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and some more


Name: Sakata Gintoki

Age: 30s

Memory Option: Partial AU - Deteriorating

Established Status: 1 ½ years – Gintoki is established in Westerley by being a heavy drinker, gambler, and a NEET who specifically works Odd Jobs for anyone who comes to him with an offer. His office and home are located above a local bar and he regularly skips out on the rent.

Canon: Gintama

Canon Point: Post Shogun Assassination, Pre Rakuyou Arc. Abducted while travelling through space.

Citizenship: Westerley

Job: Odd Jobs

Abilities: Sakata Gintoki is a mere human, capable of dying just as well as the next main character of a popular Shounen series. Really, he can die. He's just as tenacious as a cockroach, so it might be a bit of an endeavor covered over a multiple-episode arc.

Gintoki possesses notable skill in swordsmanship, though his style if often described as 'wild' by other samurai who witness his techniques. He seems to possess more strength than the average human - though when he chooses to use this strength is during super 'important' instances - such as kicking a hole into a car because he was frustrated that he couldn't find an electric fan during a heat wave.

Gintoki is able to ingest obscene amount of sugars without suffering from an upset stomach, though his digestive system has weakened in his old age. His laziness is also a notable ability that should be included in any resume.

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