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Name: Jennifer

Age: 19 (originally), 20 (in-game)

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: Roughly a year has been spent in-game, but she hasn't done much of note except survive and try to make friends where she can.

Canon: Rule of Rose

Canon Point: Endgame

Citizenship: She is/was one of the Nine

Job: Originally one of the Nine will become a nurse/doctor's assistant

* Level:

Abilities None. Jennifer is 100% normal

Personality: Jennifer is a timid young woman who grew up under terrible conditions. Despite everything she's gone through, Jennifer keeps her head up and does her best to keep going, demonstrating a strength of character that might not usually be found in someone who went through all that she did. Despite the girls of the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club's threats and cruel, unusual punishments, she doesn't give up hope and continues to be loyal to them. In part that's because of the fact that if she doesn't obey them, she will be killed--and she has no doubt they will kill her--but her own desire to keep living keeps her going. In this way she can also be seen as a rather passive girl, mature for her age during her time in the orphanage, but easy to push around. She doesn't talk back to being talked down to or insulted, and remains polite and kind to everyone, never fighting back.

For example, despite the other girls being cruel to her, she tries to smile at them when she sees them in the hopes of cheering them up or getting them to like her; despite repeated failures, she continues to try and gain their friendship. Jennifer is also shown to have a rather laid-back attitude when it comes to others' personalities, no matter how strange, and the ability to deeply understand and emphasize with people. When she's kidnapped from the wreckage of the airship crash and forced to dress up as a boy to pretend to be the kidnapper's son, she's strangely okay with it, understanding that Gregory was very lonely. Eventually she grew frightened, however, and made her escape with Wendy. She also rescues and takes care of a puppy she's found, raising him and caring for him as best she could, protecting him from all as she could.

She is quite capable of standing up for herself, however, when pushed too far or when her precious loved one are threatened. When Wendy orders her dog killed, Jennifer snaps and hits Wendy, calling her a liar and turning on the other aristocrats, standing up to them and shouting that she "hates [herself] most of all" for not standing up to them before and letting them play their horrible games. It's through this experience she gains more confidence in standing up for herself and her beliefs.

While all of these events happened at around 9 years old, Jennifer managed to grow up to be a well-adjusted, if soft-spoken young woman and repressed all of those memories; only recently, through the course of the game, do thy start coming back. This means she's been reliving the trauma trying to piece together her memories. Despite how traumatic it's been, Jennifer continues on, determined to remember everything.

Although she tries to be polite and kind to the other orphans and adults in her life, almost never talking back and doing everything she's told, she doesn't hold ill-will towards them for how they've treated her. She doesn't like it, of course, but it's more like she tries to understand why and empathize rather than demonize. Her closest 'friend,' aside from her dog Brown, was Wendy, who rescued her from Gregory. She loved her deeply, vowing to be together in "everlasting true love" up until Wendy's jealousy drove them apart. Despite everything Wendy did to her, from turning the other children against her to killing her dog, Jennifer can still be found wearing the brooch Wendy gave her, showing she till holds a degree of fondness for the girl.

By the end of her journey she decides that, despite everything that happened to her, she doesn't want to forget them. She chooses to lock up the memories inside herself, wanting to honor the memories of everyone who died in her life. Even though her personality overall doesn't change much-- she's still compassionate, understanding, and prone to being obedient, she makes a promise to herself to never break another promise again and to have the courage to stand up for herself when it matters.

AU History: Trying to composite Jennifer's canon into anything resembling sense to fit in this universe would be impossible, so instead Jennifer's history is more like what it could have been (more or less), provided that everything in her canon history hadn't gone to shit very quickly. In all, it's normal-- or as normal as one can get being a potential heir to one of the Nine. She's an illegitimate child of the Derrish taken care of only to save face and to hopefully thwart rumors and whispers. Her mother was a wealthy Leithian woman who was savvy enough to know that she could easily spin this entire situation to her advantage and get her daughter into a better life. So thorough the use of blackmail and threats of exposure of this affair, she securely smuggled Jennifer into her place in the Derrish family. She was treated rather coldly by her family because of this; her birth father and step-mother had little to do with her, aggravated at having to carry the burden of this secret shame. And while her presence as illegitimate was well-hidden, rumors still grew and her cousins could easily pick up on the animosity the adults had towards her. They bullied her horribly with actions that mirrored much of the bullying Jennifer endured under the Red Rose Aristocrats in her canon history-- from taunts and psychological/emotional torments such as freezing her out from play, deliberately going out of their way to not include her, etc. to more physical like shoving, pinching, stealing her clothes or destroying them, blaming her when things went wrong, etc. Jennifer became a sort of scapegoat for the family.

But Jennifer still managed to grow up being kind and gentle, her upbringing unable to stamp out the sweetness inherent in her personality. Being bullied only cowed her, making her more eager to please. She treats everyone with kindness in the hopes they'll be kind in return, and at first glance wouldn't seem to be someone of the Nine, which is possibly part of why her family is rather embarrassed by her. She definitely doesn't have the temperament for the cutthroat world she's living in now. Her family is just waiting for news of the upcoming birth of a new, more legitimate, heir so they can quietly dispose of Jennifer to somewhere out of the way.

While Jennifer is aware of the fact her stepmother isn't her real mother (her cousins' bullying had included taunts that she wasn't really one of them, and after consideration she'd come to realize on her own that she didn't look much like her mother at all) she hasn't asked after her birth mother much. Partly this is because she figures there must be a good reason for it and therefore it's none of her business, and partly it's because she's afraid of what her parents' reactions would be if pressed.


Original History:

Inventory: N/a

Samples: An open log from my other memloss game.


Miscellaneous Notes: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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