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Original History: There's not much canonically about Midori's past. He's played airsoft (canonly referred to as survival games) since he was a kid. He's also known top tier mercenaries since he was a kid (and played survival games together with them since that time). When he was in high school he took notice of an underclassman named Masamune Matsuoka. Masamune put on an happy face in front of others, but when he thought no one was watching he showed a despairing expression. Midori eventually witnessed Masamune's MIA mother encountering him and then walking away while refusing to acknowledge his existence. A new family she'd started after having abandoned Masamune was waiting for her and she took her new son's hand right in front of her first son's eyes and left. Masamune has never known Midori saw or knows these things about him.

Deciding to do something before Masamune followed through on clearly suicidal thoughts, Midori forced him to play in a survival game telling him only that it was "a place where [he could] die". Of course it was revealed the deaths weren't real after Masamune was hit by a BB. From then on Masamune tagged along and played survival games with Midori. They kept increasing their survival game skills as they went through their respective lives (Midori became a doctor, Masamune an host in a club). Eventually they were invited to participate in Top Gun Combat (TGC), an invite-only survival game tournament where the rules made it as close to real combat as possible while still maintaining a base level of safety to keep deaths from happening.

During this time it was brought to Midori's attention by the leader of a team he and Masamune were currently on that by letting Masamune cling to him (Masamune was essentially using Midori as a replacement to fill the hole his mother had left) he wasn't enabling Masamune to be a strong individual and stand on his own. He and Masamune left that team, disliking its ethos of readily sacrificing everyone for victory rather than trying to win together. They formed their own team, but when facing their previous team at TGC Midori was yet again reminded by his former leader that he was holding Masamune back by allowing the man to use him as a crutch (or so that's what's been implied, the details of what specifically was said to Midori by his former leader is still a mystery in canon). He and Masamune were defeated in the battle.

Afterwards Midori broke off their friendship without explanation and became a bullying, antagonistic figure to Masamune instead to push him to become his own man. He formed a team with coworkers from his hospital job to continue competing. Since then they have won TGC five consecutive times including destroying his former team and the various teams Masamune has assembled over the years to face him in revenge for his cold abandonment. Currently known as the Undefeatable King in survival game circles Midori's name is known to all.


-Two Winchester Randall Customs. These would have been changed from airsoft guns (canon) to real guns.

-A white military uniform. The triangle on the front of the cap (actually an emblem that looks like the emblem background here) would be switched to whatever the RAC symbol is (or just removed if there isn't one). The writing on his armband would be changed from "Blanco Esagramma XVII" to "Reclamation Agent LIII". This is because those two things are the symbol and name of Midori's airsoft team so they'd have no meaning to him in the Quad.

Samples: Thread #1
Thread #2

I can write a sample if needed. Midori is kind of a dualistic character acting differently between his "hobby" and his "job". I can put something up showcasing his sadism if preferred!

Miscellaneous Notes: Midori will definitely go to the limits of what does and doesn't count as "deadly force" so... :,) If there aren't rules on that yet... That said I'll wait until the game is more along before letting him be in a situation he can get that carried away

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