. Louis Arch. He delivers from pretty hard hits, can take even harder hits, bend and twist his way around tricky situations, make leaps and jumps that manage to impress gods, etc. This probably doesn't need to be altered in-game since he's still half-human and therefore can still get injured/die.

Passive: Sailing Skills Percy possesses an intimate awareness of any ship he is on (sailing ships, canoes, motorboats, possibly submarines) and can also telekinetically control these. I'd like to see if it's possible to have this ability translated to spaceships if possible!

Passive: Perfect Bearings Percy has perfect bearings on the ocean, so he can easily navigate his way at sea. Again, would like to see if it's possible to translate this for space itself.

Skill: ADHD/dyslexia Not really a skill though something to note, Greek demigods are often born with ADHD, dyslexia or, in most cases, both. The reasoning behind this comes from demigods being hardwired to read Ancient Greek and also being born with battle-ready reflexes. But generally speaking it means that Percy has issues reading and writing and sitting still.

Skill: Leadership As a multi-time successful quest leader and someone who has lead both the Greek and Roman army, Percy has shown battle prowess and the ability to lead large parties both in battle and in training.

Skill: Willpower Not sure if this is relevant entirely but Percy also possesses an incredibly strong will that allows him to endure a lot of bullshit like holding up the sky, bathing in the Styx, wandering around Tartarus, stuff like that.
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"Am I a troubled kid? Yeah, you could say that."

Perseus "Percy" Jackson...poster child for ADHD, sass-master extraordinaire...but like the seas there is much, much more under the surface.

Let's talk about the mechanics of Percy first. As a son of one of the Big Three (Poseidon, specifically) Percy is an incredibly powerful demigod and has garnered the respect of mortals and immortals alike, along with fear from many monsters and foes. Percy wasn't always aware of his power though and despite the fact that he's incredibly powerful, he still manages to remain humble...ish. He's regarded as a hero by many whether people (i.e. some of the gods) want to acknowledge it or not.

One of Percy's key traits is his nature to be brave and reckless. Part of it comes from his ADHD, part of it comes from Percy being Percy. When he first learns of his demigod linage he's more scared and unsure of himself but as time goes on Percy grows into his abilities and finds his own strength. He may not be analytical like Annabeth and it's been said more than once that his plans suck sometimes, but Percy excels in the art of being resourceful and being able to make things up on the fly. Percy isn't necessarily clever, but he knows how to use his surroundings to the best of his ability whether that be via summoning water to use his godly powers or simply running his mouth and attacking at the last minute. While he can get himself to point A quite easily, Percy does have trouble seeing himself to point B and understanding the greater picture and consequences of his actions until it's too late. There are several instances in which Percy's plans nearly backfire (along with several instances in which Percy's plans cause a lot of collateral damage), but somehow he manages to come up with something else to save himself and his friends.

Shortly after the second Titan War, (thanks to Hera) Percy spends time training under Lupa, the Roman wolf, thanks to be traded out for Jason Grace. As Roman demigods tend to have harder training than Greeks, Percy soon comes to fear nothing and becomes even more aggressive in the face of threats. Part of his aggressiveness can also be contributed to falling into and subsequently spending time in Tartarus, being haunted by rather dark thoughts that changed a little of his personality. As a young teenager, Percy would find himself sometimes hesitating to hurt enemies but after these events he finds that anger for enemies doesn't subside at all. He has little patience for people who are bullying him or his friends and even less patience for the gods meddling in the lives of himself and his friends.

But. You know. Percy's liked by a lot of people in his world for a good reason. Percy is fairly laid-back and a friendly sort of guy, often times unable to turn away from any person or creature in need. He's quick to offer a helping hand and the word "hero" isn't really just a title. He takes a lot of things in stride and generally stays relaxed through it all (who else laughs off being judo-flipped by their girlfriend? Percy you're fine.) Percy's one of those people that you can look at and think "that boy has a heart of gold." However…that doesn't necessarily mean he's always nice. Percy can be pretty snarky and sarcastic when he feels like it and the variation between playful teasing and "you're actually really pissing me off" varies based on how other people react to him. With recklessness sometimes comes arrogance. While Percy is generally nice among the people he cares for, he can be an absolute brat when he really wants to make a point, i.e. sending the head of Medusa to Mount Olympus. From an early age, Percy's warned by several people that he should have more respect for the gods and Percy's response is to basically shrug and carry on the way he wants to carry on. More than once he's mouthed off to a god because he didn't agree with what they were saying. He's fairly bullheaded about making his opinions known. Percy isn't one to hold back how he truly feels about people. Surprisingly, this is a method that helps him prove himself worthy of (most of) the gods and they even offer him immortality for his service in the Titan War.

Another key piece of who Percy is revolves solely around how he cherishes the people he cares about and even people he just feels a connection with. All demigod children have a Fatal Flaw, and Percy's Fatal Flaw is personal loyalty (as notated by Athena. Namely: "To save a friend, you would sacrifice the world.") Percy is the type of person who will sacrifice everything in order to save those he cares about most. He never sees it that way but it comes up often enough such as his dismissal of the immortality offer so he could stay with Annabeth, falling into Tartarus at the risk of harming himself so that Annabeth wouldn't have to face it alone, trying to take on Gaea himself so that his friends wouldn't have to do so…there are several instances. Along with personal loyalty is personal belief. Percy as a whole is a pretty trusting guy. Percy has found a lot of his downfalls coming from placing trust in people and those people preying on his genuine nature to take everything at face value (see: Nico di Angelo prepping Percy for the final fight of the Titan War by taking him to the Styx and later finding out he's being sold out to Hades.) Even after things like that though, Percy finds it in his heart to be able to (sometimes begrudgingly) forgive these people.

While Percy isn't always good at being able to understand people's emotions (Annabeth's jealousy of Rachel + other girls, Nico's feelings for him, etc), there are plenty of instances that he's more than capable of putting himself in other people's shoes and it's that ability that helps drive him to protect people. An example of this is how despite the fact Percy's the one who keeps pointing out that Luke is evil in the first series of books, by the time he's preparing to face him as the Titan Lord he's capable of understanding why Luke would have been driven down this kind of path. This doesn't just apply to people he knows but also people he's just met, such as the first time he meets Hazel (he immediately picks up on the fact that there's a heavy sadness about her and though he doesn't understand why he wants to know why.)

It's because of his ability to sympathize and his strong desire to protect that Percy finds himself thinking of the underdog. Even prior to discovering he's a demigod Percy is the one to befriend the kids nobody wants to befriend (Grover, for instance, and even later he befriends Tyson as well.) He tries to see the best in people and keep peace, even if he himself is unsure if he believes everything he's saying. Percy's job is to keep morale up and keep everyone settled and it's those traits that make him a natural-born leader. He knows how to delegate and he understands how to play up his team's strengths and weaknesses. However, sometimes Percy himself doesn't quite acknowledge that and it even takes him by surprise to learn that he's considered a leader among the other demigods. A leader not only knows how to run an army and fight battles and come out victorious, but a leader keeps promises. At the end of his life, Luke tells Percy that he needs to make sure what happened to him and some of the other unclaimed demigods doesn't happen again. Percy could have chosen immortality, but instead he used his victory as a bargaining tool to convince the gods to claim all of their children by age 13 and also create cabins for minor gods and Hades in honor of that promise.

So in short, even with being one of the most powerful demigods of his time (possibly the most powerful), Percy's still a seventeen year old boy. He's rebellious and has a tendency to go off-beat with plans if he thinks something better can happen. He tends to take things in stride and though several times the gods interfere Percy picks up the slack to persevere and push through. He places great value in his relationships with his friends and his family (especially his mother whom serves as his driving force very early on, and Annabeth who goes from slight rival to quest partner to friend to best friend to girlfriend to "settle in New Rome and have children" over the course of their time together), and truthfully so long as those he cares about most are safe and can be at peace, he can be at ease and satisfied.

AU History:

Original brainstorming meme link!
Once upon a time there was a Westerlan family whose heads had been filled with the idea that seven generations of work and dedication would allow for a better life. The family served their time and continued to grow over the years, generation after generation living and growing and dying until one day a baby girl was born. Sally Jackson was born as the fifth generation of the Jackson family, left alone in the world after the death of her parents at age five and raised by an uncle who didn't believe in the silly ideals the girl had. It was because of her uncle's disbelief (and later, his death) that Sally disappeared from Westerley for some time shortly after she turned eighteen and mingled among the Quad, anywhere she could slip to without drawing too much attention. It was almost unfortunate that attention found her though, and it was during her short time away that she met a man. This man came from a True Leithian bloodline and it was this man she fell in love with.

It was also with this man she gave birth to the sixth generation of the Jackson bloodline, and this is where Percy's story really begins.

Due to the bloodlines and the politics involved in what Sally had done, the couple knew they couldn't stay together, couldn't breathe a word of the child's existence without making their lives hell and decided it was best never to tell Percy who his father was. Not until he was ready, anyway, and with that decision in mind Sally returned to Westerley to begin life as a new mother. With little money and little support of her own, Sally made the decision to raise her son on her own and obtain a job working under the Company with the hopes of leveraging their family. Knowing what this would mean, she did her best to keep her head down and also made sure Percy was raised from an early age how to defend himself and survive. It was from Sally that Percy learned how to read people and hone his senses, but everything else came from his own hands.

Overall, Percy had a fairly normal childhood (or, at least, as normal as one can have when you're raised on Westerley) and everything was on track for most of his youth and early adolescence. He was able to attend school, he made a few friends here and there when he wasn't picking fights with people, and most importantly he had Sally who fueled him with the same ideals she had been raised with. Seven generations of work would mean a better life for the future. It was something he dreamed about, though it wasn't something he truly grasped the concept of and wouldn't until his later teenage years.

Granted, when you live on Westerley nothing stays peaceful for long. It wasn't until Percy was twelve that his entire life shifted and he was met with circumstances he never thought he'd have to deal with. One moment, he was stuck in after school detention. The next, a Company Enforcer came to collect him and calmly explain that his mother had been involved in a workplace accident. Even with the way the Enforcer described the events to him Percy found he wasn't listening. The only thing he needed to know was that this wasn't just an accident. Something had happened and now he was left to his own devices. When asked if he had somewhere to go, someone to go home to...Percy did what came naturally when it came to people working with the Company.

He lied.

Sally had a few men she was seeing that often were meant to help protect herself and Percy, but he refused to go to them. Not after seeing how they really were. So he lied. Dropped off at his mother's house, Percy stuffed all of his belongings into a backpack and disappeared off the map and onto the streets of Westerley.

It was a long and hard road for him after that, but it was better than the alternative. Over the course of the next five years Percy made his own way and stuck to the survival skills Sally had taught him. Living on the streets gave Percy a whole new world to explore and a whole new set of people to deal with. Learning where to stay for the night and learning where to get his supplies became more important than formal education and at fifteen he dropped out and gave up officially. He could get by with everything he'd learned to that point. He could figure things out.

Between the ages of thirteen and seventeen Percy bounced from job to job where he could, doing his best to avoid working for the Company but biding his time and gathering information about the faction that changed his life. Several trips to Leith (sometimes for work and sometimes for other personal reasons) colored his view as well. He knew how people in the Quad felt about Westies and Percy met every bit of resistance with a little resistance of his own. Always one to stand up for the underdog, he never hesitated to throw himself into fights to protect one of his own even if it meant getting himself beaten or arrested. Somehow, he'd managed to escape actual jail time thanks to his relationship with that Enforcer he met years ago, but when the Enforcer moved to Leith Percy knew he had to do a better job keeping his nose clean.

As he grew older, he took an interest in two things: weapons and machines. He had understood from an early age that these two things made the world go round and that they were always in high demand. Things that were in high demand paid a good amount of joy and that was enough for Percy to take it upon himself to start learning how to troubleshoot engines and the innerworkings of ships that landed on Westerley. In addition, he started learning about the different kinds of weapons the Quad had to offer and eventually found himself settling in almost steadily at a weapons shop that allowed him to be in a pretty decent position. (No one needed to know he stole a gun from the shop prior to being hired.)

Currently, Percy uses the joy he earns from his freelance work and work at the weapons shop to supply his own weaponry (liquid matter) and practices manipulating it into different shapes and forms when he has nothing else to do. Working where he does and knowing how to keep his head down, he finds it's easier to learn information and stirrings of the Quad by simply listening and though he's biding his time he's already starting to formulate his next plan of attack...whatever that may be.

CRAU: Nope!

Original History: Here, have a link

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Name: Squee

Age: 23

Contact: bonerfart#6874 (discord) / [ profile] claptrap

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Other Characters: Marian Hawke | Dragon Age | [personal profile] kirkwalled


Name: Will Graham

Age: 39

Memory Option: One (Full AU)

Established Status: Yes! Established for five years.

Canon: Hannibal

Canon Point: Post-S3

Citizenship: Born Westie, Currently living on Leith

Job: Professor of Criminal Psychology at an Enforcer Academy on Leith / Part-Time Profiler for the Enforcers

Will's a pretty normal guy aside from his Empathy Disorder. It's the founding block of everything about him because as it's described in the series, Will has an excess of mirror neurons in his brain, much more than any human usually has. This causes him to feel and see everything in extreme excess from the crime scenes he frequents to interactions with other people. It takes a toll on him by forcing him into isolation and suffer from an extreme amount of trauma over the course of the series from everything he inflicts on his already pretty fragile mind.

As a profiler, he uses this ability to recreate crime scenes in his head, being able to latch onto the cues left by the evidence to see, feel, and understand the last moments of the killer and victims of whatever crime scene he's at. It helps in catching killers but in the process, he absorbs the killer's emotions and feelings and has a hard time shaking them off.

In basic interactions, Will ends up suffering from a form of echopraxia where he'll mimic what others are doing, how they're doing it, and everything to the sway of their voice or the body language they use. It's not something he can control but he does try to stop it. He'll generally feel what they feel too but he's been dealing with this long enough that he's learned how to tune it out or just ignore it unless necessary. Generally though, he does have some sort of inkling but this is why he doesn't talk to people very much. They don't want him to do know, he doesn't want to know.

Essentially, despite this being an ability, it's mostly the cause of Will's break in sanity. That and Hannibal.

He also has an Eidetic Memory but while it's plainly stated as so in the book and vaguely mentioned in the show, he'll mostly be played as just having a very, very good one. Nothing as far as being able to recite whole pages of things.
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At base, Will comes off as a quiet, introverted man with a few demons on his back. He is hard to talk to, rarely looks people in the eye and rejects social expectations with extreme fervor. He is bogged down with defense mechanism after defense mechanism to force people to just leave him alone, even going so far as to present himself as being slightly on the spectrum when it isn't quite the case. Will doesn't suffer from an inability to understand, but an ability to understand too much -- and this eats away at him day after day. When you're assaulted with the amount of knowing Will has to deal with in every single interaction, there's little way to deal with that other than extreme distance.

So, he comes off as distant, aloof, and sometimes even arrogant. He rarely smiles and most things that come out of his mouth are fairly sardonic, macabre, or pessimistic. Will's entire personality is presented in such a way to convince people to not bother and in turn, that he doesn't want to bother with them either. Part of it is true, he doesn't actually like most people he has to deal with. He finds people... inconvenient and overwhelming, half of it having to do with his empathy, the other half from his own basic misanthropy.

There's more to Will than that though, when he has his moments of peace. He is a good fisherman and a lover of dogs -- both of which are his coping skills when it comes to dealing with life. Fishing is a simple hobby, involving lots of quiet and patience and with the dogs, he... collects them. Strays that roam the streets with no homes to go to, Will is softest when it comes to dogs -- bringing in any he finds and feeding and housing them. All the compassion he can't show to regular human beings, he shows to dogs. He is also incredibly smart, primarily in the academic sense. He's a man who loves reading, having an excess of knowledge of topics from classical literature to fine arts to the science surrounding death and murder. He's written and published his own papers on different topics surrounding the forensic sciences and criminal psychology. He's a fairly renowned professor at Quantico (at least, before Hannibal's interference) and is highly regarded in law enforcement and psychiatric circles for how he can think about criminals.

Then the question is -- if Will wants to be alone so badly, wants people to let him be, why is he a cop? Why does he try so hard to help people? That is because Will still, despite everything, wants to use his skills for good. The idea of sending himself into the middle of nowhere and never using his talent for anything else strikes him as selfish, which is something Will does not want to be. He is willing to sacrifice himself, his own comfort and sanity, to be able to help the victims of the most violent of crimes. That is why he became a cop, that is why he went all the way to the FBI. The same compassion he can only show those dogs, he is able to at least use to save those victims. He has a bit of a martyr complex, this Will.

There is another side to this though and it's that Will is deeply, deeply afraid -- of himself, of others, of everything, really. Will throws himself into saving the victims because the other half of it to him, is making his own victims. Will has a small well inside of him of pure darkness, where he understands what compels these killers to kill and finds enjoyment in it more than anything else. He sees the way they spill blood and wishes to do the same, and that's something he can never allow himself. Even more so, Will enjoys it when it's in protection of someone else -- a righteous fury to fill him and give him the ability to hurt others. Helping people made him feel good, killing people to help others made him feel even better. This is another reason Will forces himself into isolation -- he knows how easy it is for him to tip over to the wrong side of the line. He is aware enough of what lurks in the recesses of his brain to put a limit there -- he will use his unfortunate understanding to help, not hurt and he will keep himself in check on how he helps. How much it fractures his mind in the process is a small price to pay for all the good he can do -- and from Will's perspective, he's the only one who can do what he does in the first place.

So, we have this man. This fairly pitiful man who understands too much and finds himself drawn to the darkness as a result. He would be fine, content to live in this half-way isolated state where he never acted on these impulses and to put it frankly, died alone. That was his overall plan until enter one Hannibal Lecter. Now, Hannibal is his own beast -- the cannibal serial killer everyone knows but also highly influential towards those he fixates on. Hannibal found Will the same time Will was assigned to the Chesapeake Ripper case -- the Ripper being Hannibal, of course. Hannibal was the psychiatrist assigned to Will to keep his head afloat even while he submerged himself in all these killers.

It didn't work very much and this is where the severe 180 to Will's personality comes. He continues to be his quiet, introverted, irritable self but through Hannibal's influence over the course of the show -- he slowly distances himself from his morality. Will has always been picky about who he allows close to himself and he has a tendency when he accepts these people, to do drastic things to protect them as a result of his penchant for righteous fury. Hannibal slowly made himself the most important person in Will's life -- this was a mistake.

After that, all of Will's bad habits intensified and his good slowly faded away. He wasn't fond of people at the beginning of the show but now he's even less fond of them. He sees them as nearly irrelevant to whatever macabre piece of theatre was going on between himself and Hannibal. At the beginning, he tried to contain his disaster, tried hard not to hurt those around him even if he didn't like them. With Hannibal, that all slowly faded away. His priorities shifted, it was more about Hannibal and catching him and killing him and... belatedly, loving him. He spends years trying to dredge up the older emotions again, of being able to go back to being a mildly disturbed man trying to help -- and it almost works, but for Will, all roads lead back to Hannibal.

To Will, Hannibal and he are fated. After Hannibal has burrowed so far down into his being, there's no being without him. He accepts it as love, their own brand of genuine romantic love, and at that point, his psyche is fractured into two -- the Will Graham who wants to be a good man and the Will Graham who embraces the fact he really, really isn't. So, the show ends with Will making his final decision, his way to pick between the two parts of Will Graham at war with each other -- he commits suicide with Hannibal. If they survive it, Will is Hannibal's, completely. If they don't, at least they've died together.

Strangely enough, making that decision is the first time Will is ever at peace over the entire course of the show. In a way, that explains everything about Will -- he is a broken, broken man who can only truly be happy when he finally accepts the horrors within himself. At least, in the end, he kind of does.
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annabeth chase | riordan mythos | reserved

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Name: Lucy

Age: 28

Contact: [ profile] lucylovespluto or pm!

Preferred Pronouns: she/her

Other Characters: n/a!


Name: Annabeth Chase

Age: 19 (17 in canon + 2 years established)

Memory Option: 1 with the potential for memory regain!

Established Status: Yep, 2 years!

Canon: Riordan Mythos

Canon Point: Post Hammer of Thor (Magnus Chase series)

Citizenship: Leithian previously, but RAC member so n/a.

Job: Warrant/Information broker.

* Level:

Minor: Prophetic dreaming All Greek demigods have prophetic/semi-prophetic dreams and messages especially when bad shit starts to go down, for some reason. These dreams are rarely clear, but do sometimes include actual events.

Passive: Divine Wisdom This is technically one of her blessings as a daughter of Athena and is literally just a way to say "so anyway she's really super smart". In particular Annabeth is a brilliant architect and strategist. However, it also means she's able to pick up new things at the drop of a pin. Examples of the last are learning to fly a helicopter in five seconds as it was plummeting to a crash based on having read some notes on aviation machines once and making her "best guess" and being able to weave so fast her hands seemed to be blurring the first time she ever tried to weave. Annabeth learns quickly and learns well.

Passive: Weapons The other mainstay blessing of a child of Athena is that she's able to use pretty much any weapon that finds its way into her hands. Athena kids may not be flashy but they are pretty useful?

Passive: Athletics/Battle training Annabeth is hella athletic. She was basically raised at CHB from age seven onwards, and the camp is focused on training demigod children to like, not die in battle against monsters. There's a climbing wall that shakes with simulated explosions, drops rocks down it, and has lava gushing down the sides. Extrapolate from there her mad athlete abilities. Swimming, fighting, climbing - Annabeth will find all of this very easy.

Passive: Enhanced Physical Condition A Greek demigod catchall thing, to a lesser degree than some of the other heavy hitters - however, she's a bit more durable than the average Joe.

Passive: Mist Vision She can see through the canon construct known as the "Mist" which obscures monsters from in-universe muggles. This matters Not At All outside of canon since there is no Mist elsewhere but I'm mentioning it for posterity.

Passive: FUCK SPIDERS Also spiders hate her as a child of Athena and will 100% of the time choose to bite Annabeth, it is the WORST power, MAKE IT STOP.

Skill: ADHD/dyslexia All Greek demigods are dyslexic because their brains are hard-wired to understand/think in ancient greek; they appear to have ADHD because they've got hyper danger reflexes.
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Annabeth Chase is not exactly known for her warmth, but rather for her wit. No one would say upon meeting her that she's the friendliest person in the world - she can be friendly, yes, but she tends to have sort of tense first meetings with a lot of people in-universe since she is hella focused on any task she sets herself to doing. This includes demanding information from Percy when supposedly nursing him back to health upon first meeting him, and running up to Jason, Leo, and Piper with her dagger drawn and demanding to know where Percy was upon first meeting them, without any lead-in pleasantries first in either situation. She definitely can be rather off-standish at times due to her intense focus on her task (in Percy's case she wanted to know about him because her main goal was Getting A Quest, so she was looking for anyone who could match the prophecy that could snag her one; in Jason/Leo/Piper's case, she was looking for Percy and basically didn't give a fuck about anything other than > gather information > FIND THE BOYFRIEND). It's noted by a few people that her gaze is fairly intense and she tends to look at people like she's solving a thousand different things in her mind or like she's regarding them like a problem to be solved.

Despite this, Annabeth can act easily with her friends, laughing and joking around. It's just that you have to, you know, get her out of her laser-focus mode first. Once her trust is won it is not easily lost, and she is an extremely loyal and reliable friend. She's capable of being pleasant and does spend a lot of time thinking about her friends and how they are. It is incredibly hard to lose her favor once earned (permanently, at least, though you can get her annoyed with you). While some manage to meet her in laser-focus mode or find her when she's being stern and determined about something, almost all of Camp Half-Blood and even the Roman campers learn that Annabeth does have other sides. Frank recalls her being kind and patient and helpful to him; she's always pleasant to Tyson now that they're friends, even though she didn't get on with him at first; she also acts as something of a mentor to Piper upon the other girl's arrival at CHB.

Her biggest dreams aside from building something lasting involved getting her parents back together and turning a friend away from the dark; Annabeth Chase is very friend-and-family oriented even when she has had a lack of permanence in her life. Due to her nature as a demigod, Annabeth attracted monsters from a young age, and her father's apparent lack of love or understanding caused her to run away at the age of seven, not to return for a long while. She told Percy later that she felt everything was changing, and she thinks the reason she wants to become an architect might be because there was nothing permanent in her life for a very long time. Things that last and stay are very important to Annabeth Chase: Percy is one of those things to her now, and she was a complete wreck when he was missing thanks to Hera in the Heroes of Olympus books.

Athena is the goddess of of wisdom, handicrafts, useful arts, and battle strategy, and Annabeth is most certainly her mother's daughter. Annabeth's biggest strength is her intelligence and her cool head when it comes to planning things. While she can be temperamental, Annabeth usually is able to adjust her plans on the fly in battle. She's capable of staying calm enough to do advanced mathematics in order to plan out the trajectory of a jump and the force needed in order to make sure she and Percy stay alive, and she is usually the one to make connections about things and to try to alert Percy to said connections. Annabeth is a complete nerd who is constantly reading and learning and she's very, very smart; she also has wisdom, however, which is different from intelligence. While this by no means indicates she doesn't fuck things up (that's like, a demigod mainstay or something) Annabeth tries to treat others well and tries to look at all sides of a problem. She stands up to her mother and speaks in favor of working with the Romans, for example, because she has the wisdom to see past the Greek biases. As a strategist, Annabeth is basically second to none demigod-wise in the series; others tend to look to her for plans, and Percy's teasing nickname of "Wise Girl" definitely isn't far off the mark. This isn't to say Percy's bullshitting on the fly isn't the better choice sometimes (how the fuck, Percy Jackson) but when it comes to a plan that isn't bullshit, Annabeth is your girl. She is furthermore a very solid leader - Annabeth cares about the people she's supposed to protect, and is fiercely dedicated to all the CHB campers and anyone else she calls a friend. She will give her all for anyone under her umbrella of "these people are mine" and gods help you if you get in the way of that.

Every hero has a fatal flaw, although not every demigod is lucky enough to know what theirs is. Annabeth Chase is fully aware that her fatal flaw is hubris, but even so she rarely manages to avoid falling prey to it. Annabeth believes herself capable of almost anything. While this is not always detrimental, it sure as fuck is when she refuses to hear otherwise and/or takes things too far for the sake of her pride. The series is littered with examples of Annabeth's pride getting the best of her. When she and Percy and Grover were confronted with a Sphinx who was asking them 20 questions (all dumb trivia things Annabeth knew without thinking) instead of a riddle which made them think, Annabeth refused to answer the trivia questions after a few rounds and demanded a riddle worthy of her intelligence despite her friends telling her to just finish the game so they could move on and maybe not poke the giant cat monster. Obviously she ignored them in order to demand a proper challenge, and the Sphinx attacked them all because of it. That's one of the more egregious examples in a series full of them.

Annabeth's fatal flaw is perhaps more deadly because she is extremely competent and intelligent. There is a lot she can accomplish which others can't - and the fact that this is true means sometimes she forgets that there are also things she can't accomplish, or she refuses to believe it. Annabeth took the weight of the sky from Luke and was able to bear it for longer than Percy managed later. She solved the quest in the Mark of Athena which every other child of Athena before her had failed. In the end, she did manage to see Luke returned to himself in the first series, even if Luke did not survive his return to his senses. She survived Tartarus, along with Percy. These feats only lend credence to her dangerous pride, even though she admittedly would not have attempted them without the hubris she possesses in the first place. It's something of a never-ending circle of crazy ideas. Even being fully aware of her weak point, Annabeth has enough pride she believes that she can keep it in mind falling prey to her hubris. She even asked Percy if he didn't think he could tear the world down and do it better than the gods from scratch, a thought she'd had before (Percy, being Percy, basically went "lmao no I'd be a terrible ruler").

Her pride can also make her a pain in the ass to deal with in ways other than believing herself capable of anything. Annabeth straight out refuses to work with Hera, Queen of the Gods, when she disagrees with what Hera was doing and saying. She tells Hera this flat out, making an obvious enemy of one of the most dangerous and grudge-bearing gods, which was...kind of not the best idea? Annabeth isn't really the type of person to go with the flow or agree to take an easier path in order not to make waves. She always does what she believes is Right in any given situation, regardless of the enemies she will make, even if they are far too powerful. She figures she can handle it, and also will not allow herself the flexibility to take a path she doesn't think is correct.

If she had to name a second fatal flaw, Annabeth would probably have to call it her curiosity. While curiosity is good in moderation, Annabeth does very little in moderation. She puts herself (and occasionally others) in danger numerous times in order to satisfy her curiosity, although the most vividly "Annabeth, why" example was when she and Percy were sailing through the Sea of Monsters. When they were coming up on the Sirens, Annabeth refused to put wax in her ears to block their song, but instead asked Percy to spot her so she was able to listen to the song, since she'd never get another chance to hear what it sounded like and she wanted to know, to become stronger from it. She managed to slip her bonds and very nearly got herself drowned so that was dumb, yeah.

Annabeth is extremely territorial and defensive of her friends (especially Percy and Luke, at different times) and was prone to jealousy before she and Percy started dating, although the knowledge they are dating seems to have tempered her fits of jealousy re: Percy and other girls at least. But she does not take kindly to threats or insults to her friends, and while it can take her a little while to open up to people, once she's decided someone is her friend she's a loyal friend for life. It took Luke like ten zillion betrayals for Annabeth to finally decide Percy had a point about him being evil and even then she was sullen and reluctant about it - and even then she backtracked immediately when she realized there was still a slim shot that he could be saved. Even when she thinks Percy's plans are stupid (read: often) she always has his back, no matter how much they might be arguing at the time. This can even be somewhat literal, as Annabeth blocked a blade aimed for his back with her own body, taking a poisoned blade to the arm. Note that this was when Percy was newly invulnerable and Annabeth had no idea his weak point was at the small of his back - she simply reacted, defending him with everything she was. She was equally willing to sacrifice herself when she threw herself at the back of an enemy targeting Thalia and Percy, which took her out of commission for most of an entire book as she fell off a cliff with the enemy and was captured. While Annabeth usually prefers to have plans, she can be extremely impulsive in the heat of battle when it comes to the defense of those people she considers "hers".

Finally, it should be noted that Annabeth is absolutely terrified of spiders due to the old feud between Arachne and Athena. Spiders always plague any child of Athena, and she can't be near one without it biting her. Her fear of spiders is nearly debilitating at times and basically just get those fuckers away from her please and thank you? That fear aside, Annabeth is a brave girl. At seven she ran at Luke and Thalia in an alley armed only with a hammer, thinking they were monsters; she also never shirks a fight in the series, always leaping to the defense of others and never turning her back on a quest. Sure, all that bravery seems to dissipate at the sight of a spider, but it does still exist.
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Archer | Fate/Stay Night | Reserved

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Name: Dan

Age: 28

Contact: [ profile] dannication

Preferred Pronouns: He / Him

Other Characters: N/A


Name: Archer (Shirou Emiya)

Age: Unknown, looks to be in his late 20s, early 30s.

Memory Option: AU Deterioration

Established Status: 5 years

Canon: Fate/Stay Night

Canon Point: Fate Route (End)

Citizenship: Leithian

Job: Company Enforcer / Firefighter (Former)

* Level:
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Archer | Fate/Stay Night | Reserved

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Enhanced body(Passive): In Fate/, Archer is a heroic spirit with high physical abilities. To make him proportional to the environment, his physical strength, speed, and endurance would be 2x that of a normal human being. He would be extremely durable and capable of surviving injuries that would normally be considered fatal over a somewhat short amount of time, barring immediately fatal blows. His eye-sight is also enhanced immensely. These enhancements would come through nanomachines woven close to the cells in his body. He also heals faster than a normal human being though not at an immediate rate. He could recover, in a few days, faster than someone might in a month. Due to the nature of his backstory listed below, he would only be able to maintain these enhancements using resting and to allow his nanomachines to consume steel to replenish themselves. Extra: To imitate the Command Seals from Fate/, anyone controlling Archer's nanomachines could fully control his body through direct command though it would be at the cost of destroying some of the ones in his body. Three commands can be issued to Archer to control him before he would need to replenish his nanomachines. This manipulation of him isn't a power for Archer rather than a tidbit to make him closer resemble a Servant. Currently, a few Company officials would have the commands to steal control of Archer at the moment.

Magus(Minor): Being a magus in Fate/ encompasses a lot off various abilities, but the Enhanced Body and Projection are pretty much the only two things Archer uses in canon. The other is his ability to 'scan' objects and memorize information about them. By observing them through sight or touch, Archer can come to immediately understand something's composition, including strengths, materials, and flaws. Archer uses this ability to figure out the problems in appliances so he can fix them properly. As a result of this ability, he’s quite the handyman. In terms of what he could do in-game, I believe her would be proficient with mechanical objects and how to fix them on sight but wouldn't have as much success in, say, hacking something through a terminal. He would have an easier time hot-wiring a car rather than hacking its computer to get the same result.

Projection/Unlimited Blade Works (Major): Archer's primary ability is to create objects from within his mind. In canon, he turns his magical energy into bladed weapons and, occasionally, various other objects like shields. Since 'creating matter' is a fairly powerful ability, it would be a bit more sensible to say that his nanomachines would be able to create hard-light projections instead of manipulating matter completely. Complex items with too many parts wouldn't quite work since they would require chemical reactions to function so he would only really be able to make simple objects like martial weapons. He would be able to make a gun, but if he tried to replicate gunpowder, it wouldn't be able to fire it as his gunpowder wouldn't be able to create a chemical reaction upon ignition. As in canon, these hard-light projections wouldn't last forever and would break down after time, but they would be as strong, flexible, and durable as steel or whichever object he tries to imitate. Archer's projections can also be rigged to 'explode.' Examples would be his Broken Phantasms--weapons he overloads with power to increase their destructive potency while lowering their immediate lifespans. He uses this ability to turn arrows into explosives and to increase the cutting power of various swords. It should also be noted that Archer cannot create something he doesn’t understand.

Eye of the Mind(Passive): Archer, in canon, has been through a countless number of battles and gained so much experience fighting that he's a veteran among veterans. Since he couldn't possibly accumulate thousands of years of fighting knowledge in his lifetime as a Leithian, it would make sense to implement a little 'programming' into him through his backstory. Essentially, Archer was forcibly subjected to countless simulations of dangerous situations to prepare him as an effective Enforcer, and it's trained his mind to become a cold and calculated battle analyst. Essentially, he has nerves of steel downloaded straight into his mind like in The Matrix. he knows Kung fu.

Weapons Master(Passive): Given the combat experience forced upon him, Archer is exceptionally proficient in the use of martial weapons. Bows, knives, swords, spears, shields--you name it. He can use it. He's also an expert with firearms and, while he has no tech-based ability to enhance them, still favors them in a variety of situations.

Cooking(MAJOR): He's a dynamite chef. He favors 'eastern' dishes in canon--in Overjoyed, he'll have a bias for dishes native to Leith.

Personality: Archer, unfortunately, is defined by his tragedies. His first memories are of fire and death. Amidst it all, someone saved him from both. This memory would last with him forever, and it would mold him for the rest of his long, long, long, life. Archer came to admire his savior, Kiritsugu, for saving his life from a fire that ended up destroying an entire city, leaving him as one of the only survivors of the chaos. Part of him would die in the fire, giving him a massive sense of Survivor’s Guilt that would plague and manipulate him later in life.

In his youth, people would see him as helpful and kind, willing to go out of his way for their sakes. Classmates would comment that they would never see him smile or, if he did, it would be a smile out of politeness instead of good humor or happiness. In truth, he never believed he deserved to be happy because he was one of the fewer survivors of that massive tragedy and instead, he found happiness only when he was able to be useful to others. In canon, Shirou (Archer’s past self), states that he only learned magecraft to try and help others and never really felt joy in pursuing it. In fact, he never really did much for himself in his youth and spent more time trying to be useful to justify being one of the few survivors of that tragic fire. He literally could not find joy in his life unless it were a sacrifice of his time or effort to make someone else happy.

The one who had saved him, Kiritsugu, took Archer as an adopted son since he lost his family. Looking up to Kiritsugu’s example, Archer listened to his stories about wanting to be a hero as a shining beacon of what he wanted to do with his life. Archer made an effort to learn magecraft in the hopes he could be a hero and save people. The memory of Kiritsugu dying with a smile on his face, satisfied in having saved him, burned itself in Archer’s mind and played a part in further corrupting him in life.

In the timeline he comes from, Archer isn’t particularly proficient when it comes to relationships—tending to want to be in them for the sake of the other person. While entirely capable of envy and selfishness, both seemed to take the back door when it came to being in a relationship with someone. Archer would naturally be attracted to people who needed him, and it wouldn’t work out well in the long run. Since Fate/ splinters with different possibilities and alternate universes, it’s possible for him to lose parts of his Survivor’s Guilt in time and pursue happiness the regular way—but in Archer’s timeline, this doesn’t happen. Archer is the Shirou Emiya that fails to grow in positive ways.

Eventually, Archer would meet with hardships that would test his dream of becoming a hero. Working as a firefighter and a magus, he came to realize that he couldn’t save everyone he came across. Sometimes, he would have to save ten people at the expense of one, and it eroded his ideals and morals, bit by bit. On the brink of death, Archer took a contract with the entity called ‘The World’ to become a hero and to continue to save people. The contract would effectively make Archer immortal and very powerful, but he would only come to exist when there was a catastrophe that needed to be averted. The World didn’t care who survived—just that humanity survived in general. As a result of this nature, The World essentially forced Archer to become someone who killed pretty much anyone close to a catastrophe to lessen the damaging effects of it rather than focus on saving innocents. As a result of this twisted, machine-like objective, Archer was subjected to the worst of humanity. He was forced to kill the weak to save the majority and to execute criminals for the sake of potential victims. Archer went against his beliefs over and over in the hopes that he could save as many people as possible. While, in a way, he accomplished his dream of becoming a hero, it destroyed who he was, and he became bitter and cynical about it. He hated his younger self so much that he wanted to find a way to kill him and create a paradox that would end his existence.

As he is now, Archer doesn’t resemble who he used to be. While deep down, he enjoys helping others and being useful, he knows better than to blindly offer his services to anyone. Becoming cynical throughout the years, Archer would eventually develop a snarky and sarcastic tone, teasing others in social settings while being cruel to those he faces in fights. Archer would gain a penchant for telling half-truths to deceive others and manipulate them for his benefit. Generally speaking, Archer’s personality swapped from being genuinely kind, compassionate, and helpful to mold itself into something appropriate to what he, as a Guardian, became. He became manipulative to profit off of others’ shortcomings, he learned to play with words the right way to draw attention from himself, and he figured out various ways to conceal his intentions. Pretending to be heroic only to stab someone in the back, later on, wouldn’t be out of his scope of practice at all.

Despite this, he isn’t entirely flawed or beyond saving at this point. Archer’s worse qualities come out in times of conflict while he isn’t an evil person in social settings. He can be somewhat immature, choosing to selfishly engage his little interests when left to his own devices and does seem to find ways to enjoy himself in ways he never bothered with as a young man. He smiles much more often than he used to though often it’s facetious and sarcastic as he enjoys using it to infuriate and confuses others. Despite his sarcastic and antagonistic nature, Archer does tend to lean towards wanting to help others even if it conflicts with his cynicism. He can’t entirely help his sacrificial nature and, while his Survivor’s Guilt seems to have taken a backseat for the moment, it isn’t absent. Archer, in two timelines, willingly sacrifices himself to save those close to him and without any hesitation at all.

Archer prefers to look like a worldly elder with a lot of experience and know-how, teasing others when they need help while still, ultimately, going out of his way to help them. His methods, beliefs, and disposition may have changed over the years, but he still is that young man who wanted to be a hero in the end.
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magnus chase | riordan mythos | reserved.

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Name: Megan

Age: 24

Contact: [ profile] mercurialfelines

Preferred Pronouns: She/her

Other Characters: None!


Name: Magnus Chase

Age: 18 (16 in canon + two years established)

Memory Option: 1 with potential to memory regain!

Established Status: 2 years!

Canon: Riordan Mythos (Percy Jackson & Friends), specifically Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard

Canon Point: Post-Hammer of Thor.

Citizenship: Leithan previously, now a RAC member.

Job: RAC-retained medic.

* Level: N/A

MAJOR: Alf Seidr or Elf Magic is the source of Magnus' two main abilities: healing and disarming. Healing is the one we see Magnus do the most. He has to physically touch the person, and he glows when he does so and for a time after. He's a human flashlight. His own wounds heal fast, as well. He's not all-powerful healer dude, though, as mortal wounds (or magically mortal wounds) are beyond him. It's also strongly hinted that he has the ability to heal mental wounding as well, by looking people in the eye-- such as an ever-depressed goat who forgets to hate life when he looks at Magnus' pretty eyes, or when he stops a friend from having a complete mental breakdown at the reveal of the mythological world. Disarment or the Peace of Frey is sort of his last resort special skill, and disarms all surrounding foes of their weapons, because Frey is a peaceful god, damn it. In game Magnus' healing/glowing powers are now the effects of implanted nanotech with similar effects but a stronger drain on his own energy, as well as mostly regulated to surface wounds. His disarming is now just a neat device that blocks out electrical weapons such as laser weapons, programmable matter.

MINOR: Photokinesis and Thermokinesis, limitedly able to generate sunlight and warmth as his dad is the god of summer.

MINOR: Geokinesis, of some vague limited sort. He literally collapses an underground ceiling to let in sunlight, one time. Likely this is only related to letting in sunlight.

PASSIVE: Temperature insensitive. As Frey is all about balance, including in weather, Magnus has an insensitivity to harsh heat or harsh cold. He's able to hold a lit match under his palm, and sleep outside in a Boston winter. He is not, however, able to withstand molten metal to the gut. In game this is brought down to normal range, where he isn't as affected by heat or cold but should definitely not try to walk through fire or sleep in a snowbank.

MINOR: Portal manipulation. As his world involved the Nine Worlds, there's a lot of jumping through magic portals and Magnus has the ability to sense which one is the one he wants without knowing where they lead. He's also capable of opening portals, with Jack the sword at least, and dispelling them.

MINOR: Telepathy... sort of? This is another "he did this once in the second book, and I have no idea why" power like geokinesis. He was capable of reading the minds of fish in an emptied pond to find a dwarf masquerading as a fish.

PASSIVE: As an Einherji (dead viking warrior) Magnus gets a few cool perks: enhanced strength, enhanced agility, and immortality. The first two are self-explanatory (he can jump off buildings and rip up street lamps), but the third is only within Hotel Valhalla. He gets killed there, he wakes up in his hotel room. He gets killed anywhere else, he's extra dead whoops. And doesn't age. In game Magnus' strength and agility are a part of the nanotech that gives him his healing power, as a part of a physical endurance upgrade.

SKILL: Thanks to his outdoorsy mom, Magnus has a lot of practice in wilderness survival.

SKILL: He knows ASL-- Alf Sign Language, which is either the same or nothing like American Sign Language, uh.
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A few things are apparent when meeting Magnus Chase. Firstly, that 90% of what he says is sass. Just sass, sarcasm, acrid snark. Secondly, that there's a level of bitterness in that sass sometimes. He was homeless for two years after his mother was killed, he has a right to be a bit sour. Thirdly, just let this boy have his falafel and maybe a nap.

Due to the combination of being a teenage boy street urchin and being in a Rick Riordan series, Magnus has a strong level of sarcasm. Unlike some protagonists, though, his is backed with some sour angst that is pretty easy to see through. And, well, he just doesn't know when to shut his mouth. It rarely matters how serious a conversation is, or what's happening-- if Magnus is opening his mouth, 9 times out of 10 it's with a snappy comeback. There are only a few cases during Sword of Summer where Magnus loses his will to snark (his "bravado" as Hel called it when he couldn't even manage a joke about her name) and those are when things are either at their most dire, or when he knows it'll get him killed. Again.

Living on the streets for two years, it's no surprise that Magnus has a thieving streak. He does have a moral code akin to Robin Hood in this, however. He only stole from "obnoxious jerks who have too much already". In his own words, "If you can afford five thousand dollars to blow your nose, you can afford to buy me dinner". Magnus is clearly not a fan of the wealthy, or at least judges them worthy of taking from. This is despite the fact that his mother's family was wealthy, and they lived nearby the family mansion, but Natalie Chase did not raise a rich boy in any way. Magnus is a very stark, basic boy. His favorite colors are beige and black, and he can't sleep in a room with clutter. Even when he finds himself in opulence in Hotel Valhalla he finds the bed "too soft" and ends up falling asleep in the grass of his living room. (Yeah, he has grass and trees and an open sky in his hotel room. Hotel Valhalla sure is a Thing.) This comes both from being raised by his outdoorsy, simplistic mother and living on the bare streets of Boston. He even finds his own funeral distasteful (well, the pre-funeral when he. had to search his dead body for a sword....) having wanted to simply be cremated, which is what his mother wanted as well.

Magnus is very chill, while also having no chill. He's very calm-- or good at pretending he's calm when he's terrified, at least. He's the type of person who doesn't take shit from anyone. Or let people take his literal shit. "First rule of the streets: never let a bully take your stuff", as he pointed out when up against the head fire giant Surt (or "Satan's fashion consultant" as Magnus called him) for the first time. He is the type to, when first exposed to the absurdity of fiery monsters who can melt cars, flip the bad guy off and say things like "You're starting to aggravate me. I have to kill you now." For the son of a more peaceful deity, and having basically no fighting ability, Magnus really is type of aggravating protagonist who picks a fight with things much bigger and scarier than he is. Somehow yelling "yo!" at giants who want to kill you just doesn't seem like a great idea, but by pure sass and drive to not die more, Magnus pulls these feats off.

Apparently being homeless adjusts one to an extreme level of weird shit. Even for a character in a series full of weird things, Magnus has a high tolerance for what is weird and what is what the fuck weird. He accepts a "well-dressed Satanic male model who could melt cars" with ease. He decides that the goddess Ran and her net of junk and souls is just another bag lady. He goes through 16 years of life not questioning why he can sleep outside in a Boston winter without freezing, and hold matches under his hand without getting burned. He's not immune to weird, of course, and learning more about Norse myths certainly gives him enough material to be properly disturbed by. When first arriving in the courtyard of Hotel Valhalla, for example, he decides he's done with Boston and hitchhiking to Guatemala. Shocking, he doesn't actually do this.

After his mother's death from Loki's wolves (fuck. wolves. oh my gods.) Magnus became a homeless high-school drop-out living on the streets of Boston. He went from a kid with a single mother who took him on camping trips, who told him he was smart enough to go to Harvard someday, to a kid fishing food out of trashcans. Part of this was Magnus' choice. He had a wealthy uncle just down the street, but because his mother told him to never go to Uncle Randolph, he didn't. (Which was actually a good thing, since Uncle Randolph is uh. Everything he is.)_ He became the kind of streetkid unable to accept help from anyone offering it, whether it was genuine or not-- not even from his cousin Annabeth, though that was in part because he didn't think he could explain all the weirdness of his life to her. He could barely accept the help of his two closest friends-- a pair of bums who people liked to joke were Magnus' mom and dad, and who later turned out to be a dwarf and an elf working for a severed head who ran casinos yeah life is weird. As Magnus pointed out, "nothing activated the flight instincts of a homeless kid faster than hearing" someone say I know a place where you'll be safe. And while Magnus doesn't always have the greatest flight tendencies (let's piCK A FIGHT WITH GIANTS) he does when it comes to his people skills. In fact, a lot of hios problems in Sword of Summer could have been avoided if he'd just approached his cousin and non-rich jackass uncle in the first pages of the book. Good job, Magnus.

Magnus, tragically, suffers from teen angst. Or rather, justified angst since his mother died protecting him and then he lived two years mostly alone on the streets, a nobody thief who once broke a homeless shelter's radio for playing too much Christmas music (you're welcome, ok). It's clear through most of the book that he feels some measure of guilt for his mother's death, even noting that his funeral being everything he didn't want was fitting since he hadn't been able to fulfill his mother's wishes for after-death either. He doesn't feel worthy of Valhalla, and then he's offended that this place just swooped him up and gave him muscles (no, literally, he gets upset they messed with his body and punches through a wall). And, of course, is offended that he's not in the same afterlife as his mother (though when Hel offers him a deal that would give him this, he's smart enough to tell her to get wrecked). There's a cynical bitterness to Magnus Chase not found in the other demigod protagonists.

Magnus' social skills are what you'd expect from a street-wise homeless kid. For the most part, he's a stand-offish observer mostly offering quips in lieu of real information about himself. But he also knows how to be charming when he wants to, a skill only witnessed when it comes to getting free food from the food court. Specifically, free falafel. He knows how to be well-behaved, he just tends to be a snarkmaster general instead. He's not the most talkative kid-- sure, he throws a lot of barbs and quips this way and that, but he rarely really says anything. It takes some work for him to trust, to genuinely consider people his friends. But while he's not the most chatty, outgoing of kids, he is a loyal friend once you've got him. Even before he seems to consider Sam a friend, he's fine with letting Gunilla be eaten for getting Sam kicked out of the Valkyries, then only makes a half-hearted effort at preventing it at Sam's prodding. He later tells Sam, Hearth, and Blitz (his Valkyrie, deaf elf, and fashionable dwarf) that they're a family-- that they're all "empty cups", the rune Hearthstone identifies due to being treated like trash as a kid (something that made Magnus want to hug him and bake him cookies, not exactly things Magnus is known for). He even feels bad for not giving Jack the sword enough attention and credit, since his father gave the sword away so easily, giving the sword trust issues as well. Yes, this is a world where a sword has trust issues.

His occasional abilities in shutting up and knowing how to be not-a-jackass sometimes tie into just how smart Magnus Chase is. Like the rest of the Chase family seems to be, Magnus is an intelligent kid. He's strategic and quick-thinking, making up for his lack of battle prowess. He's also a huge nerd, noting that he liked to watch Doctor Who on public computers and enjoys reading genre fiction. Before dropping out of school, he supposedly had grades good enough that his mom thought he was smarter than either of his uncles (who are both. uber nerds. this family is all nerds.) and could go to Harvard someday. And while an eternity of earning doctorates like his hallmate Halfborn sounds like way too much, Magnus claims to have spent a lot of time at the public library reading.

AU History:
brainstorming meme!

- Magnus Chase was one of many Chase children, born on Leith to a family of merchants and scholars. He and his older sister Annabeth received decent educations, in the plans that they'd be a part of the family business later on, if there was room. Magnus planned to become a medicine dealer, however, so his education started tailoring in that direction.
- However, as there were Too Many Chase Children, his sister Annabeth was slated to become a Leithan Surrogate for Qreshi rich folk. When Annabeth took it poorly and ran away from home, Magnus casually packed his things and left as well, far less dramatically. (And at least he didn't have to run away because his mom died, as in canon, so, yay,)
- Thankfully while his older sister joined the RAC, she didn't become a Killjoy because Magnus was mostly sure that was a Bad Idea.
- As he was only 14, he couldn't exactly say he was a doctor and not be thrown out on his ass (though he tried it, anyway,). Wanting to be near his sister without being a burden her, he continued trying to hone up his medical expertise and there was the general consent from the RAC that he could become a certified medic if he had something to bring to the table. A shady deal or two, and a wild idea later Magnus found himself implanted with nanotechnology that would allow him to heal people, but drain off his own life force. He also opted for the upgrade of physical endurance, since he'd be a shoddy healer if he could only do a bit before passing out. May as well be effective!
- With all that he was a RAC medic-in training, and then finally now a RAC fully certified medic. For the past several years, he and his sister operate as a broker-medic team with their own ship Pallas. Get patched up and information for your warrants in the same place, yay! They operate between Westerley and RAC HQ with their ship, and are fairly easy for Killjoys to find if needed.
- While most of his patients are from the RAC, of course, Magnus has a habit of being willing to help whoever comes to him... whether they can pay or not.

CRAU: None!

Original History: Here! A brief summary would be: he lived a nice life until his mom died, then he died brutally on his sixteenth birthday.

► 1 sword. Canonly, Sumarbrander or "Jack" is a sentient, talking, autonomous sword that is sassy and said to be the sharpest sword in the Nine Worlds. Whatever task he preforms, however, will be felt by the user when they pick him up again (such as if Jack slays a hundred foes and then flies back to Magnus' hand, Magnus is down for the count). Magnus often wears him as a pendant shaped like a runestone. He also flies around. In game, Jack is now a programmable matter sword with a not sentient, but sassy AI within. It is only sassy when in sword-form rather than as a white runestone magnetically attached to a chain around Magnus' neck, and has no ability to move on it's own. It is possibly stupid to use a sword in space, but Magnus figures he does more medic'ing than fighting anyway.
► clothes. He likely would have been wearing a green Hotel Valhalla t-shirt, which has probably been tossed by now.

Samples: TDM with Annabeth, and from another game.

Miscellaneous Notes: As Magnus is a book character, his PB is Austin Butler!

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Noiz | dmmd / DRAMAtical Murder | Reserved

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Name: Gaacha

Age: 29

Contact: vicinity @ plurk , thegaathing @

Preferred Pronouns: He / Him

Other Characters: n/a
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Re: Noiz | dmmd / DRAMAtical Murder | Reserved

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Name: Noiz / Wilhelm

Age: 19

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: Established -- 2 Years

Canon: DRAMAtical Murder

Canon Point: Just before entering Platinum Jail with Aoba

Citizenship: Westerly, formerly Quesh.

Job: Warrant Broker / Hacker -- RAC

* Level:


Passive: CIPA .

Noiz is human, so he doesn’t have anything ‘extraordinary’ about him in the general sense. However, he has an extremely advanced form of CIP -- a Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. Due to this, he can fight for long periods of time, or sustain damage and experience extreme amounts of pain without actually feeling anything. This includes not only physical pain such as being wounded, developing headaches/migraines, pain from sickness/joint/arthritic pain, but it also includes being able to feel extreme temperatures and sensations. He can’t tell when something is boiling hot or freezing cold, and the only part of his body where he has any sensation at all is on his tongue. This disorder is extremely dangerous, despite how it aids him in keeping from being too hurt to carry on, as he cannot often tell when he’s been injured, if he’s been burnt, if he’s getting too cold--nothing. It’s led to a number of issues, including horrid scarring on parts of his body where he’s not taken care of wounds right away, even two of his fingers being crooked due to having letting them heal without seeking professional help.

Skill: Hacking/Programming .

He’s aso an extremely capable hacker and programmer, having the ability to create and destroy data, locking up computer systems and even taking control of things such as someone else's’ computer, AllMate, Coil, and is capable of even controlling other AI to make it bend to his wishes instead of letting it function properly. (Such as the turrets and automated weapons systems within a highly secure base, as he’s done in canon.) He’s obsessed with a virtual battle game called ‘Rhyme,’ and he’s capable of creating virtual reality fields wherever he wishes outside of the game’s rule and usual administrative control in order to force other players to battle him. It’s suggested he’s not only capable of controlling machines, but he can also build them and create his own programs and subsystems.
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Name: Eli

Age: 23

Contact: [ profile] becoming

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Other Characters: N/A


Name: Natalie Goodman

Age: 19 (17 + 2 years established)

Memory Option: Full AU, deteriorating

Established Status: Yes! She's been here for 2 IC years.

Canon: Next to Normal

Canon Point: Post canon.

Citizenship: Leithian.

Job: Student.

* Level:

Abilities In terms of abilities, she's a normal human; she doesn't possess any supernatural or superhuman abilities, and most of her skills are intellectual. She's very intelligent and knows how to play the piano extremely well, but she doesn't have any abilities that are more unique than that.
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Personality: On first glance, Natalie seems like a fairly normal teenager. She's not very outgoing towards strangers in most circumstances, but anyone speaking to her for the first time might assume she had an average upbringing. She can be a bit offputting at first; sarcastic, judgmental, and even insulting depending on the course of conversation. Apart from that, she takes care to seem like she isn't too out of the ordinary - her brand of initial sassiness seems fairly typical for a teenage girl. This is the image she tries to invoke because, of course, because she feels like she's anything but ordinary (and not in a positive sense). She has large problems with trust as a result of her upbringing. In fact, feeling undervalued and unseen during most of her childhood has been extremely influential in how her personality developed in several ways.

The first is her general wariness about trusting in or caring about most people. It takes a great deal of time and effort to get her to open up and connect with people. She isn't awful at conversation with strangers, even if she can come off slightly awkward, but being genuine, honest and emotionally vulnerable with people is fairly difficult for her. Being left behind and forgotten fairly often as she was growing up meant she came to expect more of the same from everyone around her. This led to her hesitance about making close connections; why put your trust and caring in others, when they've historically let you down? Even apart from having trouble letting people in, it's also made it difficult for her to be sincere and earnest about relatively smaller things. It's rare to get a sentiment from her that's not coated in sarcasm, cynicism, or facetiousness to some degree. Her fear of letting people in means that she can hold grudges and tends to be fairly unforgiving; it's a way of protecting herself from being hurt.

Of course, her hesitance to let people in leads to another large part of her personality: how lonely she typically feels. She grew up without the proper care a child should have, and she's acutely aware of that absence. The paradox of her situation is that while this loneliness and longing makes her crave attention and affection, she's often too frightened to search for it due to her past circumstances. Despite Even when she receives those things, she doesn't know precisely how to handle them well; she still carries the fear of being left behind with her, so the trouble hardly ends after she's finally allowed someone access to the thoughts and worries she tries to keep hidden. It's difficult for her to understand and accept why and how other people can care about her - which ties into her issues with how she sees herself and how much she values herself.

Natalie tends to define herself in terms of her skills and accomplishments rather than thinking that she has intrinsic worth as a person. In some ways, this ties itself in with her love of music. Part of what makes her enjoy playing so much is that she considers it the one thing it's good at, and one of the only chances she has at being valued and noticed by others. This is because she doesn't see much else that's worthwhile in herself. She's not very confident at all, even dipping towards self loathing at times; at one point, when asked by another character why she's been avoiding him, she confesses that it's because "you remind me of me, and how fucked up I can be". This self consciousness primarily comes from two sources.

The first thing that causes her to doubt her own worth is that, try as she might, she's too guided by her emotions. Natalie is a person who tries to orient herself with logic and common sense to endure the chaos that seems to surround her, and she believes that only by disciplining herself that she can stop being so beholden to her emotions. Of course, this typically fails because though this is the kind of person she wants to be, stable and sensible and calm, this is fairly far from the reality. She's full of impulsiveness, filled with doubts and fears and worries that make it difficult for her to be as collected as she tries to seem. She doesn't always think before she speaks, she makes decisions quickly and based on how she feels, and she can't manage to quiet the worries that tend to guide her actions.

The second reason she finds it difficult to think about herself in positive terms is because her primary role model as she grew up, her mother, clearly cared more about her firstborn. Though this is something that generates a great deal of anger and bitterness on Natalie's part, it's also something that she's internalized throughout her life. During her childhood, as that loneliness and hurt became more ingrained in her, she started to worry that she would end up like her mother, clearly unstable and dysfunctional. When she looks towards the future, sometime she sees it as a place of hope where she can escape the negative influence she's been growing up with. However, just as often, she sees herself declining in the same way her mother did, and causing harm to the people around her in the same manner as well. This, perhaps even more than being left behind, is something that she fears deeply.

Of course, with all the flaws and shortcomings she sees in herself, there are things that Natalie undeniably excels at. The first is, of course, her skill with music. She's extremely gifted, as a result of both years of rigorous practice and natural talent. This ties in to how determined she can be when she wants something. Once she realized how much she cared about piano, her dedication to it became impressive. She can absolutely be described as a perfectionist, but this means that she cares deeply about doing well and is willing to put in the hard work necessary to get to that point. Even apart from music, she's a very ambitious student, sometimes pushing herself to her limit to ensure that she'll get perfect grades. This is aided by the fact that she's naturally bright and intelligent. At one in canon, she's referred to as a genius; intellectual pursuits come easily to her, and she enjoys a challenge in this area.

Additionally, although she has problems trusting people and letting herself get close to them, she's never successful in being completely apathetic towards others. This comes from two places: the part of her that's naturally curious, and the part of her that's fairly empathetic despite her best efforts. Even if she's scared of people leaving her behind, there's a natural urge to learn more about others and relate to them that she can't completely suppress. Likewise, when she does learn more about them, it's often difficult for her to disengage as easily as she would like. This is because, though it's a trait she doesn't enjoy that much, she's a fairly caring person at her core and wants to help others. She'd deny it if asked, but the fact remains that she wants the best for others and is more concerned with their wellbeing than she would like to admit.

Lastly, and perhaps surprisingly given how cynical and pessimistic she can seem at first glance, one of her strengths is the amount of hope that she holds onto. She isn't extremely idealistic and will be the first to point out when a situation is unfortunate and not ideal in some way, but this doesn't change the fact that she can't stop herself from believing that eventually, things will change for the better. She often fantasizes about what it will be like when her life changes and she's a happier, more functional person overall. She worries that she won't get there, but despite those worries, a large part of her honestly believes that the future can hold better things for her. At one point, another character refers to her as "a girl full of anger and hope", and this is a fairly good summary of her character; she's embittered and frustrated by the shape her life has taken up until this point, but is committed to the idea that things can and will improve for her if she works for it.

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