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Alice Liddell | American McGee's Alice | RESERVED


Name: Natalie

Age: 31

Contact: adarkfuneral (plurk), anephilimrising (AIM), #9201 adarkfuneral (discord)

Preferred Pronouns: cis lady here


Name: Alice Pleasance Liddell

Age: 19

Memory Option: partial deteriorating AU

Established Status: Yes! If possible, since I would like to stick close to her canon, she's been held up in an asylum for 10 years and has recently been sent back out into the real world to learn how to basically be a normal adult and caregiver to kids

Canon: American McGee's Alice

Canon Point: end of Madness Returns

Citizenship Leithian citizenship

Job: local business owner, catering to caring for children

* Level: 1

Abilities: Alice is pretty basic compared to other video game heroines. While she's small, she shows herself to be pretty strong, not inhuman, but strong enough to certainly use a blunt weapon like the hobby horse. Alice's best combat skill, of course, is her knife fighting. Even in the real world, Alice at one point used a sharpened spoon to gouge out the cheek of an orderly while being in Rutledge. We can assume Alice's style is improvised and obviously self-taught. It can be wild and erratic, but it also can be considerate and strategic. Alice clearly uses her small stature to her advantage with a knife and can easily fight off opponents in the game even if they're twice her size. For someone self-taught, she shows herself to be pretty proficient and formidable in combat.

In Madness Returns, Alice has the ability to turn into butterflies that allow her to dodge enemies, travel greater distances quickly, and allows her to leap off ledges further away. But it's just a cool function that allows you to evade enemies.

Any other abilities mentioned in the fandom wiki (linked below) are abilities Alice gains through Wonderland and because she'd be a fresh slate, these are the two I stick with.

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