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this app is so long i'm so sorry

In canon, Kara has abilities out the wazoo. Super-strength, super-speed, super-human stamina, nigh-invulnerability, flight, freeze breath, super-senses, like sixty different types of vision... the list goes on. She has these abilities due to her Kryptonian biology and the way they basically act like solar-powered batteries. As aliens are all humanized in-game, she'd be getting her abilities via a mix of gene modification and tech fused to her spine--something she remembers her mother doing to her. It gives the same end result of sunlight imbuing her with superpowers, but the mode of power delivery is different.

I'd like to nerf her almost completely, only keeping a couple minor ones and maybe leaving the door open to getting a few more back down the line as she regains her memory or, in the case of the two I'm potentially classifying as major, with AC purchases. The way I can see it breaking down would be like this:

  • MICROSCOPIC VISION - basically what it says on the tin.

  • X-RAY VISION - not actually comprised of x-rays! But it gives Kara the ability to see through just about anything--lead is the exception here, she can't see through it at all--and to varying degrees. So she could see someone's muscles or look deeper into their bones.

  • FLIGHT - also pretty self-explanatory. Without super-speed or endurance tied into it, she can fly the way most people walk and run. Just flying at a normal walking speed is something she can do for a while before getting tired. Going at the speed of a running sprint is something she can only do in short bursts.

  • SUPER-HEARING - Kara can hear sounds at any volume or pitch from miles and miles away. With extreme concentration, she can block out ambient noise to focus on one particular sound.

  • HEAT VISION - shooting lasers out of her eyes. They're strong/hot enough to act as a replacement for a welding torch, and they're the only way Kryptonians can 'shave' when they're invulnerable.

  • ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM VISION - apparently this is a thing?? It doesn't come up often but since it's a thing it should probably get listed.

  • INFRARED VISION - basically the comic book equivalent of darkvision in fantasy and D&D. She can see real good in the dark.

  • SUPER-SPEED - self-explanatory. But it would be nerfed a bit to keep her from being able to do things like fly to Pluto and back in a day or keep her from going so fast she accidentally time travels. (Comics...)

  • NIGH INVULNERABILITY - there are a few things that can hurt Kryptonians even when they're "invulnerable." Namely, kryptonite, magic, lots of electricity, and things that are as strong as they are. But they're super durable for the most part, and even immune to disease and poison.

  • SUPER-STAMINA AND SELF-SUFFICIENCY - basically, doing all the extreme feats her powers let her do won't wear her out in three seconds flat. Also, while under a yellow sun, Kryptonians technically don't need to eat or sleep, as solar radiation can sustain them for a fair amount of time.

  • SUPER-STRENGTH - pretty self-explanatory. I would personally class this as a major ability as she canonly has the strength to basically level a city if she wanted to.

  • SUPER-BREATH - this is her freeze breath and apparently the ability to exhale hard enough to create tornadoes. Which makes zero sense, but comic books have never made sense with their science. Why start now??

If none of this works for the mods, I am more than happy to change it up or to nerf her entirely!! Part of the fun with this setting and premise is the chance to play Kara way de-powered.

Also worth mentioning: it's a little ??? as to whether her near-photographic memory and super brain power is a Kryptonian thing or a superpower thing, but I tend to lean towards the former explanation as comics makes a point about Kryptonians being so much smarter and more advanced than Earthlings.

Outside of all that, Kara is a trained martial artist. She studied with Batman and with Wonder Woman and the Amazons, so she's pretty formidable in a fight. She can use a staff, a spear, and a sword, though she doesn't do so often. Batman gave her a tiny bit of training in detective-ing and being a smart and stealthy vigilante type, but she's nowhere near as competent in that as some other superheroes.

She's also a tinkerer. One flashback shows her reprogramming robot babysitters when she was younger so she could sneak out with her BFF. In one of her later comics, she MacGuyvers a smartphone into a localized EMP with what might as well be bubblegum and a shoestring. Hence the idea to have her run a repair shop.

Take your typical young adult insecurities, a whole lot of loss, a cup of snark, a quart of determination, a pinch of anger, and a seemingly perfect and occasionally overbearing cousin everyone loves, and you've got Kara. She's a girl with a lot of issues and the weight of the world on her shoulders who still manages to smile through the worst of it. Or tries to, at least. Kara is not as optimistic as her fellow Superpeople.

In fact, she's kind of the odd Super out. For one, Kara actually remembers the planet Krypton. She was young when it was destroyed, but that event is burned into her memory and has shaped her growth. When she fell to Earth she was a teenager--almost full grown and suddenly a girl alone in the spotlight. She's always a step apart. A bit too weird. A little too alien. (Though I'm not sure what she expected when she learned everything she knows about humanity from Batman and Netflix.) Despite the fact that her otherness will probably never go away, Kara has tried desperately to fit in.

That's part of the reason why she became Supergirl. She wanted to help people--she's always wanted to help people. The girl is a total bleeding heart, even when she's feeling surly and annoyed. Part of the reason she's never had much luck with a civilian ID is because she likes the good parts of being Supergirl--the assisting people and saving the day--more than anything else. And, like her cousin, is stupidly self-sacrificing to the point where it's literally going to kill her one day.

But unlike Superman, Kara is a bit of a spitfire. She's not afraid to let people know that she is upset. She enjoys the fight and, though she would never say it again, doesn't always understand the no-kill rule that superheroes operate by. Sneaky and clever, she fits in more with the Amazons and some other hero crowds more than she does her cousin sometimes. Which makes sense when you remember that it was Batman and the Amazons that trained her. Sadly, while this has given her amazing combat skills, it didn't really equip her for being in Superman's shadow.

When the public reacted poorly to her, Kara took that to heart. It was the start of many of her problems. Instead of trying to be herself, she started trying to be better. To live up to the impossible expectations of the public, her family, and sometimes her friends. And every time she inevitably failed, she saw it as a failing in herself, not in the expectations. Each new failure hits her harder and leaves her questioning herself. It leaves her with a heavy burden of guilt on her shoulders, and with a heaping of self-confidence issues.

Not that you'd be able to guess that just by talking to her. Kara's a little awkward, sure, but she's smart as a whip and can snark with the best of them. That, and her constant attempts at optimism, make her a fun person to be around. And she strives to focus on that more than she does the bad things.

She likes terrible movies and reading. She's a geek who totally does things like take her toaster apart and put it back together even better. Outside of the all the superhero stuff, she's just a normal kid who is trying to find her place in the world and wondering if she should go to college or try to find a job. She likes hanging with her friends and rescuing cats from trees. And if her idea of a fun weekend also involves punching bad guys in the face... well. Who can blame her, when you look at the world she came from?

AU History:
In her false memories, Kara grew up as simply Kara El--the child of two True Leithians. (Though her mother subscribed to the philosophy much more than her father, who was an artist and a bleeding-heart.) Her mother was a biologist, well-known for her discoveries and her ideas of empowering True Leithians. Literally. Her long-term project, and one her daughter became something of a guinea pig for, was using bleeding edge technology fused to the spine and something a little like gene therapy to turn humans into solar-powered super-humans.

Kara grew up flitting between her mother's lab and her father's studio, endlessly curious and living a bit of a charmed life. She wasn't spoiled, exactly--her mother would never tolerate that--but she didn't want for much. Her curiosity was encouraged, and she spent much of her childhood elbow deep in either books or gadgetry.

When she was fifteen, her mother and father planned a trip with her uncle--her father Zor's brother--aunt, and young cousin Kal. It was going to be a small thing. A bit of a family get away with a small bit of experimentation thrown in to satisfy the workaholic that was Kara's mother, Alura. (Maybe the reason the implants in Kara hadn't produced anything yet was she was on a planet's surface. Perhaps being out in space would jump-start something.) It was a lovely trip... until the ship was attacked.

The memories of the attack are hazy. Kara doesn't know who, exactly, sabotaged the ship. All she remembers is sparking, screaming, falling, and someone pushing her into an escape pod. She thinks someone may have pushed Kal into another pod, but it's impossible to tell if that's a memory or just wishful thinking.

She landed on Westerley, a frightened girl with a nasty head wound who couldn't seem to remember her own name. All her documentation said she was 'Linda Lang,' an orphaned Westerley citizen. Concussion or no, it didn't take too long for Kara to put two and two together and get four. Someone had targeted her family for their identities. She was likely the only one left, and no one would believe her if she told them she was Leithian.

Luck was with her, though. As she stumbled through Old Town and tried to get her feet under her, she met a stern but kind man she only knew as 'B.' B and a friend of his, a woman named Di, helped her learn the ropes of life on Westerley. They taught her how to keep her head down, how to throw a punch from the shoulder, and helped her find a place to live. (How they managed to find a tiny store-front with a back-room that could double as an apartment, Kara will never know for sure. She had her suspicions that B and Di weren't Westerley natives themselves, but she never found out for sure.)

Once she was set up in her little shop, B and Di left her to her new life, leaving her with only a document that says "Open in case of extreme emergency." She's spent the past three or so years since then working, trying to stay out of trouble, and keeping an ear out for even the barest scrap of news about her family--actual or pretending.


Original History: Wikia link! This is... mostly accurate. Certainly the most accurate and detailed explanation on the web currently.

- 1 (one) Supergirl costume, probably modified to not be so... obviously superheroic and out of place.
No, really. That's all she's got on her at her canon point.

She misses home. It's not the sharp ache that it used to be, right after the accident. Kara no longer feels like she's never going to fit in. In fact, she's pretty sure if she tried to go back to her old life on Leith tomorrow, she'd stick out like a sore thumb. But all the same, she misses home. Misses her extremely comfortable bed, and her father, and the dried flower her best friend once gave her. She misses not having nightmares.

The clock says it's so early in the morning it can still be considered nighttime. She's probably gotten only a handful of hours of sleep, but Kara knows she's not going to get anymore tonight. Later in the day she'll catch a cat nap if work is slow. For now, she leans over and turns on the light, illuminating the small studio she calls her workspace and home. Stretching, she crawls out of bed, then throws on some clothes and slips through the curtain that divides the living space from the work space.

There's a large doorway that separates the small store front from the rest of the workspace that opens with a gesture. She pads in, still barefoot, and the lights flicker on. Kara sighs quietly, and flicks on the OPEN sign. The odds of her getting any business at this time of night are, well. Usually slim, but she's hoping for a distraction. It won't take her long to finish the one client project she's got, and then it's back to empty hands and trying to ignore the fragmented dream-memories of the ship.

From the windows of the shop, Kara can see the streets of Old Town, and they can see her, leaning over a hunk of metal with her soldering iron and various other tools scattered on the workbench beside her. She turns on some music, loud enough to drown out her own thoughts and just enough to spill into the street, humming along. And she tries not to miss home.

Miscellaneous Notes: Holy cheese-whiz, I am so sorry for that monster of an ability section, I promise it's not as long as it looks. Have a cat gif.

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