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hanna talbot // oc // not reserved


Name: Lina

Age: 26

Contact: [ profile] alebrije // alebrije#3012 @ discord

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her


Name: Hanna King

Age: 30

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: 5 years

Canon: Original

Canon Point: About a year after the death of her team

Citizenship: Leithian, now RAC

Job: Reclamation Agent

* Level: 4



  • Archery

  • Sharpshooting

  • Hand-to-hand combat: Judo, knife and stick fighting

  • Tactical analyses

  • Military training

  • Stealth (not that she'd employ it very often)

  • Intimidation

  • Combined pyrokinetic abilities with her hand-to-hand combat abilities


  • Raised body heat: translated as a side effect of a genetic mod; emanates higher body heat and registers as though she permanently runs a fever. Anything lower than 102F for her border dangerous territory


  • Flame resistant: translated as a genetic mod; her skin can hold flames, and she will never be burned by flames


  • Pyrokinesis: translated as a removable exoskeleton which can be put on in different pieces (IE arms only, arms and chest, full suit, etc)

  • Body heat manipulation: translated as part of the exoskeleton's heat generation; can shift from a comfortable heat to a pure sweltering heat wave


Hanna had once been a young, naive, and brash girl. Despite her circumstances, having been essentially sold for research and endlessly experimented on, she believed that the best of people would end the horrible treatment of people like herself. Those who are marginalized or different she accepts completely. In a way, she tries to protect them, though this doesn't always end very well. Her tendencies to give into her anger and her fractured state of mind make her an incredibly dangerous and sometimes unreliable ally. She'll fight tooth and nail, to be sure, but she'll be downright suicidal in the same heartbeat.

For the most part, Hanna embraces how the world sees her: delusional, psychotic, and a monster. She had initially tried to fight back against the idea of her kind of people being dangerous and inhuman. Now, she's been pushed too far, has had too much taken, and she allows herself to be cruel and commanding. Her heart has hardened, overcome by grief, anger, and, most of all, vengeance. This vengeance has blinded her for the most part. In fact, she uses that vengeance as an excuse to continue her cycle of destruction and death. She knows very well that she's powerful, that she's one that people should fear, so she makes sure everyone knows that she isn't one to mess with.

She does have her moments of clarity, though, when she realizes what she's doing is wrong. It's not that she doesn't know at all, she does, it's just that she really doesn't care anymore. Someone has to be the target of her pain, and she doesn't care who it is, so long as they suffer as she has.

Hanna has an incredible problem of attachment and having difficulty of letting go. This is most notable in the tattoos she has across her chest, a myriad of constellations representing the zodiac signs of her dead comrades. She also wears her and her husband's wedding bands with her dog tags, more signs that she just can't let go. Part of this is because she knows that anger and hatred is what keeps her going in the first place. If she lets go, she risks having to come to grips with all of what she has done.

Despite all of this, she has a sense of humor, albeit a dark one. Gallows humor suits her best and she tends to throw around pop culture references, callbacks to her younger and naive self. This is the part she presents most often to those who don't know her at all. At times, she plays up her more dangerous and and unforgivable aspects, and who knows, maybe she is, maybe she isn't like that.

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