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Name: Crowley Eusford

Age: 825 (Physically 25)

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: He's been here for four years! So technically in game everyone will think he's 29.

Canon: Owari no Seraph

Canon Point: Chapter 52

Citizenship: Qreshi

Job: Being rich and not having to worry about jobs aka currently unemployed.



Biologically as a vampire Crowley is much stronger than the average human in terms of physical strength, health regeneration, and speed.

In terms of strength he is capable of stopping large vehicles going full speed and tearing down with a single hand easily. He is also capable of jumping to and from high obstacles without suffering any damage; vampires are immortal and capable of reattaching limbs (Crowley easily snapped his own neck back in place) and the only notable ways of killing them is through sun exposure and using cursed demon gear. Starving themselves of blood and even tearing their heart out of their chest only turns them into a demon, so technically they still do not die. As for speed he can appear behind someone a few meters away within a blink of an eye.


His stamina is also exceptionally high, however vampires due experience some form of fatigue when running on little blood. Vampires can go three days before their desire for blood drives them insane and they need to drink.

Finally, his senses (sight, smell, hearing) are seven times stronger than a humans. He can hear the heartbeat of individuals from far distances and in the light novels Crowley himself notes that he can hear the rats within a mansion. He can also smell blood even if it's being contained and determine if it is or not spoiled.


With his weapon in canon Crowley can enhance his strength by offering his blood, which will pierce through his palm and the back of his hand, and enhancing his strength. He's shown to be able to swing his blade in a horizontal or vertical motion and send a dangerous blast, stopping attacks and blasting enemies away from him.

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