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AU History:

Hanna Talbot was born into riches and beauty, knowing nothing of hardship and even less of the word "no." Daughter of two highly influential, rich, and greedy Lethians, she was expected to take up the family business, as was her brother Samuel Talbot. Because of this, the children grew up rebellious, though Sam was more subtle about his rebellion.

That is, until he joined the military instead of become a successful doctor, as projected. Relying now on Hanna to continue the greatness of their line, the family continued to push her towards become a Lethian success by whatever means necessary.

Hanna's mother attempted to push her towards her business of entertainment publishing. Hanna, though, had other dreams. She preferred the creative pursuits of music, not the world her parents had built of white glamour hiding cruelty. Even she had no idea of the level of greed her parents possessed.

At 16, Hanna's brother died on the field. He had become her only solace and support over the years, seeing as that he truly believed she had an ear for music. She could've become a prodigy. Instead, she gave into anger and depression. Her school years became rough. She had little desire or drive to continue, not when her parents were already planning to marry her off to avoid these dreams of music.

Except greed won out. Hanna, a wild child, out of control, was sold for experimentation as a form of punishment and complacency. For refusing to become her parents, she was discarded and unusable. After all, why continue with an heir who refuses to molded, when the Talbots could so easily simply have another child? And in exchange for an exorbitant amount of money? They couldn't refuse.

Years of researching in an unknown facility, of isolation and intense experimentation yielded something of a success: a human who withstand natural elements. For Hanna, she had been modified to withstand fire, a deadly, torturous piece of nature that could make a human writhe in pain for too long.

She was not alone. Many others were experimented on in similar manners, but she was kept alone. She wasn't kept apart solely for the highly experimental nature of genetic modifications, she was kept alone because she was being bred for something new. The project was named Ouranos, and the subjects would be known as Titans.

These Titans would, it was planned, would be the new dogs of war, custom ordered to make war yet another business venture.

As she progressed in experimentation, Travis Halo, a Titan with extensive embedded techno-mods with the ability of crafting projections, met Hanna. A former military interrogator, Travis saw in Hanna something angry, dangerous, and someone who could become greater than either. He urged Hanna to continue towards military training, with the ends of joining his team. With little choice in the matter, she begrudgingly accepted.

Armed with a fire-wielding exoskeleton, Hanna became Prometheus. She trained hard and mastered military combat training, as well as archery and the use of her exoskeleton in many creative ways.

Ouranos, in the end, proved itself successful. An arrangement with the RAC allowed Unit 12, dubbed The Hanged Men, to become a new breed of Killjoys with unique mods. They took on jobs and succeeded at a degree which no one expected. During the early days, she had a relationship with a fellow Killjoy and electrically modded female agent named Etienne. She proved to be obsessive, consumed with the idea that Hanna would sell her out for modding herself past the allowable 30%.

In this obsession, she electrocuted Hanna, leaving her with an enormous scar down the left side of her body. The Hanged Men were now down two people, one arrested for attempted murder, the other in a coma. Luckily, she came out of the coma 6 months later. Time passed and the team continued taking in more and more jobs, if only to pay for more mods. Hanna herself didn't mod herself further, yet Travis and Etienne's younger sister Amelie did. To keep them off their case, Travis brought in a former military man and friend named Daniel King. Eventually, Daniel and Hanna fell in love and got married.

Yet this would not be the happy end Hanna thought she would have. Someone, somewhere, took out a contract for The Hanged Men. Travis, Amelie, and Daniel were killed. Hanna had been left alone, for reasons she has yet to understand. Vengeance is Hanna's aim, and she intends to discover who took out the hit, and why they would murder her new family.

Of course, no one would know this from the terrifyingly effective, unhinged agent who goes by Prometheus, would they?


Original History:

Hanna Talbot is the second child of Gregory Talbot and Miriam Feldman. She comes from a wealthy upper-class family, her father a doctor and her mother an editor. Being that she is from a more influential family, Hanna felt constantly pressured to follow in the footsteps of either parent, though her brother Sam always supported her to follow her dreams of being in the music industry as a producer. She constantly kept in touch with him after he enlisted to the military and was sent off to do a tour in Afghanistan.

She hid her powers for a few years with a degree of success, until she accidentally set a part of the house on fire. Now, this was not the first time she had burned something by accident, just the first time she had been caught. The fire was enough to get the attention of neighbors and firefighters began the process of investigating because they could not determine what started it. Eventually, Hanna, at the age of 14, was forced to admit that it was she who started the fire by accident, but only to her family. Her brother was the only one to support her, while her parents found little reason to not discipline her.

The discovery of her powers strained the relationship she had with her parents. It was difficult enough to have a somewhat rebellious child, but a child with powers? It was a disgrace. Powered humans were feared and were becoming uncomfortably more common by the day. Those who were known publicly were dangerous because, like Hanna, their powers were made apparent through a major accident. They were a minor but dangerous problem in the eyes of the world, and they needed to somehow be dealt with. All those with powers have been, if not killed, processed to The Warrior Circuit. For anyone with powers, innocent or not, it was a death sentence run solely by luck. Hanna knew she didn't want to be a part of that.

With that conclusion, Hanna became more of a wild child, living less and less at home and staying out partying and drinking. She wasn't wanted, so what difference did it make what she did? All she had to do was play dumb and keep her powers in check. No one would suspect her, if they were strangers.

During her sophomore year, Sam was killed by a mine during a sweep of one of the towns. Hanna was completely devastated. Though she managed to continue to the next year, her grades dropped tremendously and so did her drive. To her credit, she raised her grades at the end of the year through sheer willpower. She did not maintain her higher GPA, but that would become the least of her worries

Hanna had never known paranoia, not until recently. She felt as if everyone were against her, watching her. The time she spent on her own brought out both the best and worst in her. She felt deep compassion, yet at the same time she began to lash out in bitter and extreme anger. She was surrounded by people, yet in complete solitude, despite still living at home with her parents. In short, Hanna had no control and no one to keep her in line. She isolated herself over the years, which really only fueled her bitterness and anger

Her paranoia had not been unfounded. Her parents had plans to sell her out to the Circuit, yet this is not how it would end for Hanna. Former US Military agents and experts had been shadowing her, maintaining contact with her parents. The greed of the Talbots won out in the end; her parents ended up selling her out to Ouranos Security, a private military company with deep ties to the government and various military contracts. Hanna had been given a choice: accept the "invitation" to the company and become a part of their team, or have them process her into the Circuit.

Hanna knew there wasn't a choice. Death was death to her, the only thing that changed was the how and the where. Again, she became angry, not just at herself, but at the system. The choice she made that day was one she had to learn how to live with for the rest of her life.

Before her weapons and combat training as an employee, she was constantly put under the duress of extensive experimentation, ranging from endurance tests to control tests. Many times, she had no choice, much less any idea, when any of these tests would begin and end. She learned of her limits and her strengths but not by her own hand. The anger that had already taken hold began to grow more and more. Though she had a therapist, she rarely ever cooperated and admitted what she was feeling. Her therapist was also one of the few people she had any contact with. She had spent even more years in isolation, talking mainly to the researchers, the therapist, and occasionally others who were a part of Ouranos Security. Ironically, she's far more friendly to a few of the researchers than her therapist.

These experiments and tests lasted for nearly 6 years of her life. Whatever tendencies she used to have a social butterfly as a teenager had quickly dissipated as time passed by. The anger she harbored only became more poignant, thus making her pyrokinetic abilities more erratic. The angrier she was, the more tests were performed to keep her in check.

Travis Halo, a former military interrogator, came into her life near the end of the experimentation phase. Powered himself, he usually turned something of a blind eye towards these tactics. It was a rough series of tests she and many others would undergo, but like all those with powers, he knew it could always be worse. With Hanna, he saw the potential of someone who could wield her powers with brutality and finesse. Over the course of a year, he spoke more frequently with her. He finally convinced her to continue the tests and to move up to military training. Travis advised her to embrace her anger and her bitterness and to turn it into a weapon.

And so she did, letting the anger and the hatred settle deep further into her bones. It became a part of her, but she began to regain some of her old sense of humor and lightheartedness. Make no mistake, though: to say that she let go of her anger would be a lie.

She began to train in basic combat and weaponry, which she did not master quickly. Hanna was too stubborn, too bitter to be willing to learn at first, but once she allowed herself to learn, she displayed the ability to grasp the concepts of hand-to-hand combat and long-range weaponry, most notably archery. She had mastered an extent of pyrokinetic control, but not the fullest yet. In total, she'd had roughly two years of military training, with several capture missions under her belt. These capture missions have allowed her to work once again in a social aspect and how to work with a team. Perhaps some of her old self hadn't been lost after all.

Hanna Talbot, once a brat, unwillingly became a mercenary. She now had her given call sign: Prometheus.

The years passed, and she began to take on more missions and train more intensively. Her pyrokinetic powers became some of the feared and legendary within Ouranos. Rumors circulated the world of a pyro with terrifying abilities, but nothing ever traced back to her or Ouranos. Travis continued to see an incredible potential in her, not only as a soldier, but as someone who could be a leader, or a second in command. Most in the company liked her, and she'd gained a sense of logic and keen eye for certain tactics. Travis invited her to create their new team, Unit 12, along with several others. Her unit would become responsible for the protection of government officials overseas, while still pulling in capture missions on an international level.

She eventually met a young French woman named Etienne who was, underneath her charm, an incredibly manipulative and obsessive person. The two came together over similar situations, yet they were volatile together. Ultimately, Etienne's extreme paranoia won out, believing that Hanna was going to rally to sell her into the Circuit for being unable to keep up with Hanna's rapid promotions and more complex assigned missions. Etienne electrocuted Hanna, as her powers are electricity manipulation (or an electro), making Hanna slip into a 6 month coma. She was left with an enormous lightning scar down her left side.

About two years later, after extensive rehabilitation and getting back into the field slowly but surely, she married one of her team mates, Daniel King, a non-powered former American soldier.

The two were married for about a year before her entire team was killed, save for her. She survived the attack, but just barely. Hellbent on vengeance, she tore after those responsible for the immediate attack. She came to find out the assassins were none other than her own company. In an attempt to level with them and to brutally teach them a lesson, she began burning up research facilities like the ones she was held at once to damage their assets, so to speak. She is currently at a point where she has destroyed more or less three facilities, and has begun to make a name for herself. Hanna was dead.

King, Prometheus, was the only one left alive from the murders.


  • Lucy: Compound Bow

  • Diamonds: Arrows (10 standard arrows, highly flammable; 2 grappling hook tipped arrows with cables)

  • The Showstopper: a highly sophisticated attachment to her compound bow that, when shot, shoots a high-tension series of cables which are electrically charged; used to mainly stop speedsters

  • Dead Lead Sticks: a pair of escrimas

  • Flame resistant suit

  • Dog tags


Miscellaneous Notes:
PB is Amber Heard

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