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AU History:
A newly disciplined Uncle spent many years on Westerley, witnessing the harsh realities (and suffering for them, too) of those toiling under the reign of the Company, the Nine, and the Seventh Generation Accord. Infuriated by what he considered to be a tainted Quad, the Uncle began to learn what fighting techniques he could from those around him while obtaining the strength that came through enduring pain for others. After traveling extensively, he returned to the monastery to create a tiny sect of willing participants that would try to circumvent the SGA and destroy the people ruling maliciously with an iron fist. (Only to be replaced by himself or others like him.)

Damian is born to the Uncle's daughter, an Aunt herself and trained in the ways of the Resistance by her father in hopes of becoming the heir to the alternative community. The Aunt, pregnant by a Leithian citizen, is moved from Scarback service to a more clerical position within the monastery to allow for the baby's gestation to go well. When Damian is finally born, he begins lessons and training at just a year old. Both the Uncle and his daughter hope to create a Leithian mole that will be used to infiltrate the RAC to gain intel and control over brokers, buyers, and targets.

As a boy beginning his training, Damian's mother tells him he may visit his father if he's able to best her in annual "birthday trials." Otherwise, he will continue to train until he is ready. On his tenth birthday, Damian defeats his mother, and she allows him to be taken to his father, a semi-wealthy Leithian merchant who also doubles as a Resistance agent. Damian spends six months with the man before his mother returns to ask him to make an important decision: to return with her and continue the ways of the Resistance sect, or to stay with his father.

It doesn't take long for Damian to answer. He chooses to stay with his father, a man he has come to greatly admire, after having learned newer non-lethal methods and theologies for the Resistance. Though still proud of his half Scarback heritage, the respect and challenges earned from his father mean more to Damian than leading zealot assassins.

Through his father, Damian decides to continue pursuit of espionage duties within the RAC in an effort to legally and gently correct the Quad from the diseases of greed and violence.


Original History: rip comics

Goliath's whistle (a Scarback heirloom, he thinks)
Robin uniform + utility belt (confiscated by the monastery)

TDM; action | extra musebox sample

Let me know if more game samples are needed! I didn't make a top-level because I thought I was waiting to the next app round...

Miscellaneous Notes: N/A

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