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Memory Guide


All characters will begin with memory alteration. You can approach this OOC from three angles:

  1. Your character has implanted AU memories that begin to deteriorate with time, returning their canon memories on top of the false memories.

  2. Your character has implanted AU memories that do not deteriorate, canon memories never return.

  3. Your character has no memories of their previous life but basic working knowledge of how the universe around them works. (They would know how to count, what language they are speaking, etc.)

Option 1: AU Memory Deterioration


  1. Your character is engaged in the game setting from the start.

  2. Your character can form crosscanon CR prior to application (linking ‘fake AU’ histories together, establishing shallow relationships).

  3. You get to torture your character with the return of their canon memories.

  4. Play both canon and AU!


  1. Resetting or changing the memory regain process once it has begun (i.e., reversing it) will be a very expensive AC purchase. Since this is in essence retcon and could cause problems for the people you thread with, we’ll handle this on a case by case basis and exact a high toll if it’s granted.

Meeting the monthly AC requirements will satisfy regain requirements—meaning you do not need to make additional AC purchases for this to progress and we will not monitor how you handle this. The only rule that we have and will enforce (if necessary) is that it must be gradual. We don’t want to see fully canon characters within a month’s time. The memories should return to them in discordant, confusing, choppy snippets. How long of a time that takes to complete, if it ever completes, is ultimately up to player discretion, we just ask that you handle it in a logical progression. The technology used to implant and wipe their memories may be imperfect, but it’s still impressive and effective in its own right.

You may also expect your character to experience some physical side effects with memory regains. These will be much more pronounced with power regains (see here for more information regarding that), but having neurological implants go haywire can do its own damage. Some examples of potential issues your character could run into—

Nightmares/vivid dreams



Phantom limb pain

Sudden mood changes

Option 2: Full AU Memories


  1. Your character is fully integrated into the game setting. Getting them motivated about events will be easier since it’s part of “their” world—at least to them.

  2. Cross-canon CR is easy to map with other Option 1 and Option 2 players.

  3. You can always choose to have them begin to regain memories at a later date by talking with the mods.

  4. This is a simpler progression than the other paths—your character never regains their canon memories, though you are welcome to have them occasionally experience some of the physical side-effects. Even fully effective medication comes with side-effects.


  1. Should you choose to later opt into memory regain, the same limitations on resets will apply.

Option 3: Blank Slate


  1. For players who are uncomfortable or disinterested in AU, this allows you to bypass that mechanic altogether.

  2. Your character still regains canon memories in the discordant format, but does not have the AU memories to fill the gaps.


  1. Cross-canon CR can be harder to navigate, but not more so than other memloss games.
In this option, your character will have been implanted with basic working knowledge of the world but none about themselves. They’ll understand what currency is and how it works, realize the dangers of crossing the street without looking both ways, and have a digital ID to confirm their name and age, but no other information will be available to them.


If any of this is unclear, please feel free to drop by the brainstorming meme or contact us pages for further assistance. A mod will be happy to help you figure out the best approach for your character.