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Since the game is in the closing process, applications are permanently CLOSED.
Reserves are currently CLOSED.

Please be sure to review our FAQ, rules, and taken page!

Player Cap: 38/60

Please note that reserves only hold the character for you to apply with. Should all player slots be filled before the end of the scheduled application round, applications will close at that time. Due to the limited number of player slots, revision requests will be given a 24 hour window for re-submission.

To submit your application during an open round, copy and paste it directly in a comment here. If your application exceeds the character length, please only use one top-level and reply to it with as many comments as needed.

Please title your comments in the following format:






Preferred Pronouns:

Other Characters: If this is your second character, please list your first here.


Name: Please include any known aliases as well.


Memory Option: (1, 2, 3 -- see HERE for more information).

Established Status
: Y/N. If yes, please state for how long (up to five years, more information can be found here) and detail briefly what they've been doing since they've come to Overjoyed. Please note that no memory regains will be possible prior to game-start: this option is only available to allow you to better establish your character and their potential organizations/business/etc.


Canon Point:

Citizenship: Please review the settings guide and job guide, as not all characters will have citizenship. This will be very important for plot events and will not be easily changed once accepted, so consider your options carefully.

Job: See our jobs, FAQ, and culture pages for more information. Who they work for--whether it's The Company, The RAC, or another option, will have a significant impact on their daily lives. The most important thing to bear in mind is that the job should make sense for the character--we probably wouldn't have Gundam Wing's Heero become a pastry chef (though that would be its own level of awesome), and likewise, Ash Ketchum probably isn't suited for biomedical engineering.

* Level: For characters who are applying as members of the RAC, please state the level you believe is the most logical starting point for them. Keep in mind that no one begins higher than a level 4.

Abilities: For an overview of how your character's canon powers can translate to Overjoyed, please review the FAQ, powers guide and/or hit up the brainstorming meme where a mod will be happy to work with you. In short, we will only be nerfing those abilities deemed game-breaking, but will require that magical abilities translate into more scifi iterations of themselves. Additionally, you will need to classify your abilities between minor and major and explain why you chose that classification. Minor abilities will be available from day one, but major abilities can only be regained through AC purchases.

This section should also include any standard physical or mental abilities that are noteworthy about your character.

Personality: We expect this section to be thorough and as comprehensive as possible. While we understand that the nature of an AU-bending game will skew a canon personality, we ask that you refrain from heavy use of headcanon and, in the instances where you do use it, provide your logic and reference canon to back it up. Things to consider in this section: How do they react to conflict? What are their strongest traits and their weakest points? In their worst moments, what are they like? How about when they're at their best? We want to see well-rounded characters--no one is perfect and no one is completely flawed.

CRAU: Yes or no. If yes, please provide a brief summary of the world setting they're coming from, the developments and/or formative experiences that occurred during the time they were there, and a link to the game's main navigation page.

AU History: This is the section where you will blend the world setting with your character's original history. Because we realize that this isn't the easiest task, we want to make it as painless--and as fun--as possible. If you're struggling for ideas, please don't hesitate to hit up the brainstorming meme. Your history does not need to mirror canon precisely--some things just won't translate well at all, but try to stay as true to the original path as you can. The people tasked with rewriting your character's memory would try to align it as closely to true experiences as they could.

Original History:
If canon: A wiki link is sufficient as long as it covers the pertinent details and pertains to the specific universe in which you're pulling your character from (anime, manga, game, etc).

If OC: Please provide a detailed account of their life and general world setting of their original universe. If possible, try to limit this section to no more than 1000 words, but know that this is more of a general guideline for your moderators' sanity than unbending rule (so if you feel that you need to write more to convey important details, we understand).

Inventory: Items that your character had on their person at the time of leaving their universe will be permitted, though some may change form when entering Overjoyed to suit the environment (i.e., if you had a magical pocketwatch, it would probably look slightly different now.) For application purposes, please list any items within their possession at the canon point you'll be taking them from, and describe any changes the items will undergo.

Samples: Please provide either (A) a sample written within the game verse or (B) two threads, only one of which may be network, wherein at least one is set within game verse (i.e., tdm).

Miscellaneous Notes: Is there anything you would like the mods to consider that didn't quite fit into the above sections? For original characters, please note your PB here. Otherwise, feel free to add anything pertinent that didn't quite fall into the above categories.




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Inventory: 1.) the Norn9 ship school-style uniform that Itsuki assumes was left over from some kind of weird sex role play thing he did once (sweats im so sorry)
2.) A Japanese-style hair ornament, which he believes is a memento from his sister.


Sometimes, Itsuki wonders how rich he'd have to be to afford air conditioning.

It's not a thought he regularly entertains, most of his thoughts are devoted to inanities like the cute girl he saw at the Royale or those loan sharks roaming around Old Town shrieking his name, but when the days turn long and the heat is close to scorching, Itsuki always thinks about air conditioning. Then he thinks about money. Then he thinks about the hole in the wall he lives in, and the neighbor with the sticky fingers who just can't resist trying to break in now and again, and wonders if it's really worth paying through the nose for a unit only to pay extra to install it and then get it stolen by Bob.

It's really not worth it. Plus, I'd have to hire someone to kick his ass and get it back for me. Ugh, this sucks.

A drop of sweat snakes down his neck and Itsuki slowly fans himself with one hand.

"But it's ho~t." He whines, as if saying out loud could somehow make it false, like everything else he's always saying. 'I'm fine' for when his ribs feel bruised from customers who aren't fond of paying for what they hear. 'I don't know' for the one or two Company enforcers determined to catch a whiff of anything illegal. 'I love you' for the girl sidled up to his side and hoping to score a hit through the power of her batting eyelashes.

But thinking of those things, the false things, gets him heated in a different way from the summer air, so Itsuki abandons that line of thinking in favor of whining out loud again.

It's just not fair, really. For people like him to live this way, without any sort of relative comfort. Those damned Accords might have promised them a future, but Itsuki knew full well just how meaningless a promise could be. What was the point of leaning on promises, when what you really needed was joy?

The curve of Itsuki's lip was hint enough that the irony of that statement did not escape him.

It didn't escape him either, that he could very well get that damned AC unit if he really put his mind to it. Money? He had enough lying around for the purchase. He could get a discount from that mechanic for the installation if he told him who his wife was sleeping with, and as for Bob. Well. Bob had sticky fingers and a habit of thinking of the happier past, both that could easily be occupied with a few ounces of Norn.

But all of that required effort. All of that required Itsuki to put in the damn work, and the problem with needing to do things in this heat was that he couldn't bring himself to expend the effort in the first place. A vicious cycle. Of wishing and wanting to do things, of knowing how to do things, of not wanting to do them out of pure laziness, and of that laziness never, ever changing.

Now that sounded depressing, and a little too cynical for his tastes. Itsuki dropped his half-hearted attempts to fan himself, surveying his hole in the wall and imagining for a moment that it really was cool. Then he dropped the illusion as quickly as he thought of it. As much as he liked lying to himself, there didn't seem to be much point.

I'll just get ice. Itsuki thinks. Even if getting that is gonna be a pain in the ass too. But less of a pain in the ass, and when it came to living in this half-hearted life Itsuki made entirely for himself, things were always judged on how much of a pain they were going to cost him.

Relatively less pain than the AC unit, relatively less effective than the AC unit, but relatively less effort from Itsuki, so he could say to himself, convincingly, that this was really the best thing he could do.

Miscellaneous Notes: Itsuki's AU history and canon history don't mesh very well because I'M BAD AT DIRECT TRANSLATION APPARENTLY but also because I didn't want to emphasize his love life too much in the AU since I'm gunning for "oh my god who is this girl that i'm getting flashbacks of?? i have never met her before in my life but i love her??? WHAT IS HAPPENING??? also I'm starting to remember becoming an actual human being with healthy emotions???" drama with Itsuki, BUT I would be happy to revise it entirely if it's too divergent??