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Since the game is in the closing process, applications are permanently CLOSED.
Reserves are currently CLOSED.

Please be sure to review our FAQ, rules, and taken page!

Player Cap: 38/60

Please note that reserves only hold the character for you to apply with. Should all player slots be filled before the end of the scheduled application round, applications will close at that time. Due to the limited number of player slots, revision requests will be given a 24 hour window for re-submission.

To submit your application during an open round, copy and paste it directly in a comment here. If your application exceeds the character length, please only use one top-level and reply to it with as many comments as needed.

Please title your comments in the following format:






Preferred Pronouns:

Other Characters: If this is your second character, please list your first here.


Name: Please include any known aliases as well.


Memory Option: (1, 2, 3 -- see HERE for more information).

Established Status
: Y/N. If yes, please state for how long (up to five years, more information can be found here) and detail briefly what they've been doing since they've come to Overjoyed. Please note that no memory regains will be possible prior to game-start: this option is only available to allow you to better establish your character and their potential organizations/business/etc.


Canon Point:

Citizenship: Please review the settings guide and job guide, as not all characters will have citizenship. This will be very important for plot events and will not be easily changed once accepted, so consider your options carefully.

Job: See our jobs, FAQ, and culture pages for more information. Who they work for--whether it's The Company, The RAC, or another option, will have a significant impact on their daily lives. The most important thing to bear in mind is that the job should make sense for the character--we probably wouldn't have Gundam Wing's Heero become a pastry chef (though that would be its own level of awesome), and likewise, Ash Ketchum probably isn't suited for biomedical engineering.

* Level: For characters who are applying as members of the RAC, please state the level you believe is the most logical starting point for them. Keep in mind that no one begins higher than a level 4.

Abilities: For an overview of how your character's canon powers can translate to Overjoyed, please review the FAQ, powers guide and/or hit up the brainstorming meme where a mod will be happy to work with you. In short, we will only be nerfing those abilities deemed game-breaking, but will require that magical abilities translate into more scifi iterations of themselves. Additionally, you will need to classify your abilities between minor and major and explain why you chose that classification. Minor abilities will be available from day one, but major abilities can only be regained through AC purchases.

This section should also include any standard physical or mental abilities that are noteworthy about your character.

Personality: We expect this section to be thorough and as comprehensive as possible. While we understand that the nature of an AU-bending game will skew a canon personality, we ask that you refrain from heavy use of headcanon and, in the instances where you do use it, provide your logic and reference canon to back it up. Things to consider in this section: How do they react to conflict? What are their strongest traits and their weakest points? In their worst moments, what are they like? How about when they're at their best? We want to see well-rounded characters--no one is perfect and no one is completely flawed.

CRAU: Yes or no. If yes, please provide a brief summary of the world setting they're coming from, the developments and/or formative experiences that occurred during the time they were there, and a link to the game's main navigation page.

AU History: This is the section where you will blend the world setting with your character's original history. Because we realize that this isn't the easiest task, we want to make it as painless--and as fun--as possible. If you're struggling for ideas, please don't hesitate to hit up the brainstorming meme. Your history does not need to mirror canon precisely--some things just won't translate well at all, but try to stay as true to the original path as you can. The people tasked with rewriting your character's memory would try to align it as closely to true experiences as they could.

Original History:
If canon: A wiki link is sufficient as long as it covers the pertinent details and pertains to the specific universe in which you're pulling your character from (anime, manga, game, etc).

If OC: Please provide a detailed account of their life and general world setting of their original universe. If possible, try to limit this section to no more than 1000 words, but know that this is more of a general guideline for your moderators' sanity than unbending rule (so if you feel that you need to write more to convey important details, we understand).

Inventory: Items that your character had on their person at the time of leaving their universe will be permitted, though some may change form when entering Overjoyed to suit the environment (i.e., if you had a magical pocketwatch, it would probably look slightly different now.) For application purposes, please list any items within their possession at the canon point you'll be taking them from, and describe any changes the items will undergo.

Samples: Please provide either (A) a sample written within the game verse or (B) two threads, only one of which may be network, wherein at least one is set within game verse (i.e., tdm).

Miscellaneous Notes: Is there anything you would like the mods to consider that didn't quite fit into the above sections? For original characters, please note your PB here. Otherwise, feel free to add anything pertinent that didn't quite fall into the above categories.


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[personal profile] lotusmesenpai 2016-11-30 04:43 am (UTC)(link)


Name: Laure

Age: 30+

Contact: [ profile] elvellyn

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/ or my favorite: Ari’s wife


Name: Kanda Yu

Age: 21

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: YES. Kanda has been in-verse for three years. During that time, he’s been partnered with Lavi as a Reclamation Agent team.

Canon: D. Gray Man

Canon Point: Manga chapter 217, after he agrees to become a new General in the Black Order

Citizenship: Authorized non-citizen

Job: Reclamation Agent

* Level: Four


Translated Personal Abilities

Passive | Enhanced Regeneration : While his canon ability originally allowed him to do such things as revive from death within 580 seconds, re-grow his entire body from cells, recover from a crushed skull, and burn off a universally fatal akuma virus, those abilities have been exhausted to a significant degree by his current canon point so his in game healing ability will reflect that. He can still heal rapidly, though to keep this balanced this will be represented as roughly double the normal human rate. It is also assisted by a sphere full of medical nanites in his chest in order to translate the canon source of his regenerative powers that had been developed by the Asian branch’s Chang family.

Minor | Blood transference: In canon, his blood is able to close and/or heal considerable wounds on others as well so this will still be the case in ‘verse – it will just be assisted by transferring those medical nanites. This aspect of his ability is outside the ‘passive’ status since it directly affects others.

Passive | Physical strength: Despite his animanga physiology, Kanda is quite strong. Canonically, he’s able to carry a man four times his size on his back and still run (this as a child) or cut akuma in half with a regular sword as opposed to using his innocence. This will still translate to being stronger than the average joe, but not excessively so. Exerting physical force over other people or objects will come with a ‘rebound’ cost. It will leave him weak for a while and slow his regeneration rate.

Passive | Speed: His regenerative abilities allow him to move faster and jump further than a normal human could. To translate, this will also be a drain on his regenerative rate, but will also be limited to, essentially, a 50% increase above the average human for movement, reaction time, and distance covered.

Passive | Expert swordsman/close combat fighter: Kanda is an expert swordsman with various forms of Japanese swords and can use them effectively in ‘boss-level’ battles. This doesn’t really need translating.

Translated Innocence (Mugen) Abilities

Innocence in his canon is a special form of weapon that can be used to destroy/purify akuma and Noah clan members alike and can only be wielded by those that have the ability to synchronize with a piece of raw Innocence. Once synchronized, however, the weapon is modified to grant the user special abilities, based largely on their synchronization rate. Those rare few that exceed 100% are considered ‘Criticals’ and usually become generals within the order, such as Kanda’s own elevation.

Mugen started as an equipment-type weapon, however, after Kanda’s return to the Order it reverted to a cube state and evolved into a crystal-type weapon. After liquefying, he drank his Innocence to re-synchronize with it. In doing so, a cross stigmata appeared on each of his forearms (that, afterwards, look like scars) before the Innocence used his own blood to reforge the blade. Mugen’s current form is near-impossible to break and has a red sheen to the blade. The translated abilities of the sword are:

Major | First Illusion: Netherworld Insects (界蟲「一幻」, Kaichū: Ichigen): This command allows Kanda to release detailed holographic ‘hell’s insects’ towards an enemy to serve as a distraction.

Major | Ripping Flash Claw (五幻・裂閃爪, Gogen Ressensou): Rather than unleashing seven sharp energy beams from his sword, this command will emit a strong electrical current when it touches an enemy.

Major | Double Illusion Sword (二幻刀, Nigentou): This command triggers the nanites used to forge the blade to release and split into two swords.

Major | Ascending Flower (昇華, Shouka lit. Sublimate): Kanda activates the nanites in his system in order to increase his speed, agility, and in-battle healing. When this happens, veins appear around his eyes

Major | Forbidden Spell: Triple Illusion (禁忌 「三幻式」, Sangenshiki): Can only be used after ascending flower in that it actually forces the nanites to work at max capacity, but at the cost of destroying the nanites themselves – thus decreasing his regeneration rate/longevity.

Major | Fourth Illusion Style (四幻式, Yongenshiki): Kanda's pupils take on a silver sheen and he gains another drastic increase in speed and power, at a severe cost to his regenerative ability and significantly decreases his longevity.

Recovering from injuries incurred in this state will take twice as long as a normal human would recover from any injury.

Major | NERFED | Fifth Illusion Style (五幻式, Gogenshiki): Mugen's blade emits a large amount of dark, lightning-like energy and pushes past the max of his regeneration by essentially tearing apart his body from within. It also causes him to enter a mindless berserker state. Due to the extreme nature of this ability, it is nerfed entirely.

**While players are not required to list abilities that will not be used, this one is included to show an example of a power that would be nerfed by the mods.


His time spent as first a military experiment and then a soldier has shaped him into an extremely detached person. He often comes across as vulgar and abrasive; an exceedingly cold, ruthless and arrogant individual, with little to no respect for the lives, trials, and/or tribulations of others. When he was younger, this often manifested in an utter disregard for those weaker than him - if they fell behind in battle, he was callous enough to leave them there without a second thought. If they got in his way, he was just as likely to cut them down to remove the obstacle, rather than fight beside them.

The process of change was non-existent while he was still in the military, until he met that one annoying kid (and even then he’d stabbed the guy in the end). But the very act of saving Kanda from his own personal hell, of forcing freedom on him after such a long time, has had a considerable impact on him - it forced him to see people for who they are, rather than who he assumed them to be.

It forced him to understand that he knew very little of humanity, but that it did exist outside the rigid structure of dark-side military operations.

Even so, his personality is changing at a glacial pace.

Where once he was outright dismissive, now he’ll give a passing glance before moving on. Where once he would have shot first and not bothered with the questions later, he now attempts to assess a situation in full (or to the best of his abilities, since so very many interpersonal actions still seem a waste to him). He’s beginning, slowly, to...actually remember faces, to carry on conversations.

Regret and a debt owed have a way of giving one an altered perspective on humanity and their own place in it.

Lavi, much to Kanda’s annoyance, doesn’t leave much room for backsliding. From the beginning, he refused to call him ‘Kanda’ - only Yu, despite all of Kanda’s demands otherwise. And while that wouldn’t mean much of anything to some… Kanda is all he’s really been, from the moment he’d opened his eyes in that stasis-pod. It’s the one way Lavi has forced him to be more ‘man’ than ‘soldier’ and to this day, he still doesn’t even know if Lavi realizes it.

Bastard’s smart though, so he probably does.

His partner often fills the quiet with conversation - regardless of whether Kanda participates or not, drags him to all sort of ‘social’ places to mingle or simply observe the chaotic mesh of humanity, and challenges the way Kanda perceives the world around them with little moments of insight that Kanda would have never been able to ascertain on his own.

Small, unconscious steps bring him closer to human. But he doesn’t consider himself there, not entirely. Not that he’s fucking trying, either.


AU History:

Kanda’s earliest memories are of running along the streets of Sugar Point and helping his mother tend both his baby sister and their small vegetable garden – but then, the adults became angry. When he was eight everything seemed to change. Before anyone knew it there were constant protests in the mines, pockets of violence that began cropping up between the Company enforcers and the local miners with an alarming frequency... his dad’s constant grumbles of being worked too hard for no pay.

As a child, he understood that the matter was grave, even if the nuances that defined the struggle escaped him.

At the height of the disagreement, he could remember his dad coming home, eyes manic as he boasted about people shooting someone called an ‘executive’, much to his mother’s horror. The revolutionaries had decided to celebrate their victory and called for a festival that night. He could remember the feel of his sister’s small hand in his as they followed their parents, eyes wide and curious as they watched vendors sell food and toys, their cheerful shouts drowned out by the cacophony of revelers and wandering players alike.

There were game stalls for children, where he won Akuma demon masks for both his sister and himself and what he thought were fireworks… until the lights started landing all around them, shattering buildings and people alike. The Company, it seemed, had retaliated for the executions of so many distant relatives with extreme prejudice. Their bombs razed Sugar Point to the ground, leaving a scattered maze of broken buildings and ruins before they walled off the city itself.

(Now, Sugar Point is a nest of vipers, where wild men clash with gangsters and slumlords to claim territory, but that’s another story.)

His next memory was that of waking up in a stasis chamber, wrapped in a cocoon of wires connecting his body to machines. Mother, father, and sister… all died at the hands of Company pilots, though Kanda’s own status is little better.

For the next two years, he remained captive on a black ops military vessel in space, a lamb offered to the dubious gods of science and technology aiming to create more efficient soldiers. Ones that can heal faster, move faster, sustain damages with higher pain thresholds.

Mindless cogs that look like men and fight like demons.

Two years he endured a vicious cycle of testing designed to see first how far both body and mind could be bent before it broke and how much damage could be inflicted and repaired thanks to the sphere of medical-grade nanites they’d implanted in his chest, until one of the other test subjects finally snapped. The boy had slaughtered everyone - the medical staff, the technicians, the military officials, the other test subjects until all that was left was the two of them, this boy that had attempted to befriend him. He claimed they all needed to die, to stop the testing, but surprisingly… Kanda’s will to live was stronger than his friend’s determination to kill.

After that, he was shifted from one specialized unit to the next, with the first year little more than an endless stream of planetside battles that blended together, a hazy time where broken limbs and shredded muscles heal at an exceptional rate, allow him to continue fighting long after his ‘normal’ squad mates had fallen, until they finally stopped assigning him to teams.

Three years of quasi-solo missions where he played the advance party for the regular soldiers.

By eighteen, he’d accepted that this life held no escape for him - that his loathing of the military may be fuel for his battler rage and little else, until one particularly irritating squad member tried to befriend him. The kid, around his own age, was annoying. All bright grins and polite friendliness, with his bleeding heart worn on his sleeve that just begged Kanda to punch it. Repeatedly.

Kanda had expected him to die in a day.

A year later, the kid had gotten in his way, tried to stop a bloodied battle that Kanda had been fighting with a former ally turned enemy and had been stabbed in the gut by Kanda’s own knife for the effort. Despite that, this same kid had managed to save Kanda after the battle was over - even managed to get them off planet before the next round of attacks came - only to jettison an unconscious and critically wounded Kanda from their disabled ship before sending the SOS out to a nearby non-combatant vessel. Afterwards, he’d lied to the military, told their superiors that Kanda had died when their mission had failed, and Kanda had been plucked out of the black by a Reclamation Agent.

Becoming a killjoy was an easy decision – he had no attachment to his dubious status as a citizen and this, at the very least, protected him from further military reprimand, should they ever find out he’d lived. While his skills qualified him as a Level Four from initiation, his handler had had initial misgivings because of his military background. Too often, soldiers weren’t able to transition from following orders to making snap decisions in the heat of the moment, when a swift decision determined whether the warrant was completed or failed, but Kanda displayed a situational awareness and ability to make those hard decisions that was needed to be a successful killjoy.

He’d never been that good at following orders anyway.

By the end of that year, he’d managed to gain his freedom, a ship, and a (grudgingly tolerated) partner, one Lavi Bookman, Jr. He owes that bastard for all of that and he knows it. One day, he might even have the opportunity to do something about that…

Original History: D.Gray Man wiki

Inventory: His sword, Mugen, is currently hanging on the wall in his crew quarters on their ship, along with his golem. The book containing all of General Cross and Allen Walker’s bills and Kanda’s exorcist uniform (to include the newly acquired General insignia) are locked in one of many storage containers in the cargo bay, hidden behind all others.

Overjoyed TDM #1
Overjoyed TDM #2

Miscellaneous Notes: Their ship, Noah, will be purchased with half of his intro HP points and half of Lavi’s as agreed upon by both players OOCly.
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Lavi "Bookman Jr." | D.Gray-man | Reserved

[personal profile] inksplashes 2016-12-04 01:04 am (UTC)(link)


Name: Ari

Age: 27.

Contact: Plurk; see player or mod contact page.

Preferred Pronouns: She/her.


Name: Lavi "Bookman Jr." (Alias; real name unknown.)

Age: 21

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: 3 Years

Canon: D. Gray-man (Manga)

Canon Point: Ch 207

Citizenship: None; reclamation agent or authorized non-citizen.

Job: Killjoy

* Level: 3
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handsome jack | borderlands | reserved

[personal profile] refactor 2016-12-04 01:23 am (UTC)(link)


Name: Christy

Age: 25

Contact: [ profile] swagu

Preferred Pronouns: female pronouns!


Name: Handsome Jack

Age: 42

Memory Option: One, with a full AU

Established Status: Yes — Jack has been here for five IC years.

Canon: Borderlands

Canon Point: In between The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2

Citizenship: Westerley, as an employee of the Company

Job: General managerial position at the Prisoner Intake Facility
slotted: (ʟɪғᴇ's ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀ ᴘᴀᴄᴇ-ᴄᴀʀ ᴏɴ ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ)

leo elster | humans | reserved

[personal profile] slotted 2016-12-04 02:04 am (UTC)(link)
(CW for suicide mentions, as it is part of Leo's canon history.)


Name: Monica

Age: 25

Contact: [ profile] staves

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her


Name: Leo Elster

Age: Early twenties, presumed to be 22

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: 1 year

Canon: Humans

Canon Point: Post Series One

Citizenship: Westie

Job: MOSTLY A HOBO— wait. No. He works for The Company as a cafe waiter. Actually also an informant to Takasugi who seeks revenge against The Company.

Abilities: As Leo is a hybrid, he does not have all the abilities of an actual synth. He can't access the internet in his head, nor does he have an internal GPS. His very existence is reliant on energy, as well as his pumping heart. He has a charging port on the left side of his abdomen, which gives him energy.

He also has a digitised memory, which means he can't forget anything, and everything he sees and feels gets recorded in his brain and can be played back if he's wired to something.

He's also very good at hacking and programming!

Leo grew up in a very secluded home. His mother was sick ever since he was a child, and his father thought it best to buy a home away from the city where only few people could come in. It's why Leo hardly had friends, and even though he lived under the same roof as his parents, they were barely there for him. Growing up, he became introverted and lonely. Cold and aloof. Taciturn.

Whenever he had to talk to people, it was with a tough exterior. He's lost most of his faith in humanity and finds it very difficult to trust others. Basically, he isn't a very easy person to deal with. For most of his adolescent years, he spent them running and being away from civilisation, only communicating and spending time with his new family—a family of synthetic robots, rather than humans. It's why he's rather ambivalent with regards to working with humans or even being around them. When he does have to talk to humans, he usually uses sharp tongue and bad sense of humour (it's really bad) to the point that most of what he says comes off as sarcasm. And sometimes, he even uses hostility to communicate. He really has great people skills.

When he was thirteen, his mother broke away from the care of her nurses and took Leo with her in her car and drove off and got into an accident. This accident led to both of them drowning and dying, but one of the synths his father created saved him and brought him back to shore. He was in a coma for a good while until he woke up as a half-human, half-synth hybrid. Upon waking up and becoming part-synth, he found out that all his memories have been digitised, meaning he can't ever forget anything and that his memories can be played out as long as he is plugged in. It's his synthetic brain that's affected him a whole lot, what with him being able to relive his death over and over again. He's more stable now regarding the whole ordeal, but it still haunts him and has changed the way he thinks about life.

He believes that humans are supposed to remember the good memories to get rid, or at least, not remember the bad memories so much. And it's because he literally can't forget that he's developed such a pessimistic way of thinking. While good things still happen to him, the bad memories weigh over him much more. Often times, he drinks alcohol until he passes out because when he isn't in the right state of mind, he could forget about his death and all the awful things that has happened in his life, even for a short while.

Leo has a lot of issues about his existence as he's the only human-synth hybrid. Frankly, none of the scientists even thought something like Leo could be possible, but he is. Whenever he sees his naked body, he gets emotional and sometimes cries about how he doesn't know where he belongs. Is he a human, or a synth? He grew up in a home full of synths as his father created his "family" to take care of him because he and his mother can't, and he identifies with them a lot especially now that he is almost one. He sides with the synths more than humans, wanting and yearning for synthetics to be accepted in society as actual contributors and to not just be treated as something—someone—disposable. Despite his negative way of thinking, he still hopes and dreams of living in a world where humans and synths (with or without consciousness) lived together without any violence. In a way, Leo has this childlike way of thinking.

While Leo may present himself as cold and indifferent, he's actually a very emotional person. He only shows this side of him to his synth family, who has taken care of him and has been with him since he was a child. He can actually get very impatient at times, even showing aggression when he can't get what he wants right away. And when things don't go his way and he's given up hope (which doesn't take very long, truth be told), he starts yelling and goes off on his own, not even caring about where he'll end up in. Not even caring for his own safety. He also loves his synth family a lot—so much that he would do anything for them. What drives him to continue to stay alive is the fact that his synth family needs him and that he also needs them. What makes him keep moving is the idea of living in a happy home with his synth family. They're his whole world.

Having been raised by robots, Leo barely knows how to be human. While in his synth family, he supposedly has a younger brother (Max was built when Leo was 12-13, and looks like he's in his early twenties), he's still treated as the precious one. After all, the synths were built to cater to Leo's needs and be there for him as both his parents could not. It's why he's grown up to be a bit bratty and dependent on his family, truth be told. Not to mention, he lacks social skills and his strange sense of humour doesn't really help anybody. He's been told that he's weird by Mattie, a human he was seeking help from. It bothers him a little at first, but eventually, he concedes that he is. He's just too focused on his family that he forgets about the other things, even taking care of himself.

Even though Leo is mostly abrasive, he's fully aware that he does shut people out. He's aware that he doesn't trust humans, and that he mostly relies on himself to do everything. And even though he does have an unpleasant personality, there are still people who wish to get to know him better or to be his friend. He's even apologised to Mattie for pushing her away when all she was trying to do was help. In a way, being exposed to more people and having to work together with them is slowly uncovering the child inside him. He wants to have friends, to have people to depend on, but he knows that the situation he's in doesn't give him a chance to do any of those. It's why his vulnerability is also easily taken advantage of. Pandering to his weaknesses will gain his eventual trust, and the tough cookie cracks.

On the surface, Leo is one of those quiet, brooding types. He can be nice, and he wants to be nice and be surrounded by people he cares about and who care about him, but he's too afraid to place his trust in people. There will be times when he'll let people in, but that's only if he can tell that the other can do something for him or if he's getting anything good out of it.

AU History: (I know I commented to the brainstorming meme with ideas, but I figured out something else that could be more interesting for his character arc. Hopefully this is okay!)

David Elster was a leading doctor who researched mostly on robotics and android-related sciences. In fact, he was the leading doctor for hack-modded people. David was even known for modding his own son, Leo. What David did was experiment on his brain and turn it into something digital to keep him alive. Some of Leo's body parts were changed into a robot's parts as well, which then meant that he needed to charge every now and then just to stay alive. But this was all when Leo was just born. Leo grew up believing that he was 100% human, but has a port just because he was very sickly as a child and this was David's only way of saving him.

David's research was well-known throughout the Quad, and he was revered by many other scientists for it. Unfortunately, one of his sons, Fred—which Leo will believe to be his elder brother when in canon, David Elster only has one son—drowned and died. It was said that David Elster turned that son into a full android, losing his humanity. And that was when things changed. It was illegal, of course, which then made him lose his place in The Company. Scandals were everywhere regarding David Elster, and because of this, he killed Fred and then himself, leaving poor Leo Elster behind to take care of his sick mum.

Beatrice Elster, on the other hand, was Leo and Fred's sickly mum. She was sickly in the psychotic way, and because the Elster name basically got screwed, Leo had a very difficult time taking care of her. He was only thirteen when all of this happened too. He had to take up all sorts of jobs just to be able to feed both him and her. He always hid his family name whenever he introduced himself, but at times that he couldn't, he was beat up for it or heavily scolded for even having the gall to try and find a job at their business.

Life wasn't easy for Leo Elster growing up. And eventually, Beatrice's sickness was just too much that she tried killing both herself and Leo, but she only succeeded in the former. It hadn't even been a year since David passed away, and that happened. This memory of his constantly haunted him and he always dreamt of being hunted down by Beatrice. It was, of course, a traumatising experience and one that he would not want to happen again, but it keeps haunting him in his dreams.

Alone and having a difficult time trying to keep himself fed and clothed and to have a roof on his head, he turned to the resistance. Or rather, a group who sought vengeance against The Company. He works for The Company doing various small jobs for small wages, but he also served as an informant of sorts because many people come and go at the cafe he works for. He gets to hear all sorts of things, which helps him a lot. He gets money for it, and those against The Company get what they need.


Original History: Leo at the Humans wiki

Inventory: A wire that can connect him to various ports (computers, TVs, electrical sockets)

Link one
Link two

Miscellaneous Notes: n/a
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kara styrdottir | original | reserved

[personal profile] valr 2016-12-04 04:35 am (UTC)(link)


Name: Justine

Age: 25

Contact: [ profile] batsecretary

Preferred Pronouns: She/her
cauterised: (Default)

riza hawkeye | fullmetal alchemist | reserved

[personal profile] cauterised 2016-12-04 04:40 am (UTC)(link)


Name: Val
Age: 26
Contact: PM to this journal, private plurks to [ profile] speedforce
Preferred Pronouns: She/her, "that weirdo"


Name: Riza Hawkeye
Age: 29 (28 in canon + 1 year established)
Memory Option: 1 — AU Memory Deterioration
Established Status: Yes — 1 year spent working for the Company
Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist, manga
Canon Point: End of Chapter 83
Citizenship: Westerley, formerly Leithian
Job: Company Enforcer, focused primarily on border control

Canonically, Riza's wholly human and possesses not an ounce of supernatural ability in any direction. Thus, her skills would consist entirely of learned skills, ones that she naturally would have picked up during her time in the military:
  • SHARPSHOOTER — Very well-versed and highly efficient with firearms of any kind. She almost never misses her mark, giving rise to the nickname "The Hawk's Eye". (As an aside, the nickname is also due to her uncanny ability to notice whenever someone around her is slacking off.)
  • BATTLE TACTICS/COVERT OPERATIONS — She basically spends four years of her life in canon planning and carrying out a secret rebellion against the government. She knows what she's doing.
  • HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT/SELF-DEFENSE — Pretty self-explanatory, though I imagine she's only about average at it and obviously outclassed by anyone bigger/stronger than her.
  • FAMILIARITY WITH MOST COMMON WEAPONS — Bombs, hand grenades, knifes, etc. Obviously bigger/more complicated pieces of tech are probably a little out of her range of expertise but she could probably give them a good try.
Other stuff......she is apparently an adept driver in canon, which I'd like to at least translate into motorcycles and rovers in Overjoyed. Also has an exceptionally good sense of direction - she's shown walking underground without any sort of landmark and later is able to mark her path on a map using only the length of her steps and her knowledge from before she went underground.

First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is the model of a perfect soldier - attentive and alert, capable of maintaining her composure even in high pressure situations, and ever responsible even when it comes to finishing mountains of unexciting paperwork. She's quite intelligent, able to put two and two together in investigations, and is always polite to fellow military personnel, always addressing them by their proper rank and title. Unlike several of her fellow officers, she doesn't nap while in the office, shirk on paperwork, or use the military phone lines for personal conversations entirely unrelated to work; in fact, she tends to chastise this behavior in others, particularly in the case of her direct superior Colonel Roy Mustang. Her professionalism borders on strictness in these cases and it's given rise to Riza's nickname of "the colonel's scary bodyguard" in the office, though one that's only ever murmured whenever she's out of earshot.

Speaking of the colonel, Riza's dedication to him is absolute. The two of them have a long history together - Riza's father was Roy's teacher in alchemy, and Roy was the one who assisted her with funeral arrangements after her father's death. It's at her father's grave that Roy reveals his true wishes - to use both his military and alchemy skills to help protect others. It's a dream that Riza finds to be "wonderful" and shortly afterwards she joins the military academy, likely in part due to Roy's naive dreams. However, the skills she learns at the military academy are ultimately put to less pleasant uses: during her final year at the academy she's shipped out to the front lines and forced to murder hundreds of civilians in an extermination effort more gracefully named the Ishval Civil War. Ultimately the war itself ends, but the war inside Riza does not. Even to this day, she carries the weight of the crimes she committed during the war. However, she refuses to ask for forgiveness or atonement for her actions, stating that to do such a thing would be disrespectful to those who had died. Instead, she continues to move forward, continuing to use her skills so future generations won't have to kill as she has—and so she can protect and ensure the fruition of Roy's dreams, in which both the military and the secrets to alchemy are used for protection instead of destruction.

Though Riza can come across as intimidating or even cruel, in actuality Riza's quite kind, particularly towards animals and children. While she doesn't go around adopting every single animal on the street, she does take in a dog one of her fellow officers finds on the street but is unable to keep himself, despite being the one to tell him not to take in stray animals if he can't keep them. She also has a protective streak towards the Elric brothers, always asking after their health whenever she catches them in town and making sure they're as safe as possible, whether this means sending an escort with them during times of danger or watching over their safety herself. Her kindness isn't just limited to those younger than herself, but also to her fellow officers. After one of her fellow officers is put in the hospital and loses use of his legs, Riza visits him and encourages him not to lose hope in either himself or the colonel. Riza's softer side also shows in her decision not to eschew her femininity entirely. On her days off, she does her errands while wearing skirts (despite the fact that she herself admits skirts are less practical due to their limited movement) and she also chooses to grow her long after meeting Winry the first time around and deciding it wouldn't be such a bad idea.

It's important to note that for Riza, kindness does not equate to withholding heavy or burdensome information. She questions Roy's decision in lying about Hughes' death to Edward and Alphonse, asking him if it really was a kind thing to do, and doesn't conceal the truth about the Ishval War when Edward shows up at her door and asks her about it. Along the same vein, she doesn't try and make excuses for the fact that she kills people for a living when questioned about it by Winry several years prior. Instead of hiding behind excuses or using her guilt as a cover, Riza elects instead to come to terms with the mistakes she's made and her inexcusable actions during the war. She's the one who chose the path she did and thus she must be responsible for her actions and bear the weight of her own guilt. This manifests in an overly serious nature, though Riza is not wholly without humor, nor is she without her own particular brand of stubbornness. She's not afraid to - politely - disobey the orders of those ranking above her and also has no qualms with calling people out in situations where they're clearly acting without thinking. In rare moments, usually around friends or others she trusts, she displays a dry humor, unafraid to gently mock people or point out the obvious when it is missed by others.

How this all translates to Overjoyed: For the most part, her personality will be largely unchanged, with her guilt over her actions during the Ishval War tweaked slightly to be guilt over her actions while with the Company (since they're not exactly the most righteous of folks sometimes....). She will be a little more closed off in terms of her relationships with others due to the slightly tougher atmosphere of the Company and the Nine, and more willing to be decisive rather than waiting to follow orders, due to the lack of Roy Mustang in her life in Overjoyed. Instead, the largest tie she has right now is to her father, still living in-game.

AU History:
Fairy tales are forgiving; reality, less so.

At least, that's what her father had always told her at night each time she'd asked why Mommy wasn't with them anymore, why she never saw any of her grandparents and cousins the way the other children did. Mommy was gone, poisoned by one of the Nine - "those bastards" - and their hatred of anything that wasn't well groomed, expertly coiffed, and perfect in every way.

Riza would learn later that her mother had died of illness, and that the family that had sent her to Leith for daring to consort with a "dirty Westie" had actually sent medicine, albeit a few days too late. But her father had always been a little paranoid, seeing things where nothing existed, and he cut off all contact with them shortly afterwards, prohibited her from going out and mingling with the rest of the lesser Nine that inhabited their town. Not just because he hated them, but because he had a secret, one he hid in a safe place no one would ever think to look: his daughter. Be careful, he whispered, don't let them find out about you, he warned, and because she was young and naive and a child desperately in want of her father's attention, she listened.

So she grew up lonely, with only the books in the library and the growing dreams in her head. Eventually they left Leith and went back to Westerley's grime-filled streets, dangerous in their own right but in a far more blunt and honest way. Her father tinkered with his projects and she helped where she could, and though she loved her father, part of her longed for something better than a life under her father's shadow.

The answer came in the form of a snippet of conversation, filtering through an open window one muggy summer day. A group of boys eagerly discussing their trip out to the military camps within the week, most of them excited to fire a gun in order to prove their balls had dropped but one of them eager to tinker with the tech, make sure artillery and shields were in working order. It piqued her interest, enough for her to broach the subject with her father. He approved, encouraged her to go ahead and try something different, though he never did tell her it was more for the connections and the information that he wanted her to go, rather than out of any real support for her.

Turns out she didn't end up as engineer in the backseat, didn't even come close. A surprise ambush revealed a cool head under pressure and alarming accuracy and precision with a firearm. (Alarming and soft-bellied—her first kill left her folded halfway over a bush, retching up her breakfast from earlier while trying to hold back tears.) But as with all things, even killing became easier with practice, her hand shaking less each time she pulled the trigger and her eyes seeing quicker and quicker the exact location on the body she'd have to hit to kill instead of wound. Along with her queasiness, her youthful naivete also faded as her eyes took in more and more of reality's underbelly - the corruption, the abuse of power, the rumors that spread in hushed whispers of illegal experiments carried out in a secret dungeon no one would ever see. Eventually she tired of it, and with a record of good service and no black marks, was discharged home.

But home was not the same place she'd left it five years ago. Her house was a pile of ash and her father a prisoner, accused of leading a local group of Resistance and sentenced to death. In a panic, she went to the Company, bartered her life - or more accurately, her services - for her father's. They agreed, though not without a price: her father was to be kept under surveillance, and she was to follow orders without so much as a peep.

Which she did, albeit with great difficulty that first year. The Company does not forgive traitors or even those with an ounce of evident doubt in their heart. They gave her a series of tests to shake her loyalty, task after dirty task to see if she would tuck tail and run. She passed them all. And so they cut her loose, assured of her devotion to their cause.

Since then she's kept her head down, done as she's told with precision and promptness, and has found herself with a tidy rank affixed before her name and a measure of trust she's careful not to break in order to keep the citizens on the streets of Westerley - and more importantly, her father - safe.


Original History: here's a wiki!

Two pistols, altered slightly into sleeker sci-fi pistols
A hair barrette, now a fancy hair pin
A pair of earrings
Her clothes but that seems like a given

TDM thread in which I have no idea what I'm doing
Second (TDM) verse, worse (and way shorter) than the first
Thread from a different game, because these TDM threads are questionable at best

Miscellaneous Notes: I'd like to spend all 100 of my starting HP into getting a pet regain for Riza. In canon she has a black Shiba Inu named Black Hayate. In Overjoyed, he'll actually be a black German Shepherd mix named Roy with otherwise the same history, if that's alright!

Also I heard y'all liked cat gifs. Here is a cat gif to make up for this absolutely horrific app:

EDIT: I just realized I posted with a different journal than the one I reserved with, I swear this is still the same person.
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aguero agnis koon | tower of god | reserved

[personal profile] deceptions 2016-12-04 04:46 am (UTC)(link)


Name: jay
Age: 21+, though if you need a real age i'll provide.
Contact: [ profile] charred!
Preferred Pronouns: she/her!


Name: aguero agnis koon ( he'll be going by just "koon", but aguero's his first name and agnis is his mother's maiden name. sometimes, he goes by A.A. )
Age: 28 ( 26 + 2 years established. i recently found out that ages in tower of god are useless, and koon, physically, is closer to 250-300?? apparently... however, the universe apparently treats the mental age as the "real age", so i'm... just going to take 28 and roll with it. )
Memory Option: 1 — full AU / deterioration
Established Status: established — 2 years.
Canon: tower of god
Canon Point: season 2, episode 202 ( hell train — name hunt station 5 )

Citizenship: authorized non-citizen.
Job: reclamation agent (/resistance mole)
* Level: 4
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keith | voltron: legendary defender | reserved

[personal profile] impulsors 2016-12-04 09:22 am (UTC)(link)


Name: t!
Age: 21+++
Contact: pm works!
Preferred Pronouns: she/her


Name: keith.
Age: 19? 17-8 in canon.
Memory Option: 1!
Established Status: y. . . es? let's say a year, which keith has grimly taking every warrant attached to an agent willing to oversee him. this has likely meant getting partnered with several different people, none of whom have quite clicked. his success rate is. . . not great.
Canon: voltron: legendary defender
Canon Point: post-s1.
Citizenship: authorised non-citizen!
Job: reclamation agent!
* Level: one
riastraid: ignore all the numbering (001)

lancer | fate/stay night | reserved

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Name: nu

Age: 21+

Contact: [ profile] scythed or pm

Preferred Pronouns: she/her works!


Name: Cú Chulainn (Lancer)

Age: like 2000 but physically in his late 20s or so

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: Y, about 2 years

Canon: Fate/stay night

Canon Point: Unlimited Blade Works route, post-death

Citizenship: Authorized non-citizen

Job: RAC Agent

* Level: 4
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Takasugi Shinsuke | Gintama | Reserved

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Name: Elise

Age: 25

Contact: [ profile] fromgilbo


Name: Takasugi Shinsuke | Alias: Tani Umenosuke

Age: 30s

Memory Option: Full AU

Established Status: 1 ½ years - Takasugi has been around long enough to acquire functioning illegal trade deals with several criminal organizations. Upon his arrival, he was installed as the leader of the 'Kiheitai' - a resistance movement founded in violence and devoid of political principal. Over time, he's expanded its influence over the Quad and out into the J. He hasn't directly participated in any significant developments during this time, instead strengthening his position and waiting for the right opportunities.

Canon: Gintama

Canon Point: Post Shogun Assassination, Pre Rakyou - abducted during his coma

Citizenship: Takasugi Shinsuke is originally from Leith | Tani Umenosuke has Westerly citizenship

Job: Resistance Leader / Terrorist - He deals in illegal arms trade, dabbles in the drug trade, and is known for high-casualty terrorist attacks. Right now, his focus is political upheaval.


✿ SWORDSMANSHIP - Takasugi is a formidable swordsman, first teaching himself as a child and then learning from his teacher on Edo.
✿ LEADERSHIP - Very adept at fanning the flames of anger and inspiring loyalty, Takasugi was able to raise an army during the Edo Rebellion and retains high regard among those who remain from the conflict.
✿ STRINGED INSTRUMENT - While Takasugi typically favors the shamisen, an instrument from Edo, he has good aptitude for any similar instrument.
✿ POETRY - A skilled wordsmith, Takasugi has always found putting words to paper somewhat calming, and has a good sense for composition. He doesn't share it often, however.


"I simply destroy."

Takasugi Shinsuke defines himself as a man whose singular interest is destruction. To him, there is nothing in the world worth protecting, and thus no part of it has any business existing.

Destruction is at the core of Takasugi's behavior. Growing up, his restlessness bred his desire for strength while his weakness betrayed his ability to keep himself on the path to a real future. Now, as an adult, his mantra has become "I simply destroy," and he holds to it. He makes no deviations from his goal, and he will employ any attrition necessary to achieve it. Wiping out an entire village, city, or planet is not too steep of a price to pay.

"We're free to force a checkmate or knock over the board itself."

Control is very important to Takasugi - he pulls many strings and will involve himself in many plots in order to accomplish his goal. In his position, having everything tied around his finger is of utmost importance. However, he also thirsts for control in all other areas of his life. From expressing displeasure at his own high-officer's disobedience to declining a powerful ally in order to remain absolute over his own smaller army, Takasugi is not one to fantasize about 'letting go'. Takasugi's singular childhood desire was to become stronger. While so many aspirations have fallen to the wayside in favor of destruction, that particular drive has not diminished. Control, being a clear display of strength, is one of the things he seeks in this pursuit.

Takasugi is incredibly capable of motivating people. He sees their 'fangs' and spurs them to often violent action. In doing this, he extends his violent impulses further. He manipulates many individuals within the series, such as Gengai and Itou, with varying levels of importance. At the festival, the chaos he produced seemed isolated to indulging the beast within him while Itou's crippling of the Shinsengumi served to aid his greater plan.

From Takasugi's skill in manipulation rises his charisma. Holding together all sorts of radical warriors in a volunteer army, the Kiheitai general commands great respect from his men. He inspires this using every avenue available to him, from looking the part to displaying his strength. With a casual demeanor that implies ease of interaction, the man is shrewd in discovering what element of behavior those around him are attracted to.

"I, too, can only see a single path before my eyes. I don't care if my comrades or anyone falls by the wayside."

When it comes to people, Takasugi has two reactions. He either removes himself with abundant apathy or develops deep bonds that may twist into obsession. Even high ranking members of the Kiheitai are susceptible to being discarded, should they fall in the line of battle. However, Takasugi's focus on Shouyou is what drives him. It is precisely because he cannot move on that he lashes out at the world. For the small group of people whom Takasugi considers worth his emotional investment, he would ignite anything. From the small group of people who Takasugi knows understand him, he expects an equal measure of focus.

Takasugi is quite adept at humoring people, no matter their value. He has demonstrated this with close friends (Katsura) and members of his militia (the three officers immediately below him engage in comedy routines often in his presence). He takes the idiosyncrasies of others in stride, perhaps for not wanting to appear thrown off by anything.

"He won't stop. If you want to stop him, you have to kill him."

All of his life, Takasugi has never given up on a goal. Whether it was fighting Gintoki however many times it took to beat him as a child, or propelling himself towards the destruction of the Bafuku, the man is tenacious to a fault. His determined nature has skewed into something more dangerous - a single-mindedness that arises from raw unrest and deep seated hatred rather than a strong work-ethic.

"Would he give it a rest with his pretentious bullshit already?"

Takasugi has a great deal of pride. He seeks to be the strongest warrior, refuses to give up on ambitions, expects certain behavior from his militia, and can typically be found with a smug smirk on his face. To project all of this further, Takasugi takes care of his image. He dresses in elaborate, fashionable clothing that shows off his musculature while lounging in typically traditional Japanese settings. Even in opening/ending scenes, he is often standing at the bow of his ship in the sky, watching the moon or the sunset. So much as this plays into his image, Takasugi also seems to have a deeper appreciation for the aesthetic around him.

"We can't stab ourselves with our blades, but we've got someone far better than ourselves to cut."

Prideful as he is, Takasugi also harbors self-destructive inclinations. Consumed not only by hate and lust for revenge over his teacher's death, but also guilt, Takasugi has thought numerous times about turning his sword on himself. His own weakness that caused such devastation and should destroy him as well - but instead it drags him forward. His endeavor is not only to reduce the world to rubble, but to kill Gintoki and thus harm himself more than suicide ever could. Though this is not to say he plans on living beyond reaching his objective.

"We don't get Bushido, we're just a couple of good-for-nothing warriors."

Takasugi's favorite form of self-deprecation is calling himself a 'no good brat' who does not understand Bushido. He isn't honorable, he isn't someone who is capable of laying his life down for principles or society or people he doesn't know. Takasugi fights selfishly: to gain power, to protect or destroy, to settle a score. All of his reasoning surrounds himself and himself only - a fact which he recognizes.

"246 wins and 246 losses"

Competition is a healthy habit that Takasugi has not completely forgotten. As a child and a teen, he relished in finding worthy opponents and fights hard won. He is so focused on his rivalry with Gintoki that he keeps score of their matches. He was fairly easy to goad into competing over basically anything as a teen, though this has fallen to the wayside in his adult life as his goal overshadows everything else. Still, he competes with Kamui on several occasions so the inclination has not completely vanished.

"Thrashing about all day and all night, saying in my ear, 'Kill. Kill the enemies of my friends."

Takasugi feels. Emotions affect him viscerally as an uncontrollable beast within him. It bids him to lash out and destroy what's around him until it's satisfied. Vulnerability is not acceptable to Takasugi, so when emotions threaten to tear into him he is likely to rip into something else before they overtake him. None of his officers seem to have communicated with him about this, though he may ruminate on verse to express himself while he is alone. The only people he's reached out to are Gintoki, Katsura and Shouyou - people he feels can understand him.

"Just where are you headed?" "Beats me. My life would be much easier if I knew."

At the base of it all, Takasugi is and always has been restless. As a child, he didn't know what he wanted. Becoming strong was his singular goal, yet before Shouyou he was lost along his path to even such a simple desire. Aspirations grew and changed, but the feeling of being 'lost' never quite dissipated. One of the reasons he was so drawn to Shouyou was due to the other's admitted ongoing experience with the same issue. During the war, Takasugi had a goal, but failing that, he no longer has any footing to stand on aside from destruction. He wants to give in to the beast and tear things down until it stops whining - a very vague calling that betrays the inability to be at peace that has lurked within him his entire life.

This condition created a habit of isolation. No one understood - not even him - so how was he to form meaningful connections? Takasugi didn't gain many, but the ones he did foster were and are intensely important to him.

"Don't ever call Gintoki my friend again. There aren't any warm feelings between us anymore."

Takasugi regards Gintoki as his other half. Gintoki is the one who showed him a fight worth striving to win, the one who introduced him to Shouyou and the one who understood him best. Gintoki and Takasugi would often compete in every way. Not talking for months after getting into a conflict over a prostitute or arguing when meeting a new ally, the two were brats through and through. But Gintoki is also the one who betrayed Takasugi's trust by executing the man who gave Takasugi a path in life. Gintoki moved on and Takasugi resents him both for his bond with Shouyou and for his ability to go forward. It's a complicated relationship - best friends and rivals and perfect enemies.

"A comrade? I didn't know you still thought of us that way."

Katsura was Takasugi's first friend. As a child, Takasugi was a loner, but Katsura simply approached and called him an idiot. Takasugi considered Katsura the same, but through mutual needling and teaching, they helped each other grow to understand one another. Even after the war and the death of their teacher, Takasugi corresponded and cooperated with Katsura until their methods broke apart. It does not appear that Takasugi carries as much resentment for Katsura as he does Gintoki, though he hasn't made an effort to reconnect.

"I would like to kill the crows of three thousand worlds and sleep in late with my master."

Shouyou is the man who defined Takasugi. When the boy could not find himself, he told him that was alright. He was lost as well, and they would both find their paths. The idea of a samurai as one who fights their weakness, who improves themselves and struggles for personal strength is a concept which Takasugi has taken to heart. There is no way to overstate Shouyou's importance to Takasugi at all stages of his life. He felt more for his teacher than he ever felt for his family, he spent years fighting to rescue Shouyou and he's set on exhausting himself to avenge his death.

"They're simpletons, but I don't hate them."

Among his men, Takasugi is the charismatic yet often silent figure of authority. He is more candid with his officers - Hanpeita, Matako and Bansai - though even they do not receive many glimpses into his deeper motives. He will discuss private matters, but not open himself up to vulnerability. However, this group is compared to Katsura's joui and Gintoki's yorozua as Takasugi's 'found family', and so his relationship with them is likely deeper than he recognizes or will allow.

"It's more fun to dance with a batshit crazy idiot than a plain old idiot."

Takasugi's interest in Kamui stems from the boy's power. Being strong for the sake of being strong, being reckless and enjoying the thrill of a fight are all mentalities which Takasugi can understand, so he was drawn to Kamui and has no trouble communicating with him. While he cannot completely control the Yato, he doesn't find the other's tendency to cause chaos a hindrance. Rather, whatever connection they've developed stems from mutual respect and an almost healthy competition between them.
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scott mccall | teen wolf | reserved

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Name: spoon
Age: 25
Contact: [ profile] whysofork & PM
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her


Name: Scott McCall
Age: 18
Memory Option: 1 - AU Memory Deterioration
Established Status: N
Canon: Teen Wolf
Canon Point: Season 5, Episode 10
Citizenship: Westerly
Job: A nurse
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[personal profile] gyouten 2016-12-07 01:25 am (UTC)(link)


    Name: Sana
    Age: 30+
    Contact: Discord:sana#8278; AIM: Sanada4Prez; Plurk:Nyanbu (rarely used).
    Preferred Pronouns: No preference.

    Note: This character's canon already includes alternate worlds and memory modifications, and there are essentially two sets of personality/history in one body that eventually start to converge. Split personality = split app! Because I like complicating my life


    Name: Ginshu
    Age: Mid-30s, but he believes that he's older.
    Memory Option: 1 on top of 2. 1.5?
    Established Status: Yes, 1 year.
    Canon: Amatsuki.
    Canon Point: Volume 20
    Citizenship: Born on Leith, but renounced his citizenship upon joining the RAC.
    Job: Former killjoy, currently a monk with Resistance leanings.
    * Level:
    He thinks he's a former Level 4, but due to chronic illness caused by an experimental nano/genetic procedure some time in the past, he's unable to work as a killjoy and has permanent inactive status. Those memories and the evidence that supports them are purely Akemi's fabrication - he was never actually a killjoy, he has no real past, and in fact he's only "existed" for about a year.

    Name: Akemi Urushibara
    Age: Mid-30s.
    Memory Option: 2.
    Established Status: Yes, 5 years.
    Canon: Amatsuki.
    Canon Point: Volume 20.
    Citizenship: Born on Leith. As a Company employee, he can travel more or less wherever he wants.
    Job: Neuroscientist working directly for The Company.
    * Level:
    N/A, not a RAC member.
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Jason Todd | DC comics (New Earth) | Reserved

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Name: ambi

Age: 21+

Contact: pm is fine, plurk is [ profile] ambigem if you like that better

Preferred Pronouns: she/her/they/them/etc. I'm not particular.


Name: Jason Todd | Red Hood

Age: sobs into hands about comic book timelines. Lets say early 20s and leave it at that.

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: about two years, during which time he arrived in the Quad and then surfaced as a Killjoy, based on Westerly.

Canon: DC Comics (New Earth)

Canon Point: Lost Days #6

Citizenship: Authorized non-citizen.

Job: Reclamation Agent
* Level: 4.
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Damian Wayne | DC Comics | Not Reserved

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Name: Anna

Age: 27

Contact: PM this journal | [ profile] moetan

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her


Name: Damian Wayne

Age: 10

Memory Option: AU Memory Deterioration

Established Status: Yes. One year. Damian, a Resistance mole, had been attempting to get accepted as an RAC agent. He is now working at rising in the ranks of the RAC.

Canon: Batman/DC Comics

Canon Point: Robin: Son of Batman, Vol 5 start

Citizenship: No citizenship / neutrality

Job: RAC Agent

* Level: 2

Hand-to-Hand Combat, Expert: Though small, Damian is lean and muscular, and knows how to both control his weight and use his size against others in a fight. He knows various forms of martial arts, trained by his Mother, Talia, and grandfather, Ra's, as well as his father, Bruce Wayne.

Swordsmanship, Expert: Currently, he doesn't use a/his sword for nonlethal reasons.

Throwing Weapons, Expert: As an Assassin, he mastered throwing knives and shurikens as well as batarangs as Robin.

High Deductive Reasoning: And a genius-level intellect. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Polyglot: There's no telling how many fucking languages this boy knows, so we'll just say the main ones other than English he's proficient in are Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic.

Mimicry: Damian can imitate voice and speech patterns as long as he hears how a person talks first.

Artistry: (????) Apparently, he is a great artist.

Ten years old going on eighty, Damian is surprisingly (and hilariously) mature for his age, and many people don't hesitate to tease him for it. He hasn't been groomed merely for combat, but also for respect and leadership. Dignity, honor, and pride is something he carries on his shoulders without stooping over from the weight; they are things of utmost importance to him. He believes a person without integrity is a person not worth a handful of dirt, and, while he would say he learned this especially from his father, really it's just going to take some time for Damian to understand that Bruce tries to look for this integrity even in the worst of people.

Because of this intense focus on personal dignity, Damian is extremely refined; he's clean and meticulous in appearance as well as work, calls people by last name only, and takes great care in making sure he presents himself to others as a worthy, better opponent. The mantle of Robin is the greatest privilege he has, and upholding the duties that go along with the title out in the field are his first and almost only concern.

He takes great care in tweaking his skills whether it's physical training or mental training. He's well-read and makes a study of both current events and mission-based intel. If there's something he doesn't know, he learns how to do it, not against using craft and cunning to do so. No problem is too difficult for him to at least attempt to tackle (with a lot of pragmaticism) which leads him to be terribly stubborn and persistent, sometimes dangerously so.

In this way, Damian has a hard time working with others. Teamwork and companionship falls short at his feet without him bothering to stretch much of a hand out to bridge the gap. He loathes taking orders from people who haven't earned his respect even if they are of higher rank, and he hates when people don't follow orders ("""advice""") he gives while citing logic and reason. He's not against boldly telling people, men or women, they are idiots or they did something wrong, and this ultimately causes Damian the most grief. He isn't afraid of speaking up, letting others know when he disapproves or when he has another or better idea. Everyone is always kept at arm's distance so they do not interfere with his work. At least, in some small measure of fortune, Damian never pretends to get along with people for the sake of saving face. If he hates you, he hates you, and if he likes you, he likes you. Most people he just tolerates.

That isn't to say Damian doesn't care. He absolutely cares more than he'd like to care at all. Nothing quite hits Damian's berserk button like harm or harassment befalling children or animals. He treats both with the same respect with which he would like to be treated (even animals!), and goes out of his way to ensure everyone else treats them that way, too. After a particular incident involving a cow, Damian is a strict vegetarian, just to show how far he'll go For Rights. Family members, whether blood or companion, receive the same decency, and Damian can grow fairly fond of those who offer him kindness when he least deserves it. In return, Damian is certainly willing, at a moment's notice, to leap in the way of harm for them.

Of course, Damian doesn't ever admit when he cares about the wellbeing of anyone, not to their faces. Affection and love are not something he received until he met his father, and he always seems to be thrown for a loop when people aren't giving him harder, heavier emotions to work with. (He knows how to handle anger and aggression, but can't seem to understand how to handle love.) Sympathy also comes as a hard pill to swallow, and any gentle and understanding words will be offered with a huge slab of awkward social skills.

Not surprisingly, Damian can also be a bit of a brash hothead when times are trying. He will yell, pout (he's ten, sue him), and generally throw a growly tantrum when he's frustrated or sidelined. To relieve stress, he funnels the energy into physical training, so people will likely find him practicing martial arts or weaponry when he's mad. The gym rat starts young.

Nothing is more rewarding to Damian than proving himself, making disappointment a key factor in crippling his self-esteem. Those that have earned his respect are especially capable of crumbling him when they voice how disappointed they are in his actions and behavior, and they are one of the few that will ever hear a true, "I'm sorry."
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Jennifer | Rule of Rose | Reserved

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Name: Kalyn

Age: 25

Contact: [ profile] lordlings

Preferred Pronouns: she/her
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hanna talbot // oc // not reserved

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Name: Lina

Age: 26

Contact: [ profile] alebrije // alebrije#3012 @ discord

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her


Name: Hanna King

Age: 30

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: 5 years

Canon: Original

Canon Point: About a year after the death of her team

Citizenship: Leithian, now RAC

Job: Reclamation Agent

* Level: 4



  • Archery

  • Sharpshooting

  • Hand-to-hand combat: Judo, knife and stick fighting

  • Tactical analyses

  • Military training

  • Stealth (not that she'd employ it very often)

  • Intimidation

  • Combined pyrokinetic abilities with her hand-to-hand combat abilities


  • Raised body heat: translated as a side effect of a genetic mod; emanates higher body heat and registers as though she permanently runs a fever. Anything lower than 102F for her border dangerous territory


  • Flame resistant: translated as a genetic mod; her skin can hold flames, and she will never be burned by flames


  • Pyrokinesis: translated as a removable exoskeleton which can be put on in different pieces (IE arms only, arms and chest, full suit, etc)

  • Body heat manipulation: translated as part of the exoskeleton's heat generation; can shift from a comfortable heat to a pure sweltering heat wave


Hanna had once been a young, naive, and brash girl. Despite her circumstances, having been essentially sold for research and endlessly experimented on, she believed that the best of people would end the horrible treatment of people like herself. Those who are marginalized or different she accepts completely. In a way, she tries to protect them, though this doesn't always end very well. Her tendencies to give into her anger and her fractured state of mind make her an incredibly dangerous and sometimes unreliable ally. She'll fight tooth and nail, to be sure, but she'll be downright suicidal in the same heartbeat.

For the most part, Hanna embraces how the world sees her: delusional, psychotic, and a monster. She had initially tried to fight back against the idea of her kind of people being dangerous and inhuman. Now, she's been pushed too far, has had too much taken, and she allows herself to be cruel and commanding. Her heart has hardened, overcome by grief, anger, and, most of all, vengeance. This vengeance has blinded her for the most part. In fact, she uses that vengeance as an excuse to continue her cycle of destruction and death. She knows very well that she's powerful, that she's one that people should fear, so she makes sure everyone knows that she isn't one to mess with.

She does have her moments of clarity, though, when she realizes what she's doing is wrong. It's not that she doesn't know at all, she does, it's just that she really doesn't care anymore. Someone has to be the target of her pain, and she doesn't care who it is, so long as they suffer as she has.

Hanna has an incredible problem of attachment and having difficulty of letting go. This is most notable in the tattoos she has across her chest, a myriad of constellations representing the zodiac signs of her dead comrades. She also wears her and her husband's wedding bands with her dog tags, more signs that she just can't let go. Part of this is because she knows that anger and hatred is what keeps her going in the first place. If she lets go, she risks having to come to grips with all of what she has done.

Despite all of this, she has a sense of humor, albeit a dark one. Gallows humor suits her best and she tends to throw around pop culture references, callbacks to her younger and naive self. This is the part she presents most often to those who don't know her at all. At times, she plays up her more dangerous and and unforgivable aspects, and who knows, maybe she is, maybe she isn't like that.
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fenris | dragon age | reserved

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Name: lyn

Age: Over 18

Contact: runehallow @ plurk

Preferred Pronouns: she/her


Name: Fenris

Age: Mid-30s

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: 3 years working for the Company

Canon: Dragon Age

Canon Point: post-Inquisition

Citizenship: Westie

Job: Company Enforcer


Fenris is a warrior specializing in two-handed weapons. Most of his abilities were gained through years of hard training.

STRENGTH | PASSIVE: Fenris is exceptionally strong, particularly given his relatively slight figure.

STAMINA | PASSIVE: Having survived harsh conditions for many years, both as a slave and as a fugitive, Fenris is capable of pressing on long after an ordinary person would have exhausted themselves--both in battle and in general.

SWORDSMAN | PASSIVE: Fenris is most proficient with a greatsword, weapons-wise; he can use it for a number of feats--such as crushing blows, whirlwinds, and staggering his enemies.

COMBAT EXPERIENCE | PASSIVE: Fenris is a seasoned fighter; even while enslaved, he was often put to use in defeating his magister's enemies. He knows tactics, strategy, and how to sustain himself during even protracted battles.

His more unusual abilities come from the lyrium tattoos etched all over his body, translated to be circuits implanted with phasing technology in this universe.

MAJOR | LYRIUM GHOST: The tattoos allow him to enter a wraith-like state, making him difficult to track.

MAJOR | PHASING: Fenris can phase through solid objects of any kind; he most frequently uses this ability to reach into someone's body and either crush or tear out their heart.

MAJOR | SPIRIT PULSE: Fenris's tattoos flare with energy, lashing his enemies with force and stunning them briefly.


Like anyone, Fenris's personality is heavily informed by experience and memory. Unfortunately, his memories--and lack thereof--have left him troubled, vengeful, and afraid. His early life is a mystery to him; he has pieces of it only in fits and starts, and in what little scraps he gathers from the (altogether terrible) people who knew them then.

His solid memories start from the moment he acquired a series of magical markings all over his body, the lyrium tattoos, a process he describes as sheer agony. The absolute trauma of the process may have interfered with his memory up to that point--or he may have endured another experiment specifically designed to force him to forget. In any case, Fenris's life after this point built the foundation of his identity.

It was not a pleasant foundation.

Danarius, a powerful Tevinter magister, owned Fenris until his eventual escape. The length of their time together is not specified, but it was significant. Fenris acted as Danarius's bodyguard, sommelier, bed partner, foot rest ... in essence, whatever Danarius wanted, at the moment he wanted it. Fenris was also tormented by Hadriana, Danarius's apprentice; she would deprive him of food and disrupt his sleep, simply out of sheer cruelty, knowing that a mere slave had no power to stop her.

Eventually, Fenris flees and makes his way to Kirkwall. Throughout his flight, he's pursued by slavers and mercenaries hired by Danarius to recapture him. It's during one of these times that he meets Marian Hawke and the rest of her friends. Hawke et al had walked into a trap set for him, and then agreed to assault Danarius's Hightown mansion afterwards. This meeting proves fateful, because it sets the course for nearly the next decade of Fenris's life -- though Marian is, unfortunately, a mage.

Even after his successful escape and his new group of (sort of kind of) friends, Fenris has a difficult time breaking free of the scars slavery has left on him. To the average person, Fenris comes off as quietly intense, brooding; direct in his thoughts and unswerving in his opinions. He distrusts magic on principle and has no love lost for mages as a whole. To his mind, every mage is a ticking time bomb, a person with power who will--if not now, then eventually--do anything to amass more and more of it. Like many in Thedas, he views blood magic as an order of evil above the rest. He witnessed its depravity regularly in Tevinter, where the practice might be publicly frowned upon but is privately widespread.

He has seen slaves sacrificed for something as trivial as a party trick; he has seen the innocent and the downtrodden crushed, physically and spiritually, by the magisters that bind them. Nothing good can come of magic, and very little good comes of the people who use it (with a few admitted exceptions).

But Fenris's hatred of magic and mages is also a focus for the much deeper, darker sea of rage, fear, and hatred that burns poisonous in his blood. As a slave, he was forced to keep the truth of his feelings, of his pain and despair, suppressed and locked down. He hates the awful emotions that dominate his thinking, wants to be free of them as badly as he wanted to break his actual chains. But the former process is long and arduous, and--unfortunately--not solved by simply killing the people who harmed him.

In fact, the more Fenris learns of his past, and the more he directly confronts it, the more confused and upset he becomes. When he hunts down Hadriana, she tries to use information about his sister as leverage. Enraged, Fenris promises he won't kill her, hears what she has to say, and then kills her regardless.

He receives no true satisfaction from this, and angrily shrugs off any attempts to comfort him or talk about the situation. Fenris had expected that striking down Hadriana and, ultimately, Danarius, would give him the true peace of mind he's seeking. But it hasn't, and it leaves him just as frustrated and distant as before. He expected relief, at least, but he doesn't feel even that. Instead, he's frustrated, confused, aimless. He's free, but he doesn't know what to do with his freedom. He's never truly had to make his own decisions, and he's paralyzed at the thought of doing so. He stays in the decrepit mansion where he sought Danarius until the end of the game, despite repeated attempts by various friends to get him to move. He refuses, not wholly out of obstinacy. The mansion, while a little bit disgusting, is familiar. It's easy. He doesn't have to think about it. So he stays.

Learning of his sister, Varania, doesn't help matters. She's his only remaining family, and he finds out that she betrayed him to Danarius for the chance at an apprenticeship. Hawke prevented Fenris from killing her, and he learned something even more upsetting: after repeatedly insisting that the lyrium markings were forced on him, Varania tells him that he actually competed for them as a way to earn a boon. He used the boon to free her and his mother from slavery, but she tells him that the gift was not so great as he might imagine.

Fenris thought meeting his sister would lead to a new beginning, but Varania only brought him more pain and confusion. How can he forge an identity from such a messy past, from memories either half-forgotten or unimaginably painful? How can he make choices when he has no sense of autonomy? These are issues he's just beginning to confront by the game's conclusion. He does know that he isn't alone: he counts Hawke as a true friend, and he's warmly disposed to several of Hawke's companions, as well.

It's important to note that despite his bitterness and general gloomy disposition, Fenris is not without humor, nor is he incapable of socialization. He'll laugh at a good joke, sometimes even if it's at his expense. He plays cards regularly with Varric and with Aveline's husband, Donnic; he enjoys Isabela's lively company. When he forms a friendship with someone, his loyalty is absolute, regardless of ideological differences. When Hawke fought to protect the mages from the templars, Fenris followed her. It didn't mean that he's revised his opinion on magic--he hasn't. But Hawke mattered more than his beliefs, and, being a mage, she also convinced him that some mages were strong enough to carry their burden.

Fenris likes to be understood, not mollified through platitudes. He isn't great at the comfort game himself (when Hawke's mother died, he just admitted that he didn't know what to say, and that he was sorry), and he doesn't like it when someone responds to his troubles as though he's a child in need of a hug. Rather, he prefers to have his problems acknowledged as real. He doesn't deny that he tends to dwell, but he can't help it. People are constructs of their memories, and his are mostly godawful.

His past infects him right down to his movements. Where others might stand and be idle, Fenris fidgets. He shifts his weight. Looks behind him, from side to side, as though he's expecting an ambush at any moment. It's not an unfounded mindset: until Danarius's death, he was under constant and very real threat. And afterward -- well, old habits are hard to break.

Finally, it's important to note that his positive relationships were all years in the making. He can and will warm up to new people; it just takes time. Fortunately, he doesn't require perfect love and perfect trust to fight at someone's side. He's able to look past his personal prejudices when there's a task to accomplish, particularly if someone he respects ( ... Hawke) assigned him the job.

Fenris is particularly concerned with the plight of the innocents and the disenfranchised. Or, more accurately, the groups he sees as innocent and disenfranchised (mages are always excluded). He favors help for the poor, kindness to the enslaved, and merciless justice to the slavers.

The burden of his past is a heavy weight, and he still hasn't cast it off yet. He wants to, though. He's trying.

IN TERMS OF OVERJOYED: Obviously, in a world where magic is scarce, Fenris's prejudices will be a bit different. But even though this universe has no proper mages or Circles or what-have-you, it still has similar institutions of power and oppression. Though Fenris begins as beholden to those institutions, he will retain his dislike for oppressive actions, for slavery, and for harm to those who are innocent and disenfranchised. His distate for magic will instead be a distaste for advanced tech, particularly of the kind that's been implanted on his own body--i.e., technology so advanced that it is in fact hardly distinguishable from magic, anyway.

AU History:

Fenris was born into servitude. His family worked for one of the prominent families of the Nine, and though they were not precisely ill-treated, it was never an easy life. He grew up wanting something better, especially for the sake of his mother and sister. He was devoted to them, and would have done anything to see them happy, to see them free.

One day, the Company came calling, and Fenris got his chance. They were seeking volunteers for a series of experiments, and the reward was so great that Fenris knew it'd be enough for his mother and sister to buy their way to a better future. And it was--but it meant that Fenris's own future would be assuredly less rosy. The Company made good on their payment; his mother and sister left the family they served (though that particular branch wasn't in good straits, anyway, so that might have had something to do with it, too), though Fenris doesn't precisely know what happened to them. He's barely aware of the circumstances surrounding the experiment at all--in fact, he believes it was forced on him, believes he was captured and imprisoned and used as a test subject against his will. He further believes that something terrible will befall this family he barely remembers, should he step out of line.

In truth, Fenris was eager to join the pool of candidates for the Company's experiments. He fought for the chance, and proved himself both mentally and physically strong enough to endure the process that Company scientists had in mind. They meant to turn him into a wraith, into an enforcer capable of doing things no one else could. To achieve this, they covered his body in glowing circuits, and then implanted these circuits with mysterious technology that lets him do extraordinary things: phase through solid objects, become ghostly and undetectable, and even emit powerful shockwaves that stun and damage his opponents. The circuitry is intimately connected to his nervous system, and the method of implantation was agonizing--so much so that Fenris believes it near completely wiped his memories. Even now, the circuits are sensitive to the touch, and he has a slight aversion to physical contact for this reason.

After the experiment was complete and successful, Fenris became the Company's loyal dog. His most concrete memories begin after waking up on the operating table; as such, life with the Company is the only real life he's ever known. He goes where he's asked to, he does what he's told, and he asks few questions. Even though he disdains his masters. Even though he hates what he does. He has a veneer of stoicism; of brutal calm. But rage and sorrow roil beneath. For now, however, those feelings have no outlet. He does not yet entertain the idea of rebellion, or of running away. Where would he go? What would he do? He is beholden to the Company. For the last three years, he's existed only for them and their orders. He executes his tasks ruthlessly, and has a grim reputation as a result. Someone not to be interfered with. Someone who will not hesitate. The odd circuitry, too, lends him a dangerous air of legend; he is as a ghost, striking swift and unseen. He is employed often both for putting down dissent and as a bodyguard for the Company's higher-ups; his presence alone often serves as a deterrent to anyone thinking of trying something. And when presence isn't enough, the actual terror of his skills comes into play.

It is not a life he enjoys. But he has no way out, and no foundation of experience to draw on that might convince him otherwise.

Not yet, anyway.


Original History: Here!


Sword of Mercy
Book of Shartan
Leather armor

These things are all held in a Company locker somewhere.



Miscellaneous Notes: Much of what happens to Fenris in-game is player determinant; as such, though his canon point is the most recent available, his AU history essentially ends with him as still 'enslaved', so that he can develop his arc from there. In my playthrough, the major, relevant choices go as follows:

--Full friendship with female diplomatic/witty mage Hawke
--Unromanced (but probably had a crush, ngl)
--Not returned to slavery
--Not permitted to kill his sister
--Sided with Hawke against the Templars
--Anders alive
--All companion quests completed
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Midori Nagamasa | Aoharu x Machinegun | Reserved 1/2

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Name: Cat

Age: Over 18

Contact: PMing this journal works best

Preferred Pronouns: Female


Name: Midori Nagamasa

Age: 30+ (all the author has said is he's over 30; if an exact number is needed 36 probably works)

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: Yes | 2 years. Midori has been doing his job as a Killjoy and working his hobby as a volunteer doctor! The two years is just for him to become accustomed to a world where people will actually kill him if he lets his guard down even for a moment.

Canon: Aoharu x Machinegun

Canon Point: Chapter 44

Citizenship: Neutral/no citizenship

Job: Killjoy

* Level: 3

Abilities Midori is a normal human. Athletic, strong, fast and skilled, but most definitely human in ability. He's an expert marksman and able to use numerous and varied types of guns. His preferred set up is dual Winchester Randall Customs, but he rarely needs to draw both guns. He's also skilled in close quarters combat, tactics and healthcare being a trained and licensed doctor.

There are two things out of the ordinary about Midori, Aoharu x Machinegun being at its core a sports manga so naturally everything gets overly dramatized. Characters are able to project an aura of murderous intent and Midori's is so bloodthirsty it makes even those who have fought in warzones nervous. It does absolutely nothing besides add drama make any who can't handle it quiver in their shoes though. The latest few chapters (it's an ongoing series) have made it likely Midori also has some superhuman ability (it was just revealed some team captains have "if I use 100% of my brain I can hear a bear shitting in the woods from any distance and find all the players through echolocation!" stupor abilities...). That said we are probably not going to know what Midori's is for at least 8 months if not longer. If it comes up and isn't something astoundingly amazingly dumb like he can see even really fast attacks made on him in slow motion (...this is what I'm banking on honestly) I'll contact the mod team about it. But this is just an heads up here!

Personality: Midori is quite honestly a sociopath. In all aspects of his life his focus is shown on keeping himself entertained. From messing with his coworkers (one who's masochistic tendencies he encourages and the other who's yandere romantic tendencies towards him he fuels along with a third he just annoys because he can) to mentally breaking opponents in airsoft games, Midori wants things to always be interesting. As such he's a slave to his hedonism. He wants to enjoy life, not just live it. The single saving grace (if you want to call it that...) is the only thing Midori has been shown to have any affinity for in canon are the tears of others caused by their suffering (be it at his hands or someone else's he's not actually picky on this point). His profile even lists him as liking and disliking nothing in particular. This means even if he follows his whims 24/7 there's no way for it to be used to manipulate him. One day he might find one thing interesting, another day he might feel it's boring. Literally nobody knows what Midori's going to find fun at any given moment, not even Midori.

When he's not messing with people or playing airsoft Midori is straight up boring. He doesn't ask people out to social events, fills his house with airsoft guns, never makes any effort to interact with those around him during the hours of his personal life. It's been shown in flashbacks Masamune (his former best friend) used to be the one to drag him everywhere. In current time his coworkers (who are also his teammates) are the ones who force social interaction on him. It's not that Midori doesn't enjoy it (these are the times we see him happiest), he's just a boring guy who goes through life focusing on himself and getting from day to day. He has absolutely zero ambition to have more than he does in life currently. Add to that a complete acceptance of life and everything it throws at him and Midori is never, if ever, the life of the party except when destroying people in airsoft.

Emotionally Midori is nearly always calm. We've seen him panic exactly once while facing an enemy who was literally attempting to tear his head off in a berserker rage (and even then he casualy states he's enjoying himself as if discussing the notes of a fine wine...). Canonically he's also shown displeasure exactly once and even that was expressed lowkey and polite. Midori is simply not prone to strong feelings much less expressing said feelings. The sadism he displays during airsoft matches is the most expression anyone sees out of Midori, full of open and unabashed enjoyment. He will more than giddily tell others how he wants to see them suffer in front of him.

Which brings me to the fact Midori says whatever the fuck he feels like. No really, he just does. In the normal course of things he'll be polite and courteous (maybe even a little charming? The nurses at his hospital sure love him). But he will freely tell other people if they're being lame, pathetic, losers, so forth. If he has a thought regardless of how unkind he has no issue sharing it. Something that pisses his fellow airsoft players off to no end because it makes it look like he's constantly looking down on them (which is not the case, he just calls it like he sees it). Add to this the fact Midori will literally simply wander off without an excuse if you're boring him and he pisses people off incredibly easy.

All of his makes Midori sound like an horrible person and he is. But he can also be kind. He doesn't like to see others despair so deeply they actually want to die. Feel horrible and obsess over getting revenge on him, sure. That's just good, wholesome fun. But to the point of being suicidal is a point too far. As such Midori has a tendency to subtlely help others in need. They most likely won't even realize he's doing it-- but he won't leaving a bleeding heart to die alone. Whether it's taking responsibility for a suicidal schoolmate, absolving the loneliness of a coworker or giving a kid the resolve to demand to be reaccepted to their airsoft team, Midori helps in his own ways. If that means being strange, kind, an antagonist, he doesn't care and he doesn't look for thanks. He just wants to see the the will to live on their face once more.

Basically Midori is a massive asshole with a tiny, microscopic sized kernel of kindness who would be straight up crazy in any setting without laws. Because, bizarre as it is, Midori always follows the rules. He has no issue with his opponents breaking them, but for himself and his comrades they must play by the laws. As such even though he does horrible things to others these atrocities are still "alright" because they're legally allowed. In Overjoyed this will obviously be stretched a little... But he's happy enough to abide by whatever rules he's given.

AU History: Midori was born in Old Town to a typical family. Both parents worked, no siblings, he went to school where he excelled, so on. It was exceedingly boring.

The excitement in Midori's life were the mercenaries he met. They had stories of warzones both close and far off. Battles won and lost. But what was more interesting was the bloodsports they participated in. Fighting tournaments where a participant could really die if they made a mistake too many. Midori trained with them and began to participate as soon as he was able. He might have been just a kid, but with a gun even a child could be deadly.

He excelled, skills growing with every passing year. Regardless for Midori it was, as the mercenaries had taught him, just a game. An hobby. Something for fun and nothing more. Those battles meant nothing in real life. As such Midori focused on school where he excelled as well. Scholarships, help from the friends he made playing in those fight tournaments and his own tenacity saw him entering medical school and graduating with high marks. He could have gone on to something better, worked his way up to being some family's pet doctor on Leith even if he'd cared to. Instead he wanted to give back to his community and chose to work on Westerley.

But working as a doctor on Westerley wasn't any golden road to success. Especially when one chose to work in an hospital that saw more of the poor than it did of the rich. Frustrated with the lack in funds that forced him to turn many away, Midori thought hard about what he wanted in this life. To never be bored came to mind first. But he already had that with his hobby which had progressed from simple fight tournaments against brawlers and thugs to more deadly ones against soldiers of fortune and hitmen. Even if often he had to scrimp on ammo or couldn't buy the guns and accessories he wanted it was still enjoyable.

To be a good doctor came to mind second. And that he currently couldn't do. No matter how hard he worked it didn't matter; the system was flawed and he was only living the life of a martyr while who he could and couldn't treat came at the whim of those with eyes only for cold cash. Rather than turn his thoughts against the government and the cruel nature of the world Midori's mind focused on the immediate problem and what it was within his capabilities to do about it.

He didn't have enough money to do the things he wanted. So he needed to make more. If he couldn't do that as a doctor he would have to find another way. And, as he knew from his friends and enemies alike in the fight tournaments, people paid highly for the skills of violence and murder. Two organizations in particular in fact: the Company and the RAC.

Liking the idea that every warrant would be the will of a different and individualistic person as opposed to the never changing ambition of the nine families Midori signed on with the RAC. It was the more interesting choice; it was as simple as that. Evaluated as a Level 3 Midori has since made a name for himself due to his preference to enjoy himself while fulfilling his warrants. He always completes his task-- but everyone in the RAC knows he purposely terrorizes those who get in his way or targets he's pursuing. There's no fear he might kill someone without permission; many times he doesn't even touch a person. But there are scars created by him --mental, emotional-- that won't be forgotten by his victims for years to come, if not the rest of their lives. And Midori has never hidden the fact he enjoys that.

Conversely he's a surprisingly dependable teammate, always focusing on the safety and support of whoever he's teamed with. As such he's an highly polarizing figure within the RAC. Not that Midori has ever cared; the moment he had enough money to buy his own medical equipment and pay for medicine he can do whatever he wants with he went right back to working as a doctor even if now he terms it his "hobby". Currently he volunteers at Mercy Hospital in Old Town when he has time off. Add to this twice a year Midori boards the Arcturus to engage in the bloodsport of the arena and he's pretty damn content with life. What more could he ask for?

((I didn't translate the plot with Midori's best friend as that's something I'd rather work out as AU backstory with another player if I include it at all. Also it has literally 0 impact on who Midori is as a person so it's not particularly needed.))
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Sakata Gintoki | Gintama | Reserved

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Name: Jas

Age: 26

Contact: [ profile] regdichab

Preferred Pronouns: she/her
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crowley eusford | owari no seraph | not reserved

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Name: Ashe

Age: 22

Contact: PM for the most part, [ profile] vongaribaldi

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
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Kamui | Gintama | Reserved

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Name: Eri
Age: 26
Contact: [ profile] subjuggul8ion
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ITSUKI KAGAMI | NORN9 | unreserved

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Name: Yaywon

Age: 23

Contact: [personal profile] ninjawon or yaylikeawon@plurk

Preferred Pronouns: she/her


Name: Itsuki Kagami

Age: 25

Memory Option: 1!

Established Status: Y! Up to two years, in which Itsuki's been both manufacturing and selling his drug, Norn, in both Utopia and Westerly.

Canon: Norn9 (PS VITA)

Canon Point: Itsuki's route: Chapter 6

Citizenship: Westerly citizen.

Job: Information Broker

* Level:
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Alice Liddell | American McGee's Alice | RESERVED

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Name: Natalie

Age: 31

Contact: adarkfuneral (plurk), anephilimrising (AIM), #9201 adarkfuneral (discord)

Preferred Pronouns: cis lady here


Name: Alice Pleasance Liddell

Age: 19

Memory Option: partial deteriorating AU

Established Status: Yes! If possible, since I would like to stick close to her canon, she's been held up in an asylum for 10 years and has recently been sent back out into the real world to learn how to basically be a normal adult and caregiver to kids

Canon: American McGee's Alice

Canon Point: end of Madness Returns

Citizenship Leithian citizenship

Job: local business owner, catering to caring for children

* Level: 1

Abilities: Alice is pretty basic compared to other video game heroines. While she's small, she shows herself to be pretty strong, not inhuman, but strong enough to certainly use a blunt weapon like the hobby horse. Alice's best combat skill, of course, is her knife fighting. Even in the real world, Alice at one point used a sharpened spoon to gouge out the cheek of an orderly while being in Rutledge. We can assume Alice's style is improvised and obviously self-taught. It can be wild and erratic, but it also can be considerate and strategic. Alice clearly uses her small stature to her advantage with a knife and can easily fight off opponents in the game even if they're twice her size. For someone self-taught, she shows herself to be pretty proficient and formidable in combat.

In Madness Returns, Alice has the ability to turn into butterflies that allow her to dodge enemies, travel greater distances quickly, and allows her to leap off ledges further away. But it's just a cool function that allows you to evade enemies.

Any other abilities mentioned in the fandom wiki (linked below) are abilities Alice gains through Wonderland and because she'd be a fresh slate, these are the two I stick with.
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kara zor-el | dc comics | reserved

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Name: lyn
Age: 24
Contact: [ profile] chanterie
Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers


Name: Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl aka Linda Lang)
Age: 19/20-ish??
Memory Option: 1, Deteriorating AU

Established Status: Y. 8 months. She's mostly been keeping to herself and her shop on Westerley. Occasionally she'll butt into things if she stumbles across a fight or an argument, but for the most part she has her routines and sticks with them, even if she's getting incredibly bored with them.

Canon: DC Comics
Canon Point: Superman/Batman Annual #5

Citizenship: Westerley
Job: Repair-person out of a tiny storefront-slash-home in the back.

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