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Since the game is in the closing process, applications are permanently CLOSED.
Reserves are currently CLOSED.

Please be sure to review our FAQ, rules, and taken page!

Player Cap: 38/60

Please note that reserves only hold the character for you to apply with. Should all player slots be filled before the end of the scheduled application round, applications will close at that time. Due to the limited number of player slots, revision requests will be given a 24 hour window for re-submission.

To submit your application during an open round, copy and paste it directly in a comment here. If your application exceeds the character length, please only use one top-level and reply to it with as many comments as needed.

Please title your comments in the following format:






Preferred Pronouns:

Other Characters: If this is your second character, please list your first here.


Name: Please include any known aliases as well.


Memory Option: (1, 2, 3 -- see HERE for more information).

Established Status
: Y/N. If yes, please state for how long (up to five years, more information can be found here) and detail briefly what they've been doing since they've come to Overjoyed. Please note that no memory regains will be possible prior to game-start: this option is only available to allow you to better establish your character and their potential organizations/business/etc.


Canon Point:

Citizenship: Please review the settings guide and job guide, as not all characters will have citizenship. This will be very important for plot events and will not be easily changed once accepted, so consider your options carefully.

Job: See our jobs, FAQ, and culture pages for more information. Who they work for--whether it's The Company, The RAC, or another option, will have a significant impact on their daily lives. The most important thing to bear in mind is that the job should make sense for the character--we probably wouldn't have Gundam Wing's Heero become a pastry chef (though that would be its own level of awesome), and likewise, Ash Ketchum probably isn't suited for biomedical engineering.

* Level: For characters who are applying as members of the RAC, please state the level you believe is the most logical starting point for them. Keep in mind that no one begins higher than a level 4.

Abilities: For an overview of how your character's canon powers can translate to Overjoyed, please review the FAQ, powers guide and/or hit up the brainstorming meme where a mod will be happy to work with you. In short, we will only be nerfing those abilities deemed game-breaking, but will require that magical abilities translate into more scifi iterations of themselves. Additionally, you will need to classify your abilities between minor and major and explain why you chose that classification. Minor abilities will be available from day one, but major abilities can only be regained through AC purchases.

This section should also include any standard physical or mental abilities that are noteworthy about your character.

Personality: We expect this section to be thorough and as comprehensive as possible. While we understand that the nature of an AU-bending game will skew a canon personality, we ask that you refrain from heavy use of headcanon and, in the instances where you do use it, provide your logic and reference canon to back it up. Things to consider in this section: How do they react to conflict? What are their strongest traits and their weakest points? In their worst moments, what are they like? How about when they're at their best? We want to see well-rounded characters--no one is perfect and no one is completely flawed.

CRAU: Yes or no. If yes, please provide a brief summary of the world setting they're coming from, the developments and/or formative experiences that occurred during the time they were there, and a link to the game's main navigation page.

AU History: This is the section where you will blend the world setting with your character's original history. Because we realize that this isn't the easiest task, we want to make it as painless--and as fun--as possible. If you're struggling for ideas, please don't hesitate to hit up the brainstorming meme. Your history does not need to mirror canon precisely--some things just won't translate well at all, but try to stay as true to the original path as you can. The people tasked with rewriting your character's memory would try to align it as closely to true experiences as they could.

Original History:
If canon: A wiki link is sufficient as long as it covers the pertinent details and pertains to the specific universe in which you're pulling your character from (anime, manga, game, etc).

If OC: Please provide a detailed account of their life and general world setting of their original universe. If possible, try to limit this section to no more than 1000 words, but know that this is more of a general guideline for your moderators' sanity than unbending rule (so if you feel that you need to write more to convey important details, we understand).

Inventory: Items that your character had on their person at the time of leaving their universe will be permitted, though some may change form when entering Overjoyed to suit the environment (i.e., if you had a magical pocketwatch, it would probably look slightly different now.) For application purposes, please list any items within their possession at the canon point you'll be taking them from, and describe any changes the items will undergo.

Samples: Please provide either (A) a sample written within the game verse or (B) two threads, only one of which may be network, wherein at least one is set within game verse (i.e., tdm).

Miscellaneous Notes: Is there anything you would like the mods to consider that didn't quite fit into the above sections? For original characters, please note your PB here. Otherwise, feel free to add anything pertinent that didn't quite fall into the above categories.


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AU History:

NOTE: though I'm apping from comics continuity, I took some direction from the Arkham Knight adaptation of the character for parts of the AU history as it's a little more self contained (let me live, comics) and scifi friendly while hitting similar beats, and gives more wiggle room for me to play out the regaining of conflicting memories in-game!!! if this isn't kosher, let me know.

Born to a petty crook (who vanished early in his childhood) and an addict (who he tried his best to care for until her death), Jason Todd grew up in the poorest part of a sprawling and industrialized city. Gripped by organized crime and set on a planet Far Away from the Quad—without the Company and its Enforcers and Killjoys to help regulate it—where the police force wasn't corrupt, it was overworked and stretched too thin. So when there rose rumors of a nameless, faceless, and terrifying shadowy figure that would swoop in and right wrongs—it would seem too good to be true. A scare tactic or a comforting lie, depending on who was listening. Not that it seemed to be enough on the streets, where the danger was worst and the victims were most overlooked. After his father's disappearance and his mother's death, Jason continued to survive on his own the same way he had been—by stealing.

Right up until he tried ripping the tires off the wrong ride and saw the truth for himself. One would think getting caught in the act of robbing a bona-fide urban legend wouldn't do a lot to endear you to him. But he must have made an impression, because he's eventually given a chance to prove himself as more than a petty crook—and does. He's taken in, sworn to secrecy and trained as a protege to the vigilante. This definitely wasn't the best way for a kid to deal with his trauma, but from the very start of his tenure, Jason threw himself into the job enthusiastically and counted his worth against it—for better and for worse. Though this gave him, for the first time, purpose and a sense that he isn't powerless anymore, from the start he was smart and skilled but volatile, with a tendency to take things too personally and take things to extremes. While brave, sharp, and enthusiastic, he was something of a wildcard, and sometimes found himself at odds with his mentor's stricter morals and methods, as well as the expectations and habits he had developed during his long partnership with Jason's predecessor. Which left him unprepared to deal with Jason's temper, his reckless nature, and his chafing against authority and against the biggest rule—no killing, even if it means that there's a chance the dirtbags they're putting away will end up back on the streets one day.

Losing his patience with the moral high road after a violent incident, Jason broke off solo and chased the particularly dangerous criminal responsible onto a spaceship with the intent of taking him out for good. Unfortunately, Jason was taken off guard and captured, brutally beaten, taunted, and interrogated, and left in the hands of the enemy for months as the ship fled the planet to lie low.

(And after months and many a bad sign, eventually Jason's mentor gave him up for dead.)

Months later, while the ship was docked on the shadiest fringes of the Quad, Jason white-knuckled his way into an escape attempt. Despite his (terrible) condition, he fought his way free enough to escape the ship and attempted to destroy it in retaliation. Though he was intercepted and fired upon and once again left for dead, the ship fled the station without its hostage, and he created a big enough scene before being taken down to catch some attention. It was witnessed by a woman on the station on Resistance business, who was impressed enough by his skills and his moxie to rush him to a nearby less-than-legal clinic that specialized in treating operatives off the books.

While this saved his life, it required the use of a last ditch, dangerous piece of powerful-but-temperamental technology (termed "LAZARUS" colloquially, with no small sense of irony) to effectively kickstart his higher brain function after he flatlined. (While the mod boasts a shocking ability to restore patients from near-death, there are reports of side effects. Temporary or lasting changes in personality, mood swings, general instability. All unverified, of course, because the FDA sure isn't touching this.) Recovery still took months after its installation, but after finally regaining consciousness he regained his feet with unexpected speed and once again escaped, hitching his way back across the system to his home. Only to find that time had moved on without him, and that not only he had been left for dead and left unavenged, he'd been replaced wholesale, and the man he'd trusted most seemed to have felt—and learned—nothing at all.

Betrayed and bitter, he took his legally dead anonymity and his freedom as a chance to get far away from his context and plan some good old fashioned vengeance. He re-established contact with his benefactor from the Quad, the woman with Resistance leanings who had saved his life. She supported him, offering both encouragement and the means (contacts, joy, forged documents,) to focus his energy toward further expanding his already formidable skillset and his knowledge, with the intention of inserting him as a Resistance mole within the RAC for their own purposes once he can be swayed away from his vendettas and toward their own. This manipulation rubs him the wrong way once he gets wise to it, and when the time comes, he refuses, taking his leave of her and signing onto the RAC to fund himself independently.

Even as a means to an end, it's a job that comes naturally to him—though once again, the regimented limits of the system take some adjusting. Though he'd claim to have left his do gooder days behind him, the longer he spends in the business the more he finds himself picking his warrants with increasingly pointed prejudice, digging deeper into cases that catch his interest, even when his contractual obligation doesn't extend and the payout doesn't add up. Old habits die hard.

Original History:

Starting with "Post-Crisis history" and running to about the start of "As the Red Hood."

Jason's a polarizing character who's been handled well by some writers and terribly by others, and comics are a continuity headache in general. For the most part, timeline tracks pretty straightforward in the above (from "Post-Crisis" to the start of the "Under the Hood" storyline for my canonpoint) and to keep things consistent, the bulk of my characterization is drawn from Winick's run on Lost Days and Under the Hood, since they're responsible for defining the character he becomes after his resurrection and long absence from the series both ICly and OOCly - and also the closest comics in IC timeline to my canonpoint.

TL;DR. Comics are a mess, I'm sorry.


- The clothes on his back, (leather jacket, body armor.)

- His Red Hood cowl, which is mostly a glorified motorcycle helmet save for a few bells and whistles. (Radio, night vision, being rigged to explode because he's unreasonable...) I imagine it would probably take on a slightly more scifi form for the fun of it and to translate to setting tech a little more interestingly. (Instead of radio some kind of wireless techy interface, etc.)

- A fancy replica Al Ghul kris.

- A pair of pistols and some assorted extra ammunition for them, as well as a utility belt's worth of bat-typical gadgets (batarangs, throwing knives, handheld explosives, smoke bombs, tasers, grappling gun, multitool, etc) which I assume will take a tweaked setting-appropriate from. He's a walking arsenal if he can afford to be, since he's used to working at a non-superpowered disadvantage to u crazy powered people, but I'm not going to go nuts with an itemized list. I swear I don't want to powergame or break the setting I just like BSing things as needed to turn threads in creative and stupid directions. He'd start to stockpile weapons over the time he's been established in-game but nothing like, gamechanging. He just likes being Prepared.


are any of those coherent enough, I sure hope so. I had a busy week and had to put a pause on tags to hash out app things, but if you need more let me know.

Miscellaneous Notes: I hate writing apps I'm sorry for this tl;dr mess as always. (ง •̀_•́)ง here is your cat as penance.