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Since the game is in the closing process, applications are permanently CLOSED.
Reserves are currently CLOSED.

Please be sure to review our FAQ, rules, and taken page!

Player Cap: 38/60

Please note that reserves only hold the character for you to apply with. Should all player slots be filled before the end of the scheduled application round, applications will close at that time. Due to the limited number of player slots, revision requests will be given a 24 hour window for re-submission.

To submit your application during an open round, copy and paste it directly in a comment here. If your application exceeds the character length, please only use one top-level and reply to it with as many comments as needed.

Please title your comments in the following format:






Preferred Pronouns:

Other Characters: If this is your second character, please list your first here.


Name: Please include any known aliases as well.


Memory Option: (1, 2, 3 -- see HERE for more information).

Established Status
: Y/N. If yes, please state for how long (up to five years, more information can be found here) and detail briefly what they've been doing since they've come to Overjoyed. Please note that no memory regains will be possible prior to game-start: this option is only available to allow you to better establish your character and their potential organizations/business/etc.


Canon Point:

Citizenship: Please review the settings guide and job guide, as not all characters will have citizenship. This will be very important for plot events and will not be easily changed once accepted, so consider your options carefully.

Job: See our jobs, FAQ, and culture pages for more information. Who they work for--whether it's The Company, The RAC, or another option, will have a significant impact on their daily lives. The most important thing to bear in mind is that the job should make sense for the character--we probably wouldn't have Gundam Wing's Heero become a pastry chef (though that would be its own level of awesome), and likewise, Ash Ketchum probably isn't suited for biomedical engineering.

* Level: For characters who are applying as members of the RAC, please state the level you believe is the most logical starting point for them. Keep in mind that no one begins higher than a level 4.

Abilities: For an overview of how your character's canon powers can translate to Overjoyed, please review the FAQ, powers guide and/or hit up the brainstorming meme where a mod will be happy to work with you. In short, we will only be nerfing those abilities deemed game-breaking, but will require that magical abilities translate into more scifi iterations of themselves. Additionally, you will need to classify your abilities between minor and major and explain why you chose that classification. Minor abilities will be available from day one, but major abilities can only be regained through AC purchases.

This section should also include any standard physical or mental abilities that are noteworthy about your character.

Personality: We expect this section to be thorough and as comprehensive as possible. While we understand that the nature of an AU-bending game will skew a canon personality, we ask that you refrain from heavy use of headcanon and, in the instances where you do use it, provide your logic and reference canon to back it up. Things to consider in this section: How do they react to conflict? What are their strongest traits and their weakest points? In their worst moments, what are they like? How about when they're at their best? We want to see well-rounded characters--no one is perfect and no one is completely flawed.

CRAU: Yes or no. If yes, please provide a brief summary of the world setting they're coming from, the developments and/or formative experiences that occurred during the time they were there, and a link to the game's main navigation page.

AU History: This is the section where you will blend the world setting with your character's original history. Because we realize that this isn't the easiest task, we want to make it as painless--and as fun--as possible. If you're struggling for ideas, please don't hesitate to hit up the brainstorming meme. Your history does not need to mirror canon precisely--some things just won't translate well at all, but try to stay as true to the original path as you can. The people tasked with rewriting your character's memory would try to align it as closely to true experiences as they could.

Original History:
If canon: A wiki link is sufficient as long as it covers the pertinent details and pertains to the specific universe in which you're pulling your character from (anime, manga, game, etc).

If OC: Please provide a detailed account of their life and general world setting of their original universe. If possible, try to limit this section to no more than 1000 words, but know that this is more of a general guideline for your moderators' sanity than unbending rule (so if you feel that you need to write more to convey important details, we understand).

Inventory: Items that your character had on their person at the time of leaving their universe will be permitted, though some may change form when entering Overjoyed to suit the environment (i.e., if you had a magical pocketwatch, it would probably look slightly different now.) For application purposes, please list any items within their possession at the canon point you'll be taking them from, and describe any changes the items will undergo.

Samples: Please provide either (A) a sample written within the game verse or (B) two threads, only one of which may be network, wherein at least one is set within game verse (i.e., tdm).

Miscellaneous Notes: Is there anything you would like the mods to consider that didn't quite fit into the above sections? For original characters, please note your PB here. Otherwise, feel free to add anything pertinent that didn't quite fall into the above categories.


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  • Passive | Regeneration
    Ginshu may look frail (and indeed there are days when he's too tired and in pain to move) but he's also blessed (cursed?) with near-immortality. As the failed product of an attempt to achieve immortality, he ages slowly, he heals quickly (roughly 2x normal speed), and he's nearly immune to poison. His scale-covered skin reduces damage from bladed weapons. He occasionally goes into a dormant, biologically inactive state to rest or recover from otherwise fatal injuries (he can survive about 4x the amount of damage that would kill a normal human by going dormant for several days). He's not unkillable, but he's certainly hardier than most. [In canon, he was saved from death by magical fusion with the corpse of a snake demon, so he's technically undead, and not in the fun sparkly vampire way. Ginshu constantly lives on the verge of dying - every time he succumbs to his illness, regeneration kicks in and forces him to live another day. He certainly considers it to be a fate worse than death.]
  • Passive | Swordsmanship
    During his killjoy days, Ginshu was quite skilled with a nano-blade sword. While he's no longer physically capable of serious combat, he still has the reflexes of a trained martial artist. [In canon, Ginshu is rarely seen doing much actual fighting, but it's stated that he was once a high-level demon-slaying samurai and the personal bodyguard of a goddess, so he was presumably pretty good.]
  • Minor | Poison
    Ginshu was born with neurotoxic blood capable of causing seizures and temporary paralysis with direct exposure of direct exposure. Although he lives among the Scarbacks, no one ever sees him bleed. Eventually, this will be upgraded to a Major skill with fatal effects.[In canon, he's a demon hunter whose blood is said to be exceptionally pure, but the demons obviously think he's even more of a monster than they are.]

    Ginshu certainly doesn't fit the image of a (former) professional bounty hunter or a revolutionary monk. He's soft-hearted and self-effacing to a fault, and while he's unfailingly polite he dislikes excessive formality. He's witty, playful and quick to make jokes (usually at his own expense) and he's easily moved to tears. Despite Ginshu's apparent age, there's something endearingly youthful about him.

    Inwardly, though, he's racked with guilt and frustration. He blames himself for every drop of blood on his hands and for every person he failed to save, and he resents being used as a tool. He accepts his current physical affliction as just and deserved punishment for his foolishness. Ginshu masks his cynicism and discontent by focusing on the welfare of others - no amount of atonement can undo his mistakes, but he can at least try to protect those who can't protect themselves.

    When faced with conflict, his first instinct is to act as a mediator. He's good at balancing logic and emotion, so it's a role he's well suited for. Years of working as a killjoy taught him that violence rarely solves problems... it just forces problems to move elsewhere. He believes that social stability and spiritual fulfillment are only possible when people are truly free. Ginshu claims to have lost his faith, but spirituality still influences his outlook and he curses the heavens for toying with human lives. His revolutionary leanings have led him to the Resistance, but he's no idealistic true believer. He's just looking for a cause worthy dying for. He prefers, however, to act from the sidelines, quietly setting secret plots into motion instead of taking on the risk and responsibility of a leader.

    In his personal relationships, Ginshu is warm but somewhat reserved. He's flustered by intimacy and awkwardly pretends to ignore praise or affection, but he dotes on the people he cares for (especially children). He has a tendency to not be entirely forthcoming with the truth, although he doesn't exactly lie. This makes him a difficult person to get to know. He tries to present only the cheerful, kindly aspects of his personality while burying his bitterness and desperation.

    Ginshu has already began to notice some of the inconsistencies in his memory. Documented references to a killjoy called "Ginshu" are surprisingly sparse, and he occasionally remembers information and skills that he has no memory of acquiring. For now, though, he's managed to push those concerns to the back of his mind.

  • Passive | Evil Genius
    As a top scientist working for the Company, Akemi is highly intelligent (with none of those pesky ethics that hold back lesser minds). He's an expert in the field of neuroscience, especially brain-machine interfaces, but he also has a solid understanding of general medicine, evolutionary biology and computer science. He's studied classical poetry as well. He has a voracious mind and a powerful aversion to boredom, so there's not much that he isn't interested in learning about. That love for learning doesn't extend to physical skills, though: while he loves video games, he has little interest in real-world combat.
  • Passive | Regeneration
    Akemi's deep fear of growing older led him to seek functional immortality through science, so he's used himself as a guinea pig for testing various infusions of genetically engineered mutagen plasma. Since he and Ginshu share a body, he has Ginshu's regenerative abilities... but unlike Ginshu, Akemi knows how to control the undesirable scaly side effects of the plasma through medication.
  • Minor | Access to Official Records
    Akemi intentionally exposed himself to extremely dangerous mutagens to change his physical appearance and DNA enough to avoid Company surveillance, but when that's not enough, he makes use of his hacking skills to alter official records. As a Company scientist working in memory modification, he was able to rewrite official records to craft plausible, documented backstories for his test subjects. "Ginshu" himself is an entirely fabricated identity. Akemi still retains backdoor access to Company and RAC databases, so if he's sufficiently motivated he can create entirely new identities for himself or others. [In canon, he has multiple identities and he enjoys trolling hackers.]
  • Minor | Memory Rewriting
    Akemi made improvements to the Company's false memory technology and was a researcher in the memory tech program for almost four years. He can make use of neural implants to completely overwrite a person's memories, erasing their identity.

    With typical dramatic flair, Akemi Urushibara has declared a one-man war against "boredom and normalcy." He sees his "war" as a humanitarian cause: he intends to transcend the limits of the human body and usher in a new stage of evolution. With modern technology, perfecting the body is easy... but what about the mind? As a neuroscientist, Akemi knows that the brain development increases exponentially during the first years of life as a child engages with the world through play. What if that playtime never ended? What if humanity never lost its sense of wonder?

    Akemi considers science, philosophy and art to be the playgrounds of the mind. He's unquestionably brilliant, and his love for learning verges on manic obsession. Even though there are hints of madness in his behavior, his energy and enthusiasm draw people in. While Akemi is interested in religion, he ultimately dismisses morality and ethics as forces holding back human evolution. He's gone so far as to conduct experiments on his own daughter.

    Trollish and easily bored, Akemi will work against his own goals just for the challenge. His childishness is a product of his deep-seated anxieties over getting older. Even though he's managed to slow his rate of aging, he fears mental decline. He openly flouts gender conventions and is a bit vain (which makes his "Ginshu" disguise especially effective). While he's quite self-centered, he has very little regard for his own "false" persona.

    Akemi has a strong protective streak... but it's directed towards his ideals, not towards people. He's not incapable of love, though. He fell in love with a woman during his university days, and a major driving factor in his pursuit of transhumanism was his wish to be her "star of hope" and save her dying brother. In a way, Akemi even believes that he's doing the best for his daughter by trying to create a new world.