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Damian Wayne | DC Comics | Not Reserved


Name: Anna

Age: 27

Contact: PM this journal | [ profile] moetan

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her


Name: Damian Wayne

Age: 10

Memory Option: AU Memory Deterioration

Established Status: Yes. One year. Damian, a Resistance mole, had been attempting to get accepted as an RAC agent. He is now working at rising in the ranks of the RAC.

Canon: Batman/DC Comics

Canon Point: Robin: Son of Batman, Vol 5 start

Citizenship: No citizenship / neutrality

Job: RAC Agent

* Level: 2

Hand-to-Hand Combat, Expert: Though small, Damian is lean and muscular, and knows how to both control his weight and use his size against others in a fight. He knows various forms of martial arts, trained by his Mother, Talia, and grandfather, Ra's, as well as his father, Bruce Wayne.

Swordsmanship, Expert: Currently, he doesn't use a/his sword for nonlethal reasons.

Throwing Weapons, Expert: As an Assassin, he mastered throwing knives and shurikens as well as batarangs as Robin.

High Deductive Reasoning: And a genius-level intellect. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Polyglot: There's no telling how many fucking languages this boy knows, so we'll just say the main ones other than English he's proficient in are Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic.

Mimicry: Damian can imitate voice and speech patterns as long as he hears how a person talks first.

Artistry: (????) Apparently, he is a great artist.

Ten years old going on eighty, Damian is surprisingly (and hilariously) mature for his age, and many people don't hesitate to tease him for it. He hasn't been groomed merely for combat, but also for respect and leadership. Dignity, honor, and pride is something he carries on his shoulders without stooping over from the weight; they are things of utmost importance to him. He believes a person without integrity is a person not worth a handful of dirt, and, while he would say he learned this especially from his father, really it's just going to take some time for Damian to understand that Bruce tries to look for this integrity even in the worst of people.

Because of this intense focus on personal dignity, Damian is extremely refined; he's clean and meticulous in appearance as well as work, calls people by last name only, and takes great care in making sure he presents himself to others as a worthy, better opponent. The mantle of Robin is the greatest privilege he has, and upholding the duties that go along with the title out in the field are his first and almost only concern.

He takes great care in tweaking his skills whether it's physical training or mental training. He's well-read and makes a study of both current events and mission-based intel. If there's something he doesn't know, he learns how to do it, not against using craft and cunning to do so. No problem is too difficult for him to at least attempt to tackle (with a lot of pragmaticism) which leads him to be terribly stubborn and persistent, sometimes dangerously so.

In this way, Damian has a hard time working with others. Teamwork and companionship falls short at his feet without him bothering to stretch much of a hand out to bridge the gap. He loathes taking orders from people who haven't earned his respect even if they are of higher rank, and he hates when people don't follow orders ("""advice""") he gives while citing logic and reason. He's not against boldly telling people, men or women, they are idiots or they did something wrong, and this ultimately causes Damian the most grief. He isn't afraid of speaking up, letting others know when he disapproves or when he has another or better idea. Everyone is always kept at arm's distance so they do not interfere with his work. At least, in some small measure of fortune, Damian never pretends to get along with people for the sake of saving face. If he hates you, he hates you, and if he likes you, he likes you. Most people he just tolerates.

That isn't to say Damian doesn't care. He absolutely cares more than he'd like to care at all. Nothing quite hits Damian's berserk button like harm or harassment befalling children or animals. He treats both with the same respect with which he would like to be treated (even animals!), and goes out of his way to ensure everyone else treats them that way, too. After a particular incident involving a cow, Damian is a strict vegetarian, just to show how far he'll go For Rights. Family members, whether blood or companion, receive the same decency, and Damian can grow fairly fond of those who offer him kindness when he least deserves it. In return, Damian is certainly willing, at a moment's notice, to leap in the way of harm for them.

Of course, Damian doesn't ever admit when he cares about the wellbeing of anyone, not to their faces. Affection and love are not something he received until he met his father, and he always seems to be thrown for a loop when people aren't giving him harder, heavier emotions to work with. (He knows how to handle anger and aggression, but can't seem to understand how to handle love.) Sympathy also comes as a hard pill to swallow, and any gentle and understanding words will be offered with a huge slab of awkward social skills.

Not surprisingly, Damian can also be a bit of a brash hothead when times are trying. He will yell, pout (he's ten, sue him), and generally throw a growly tantrum when he's frustrated or sidelined. To relieve stress, he funnels the energy into physical training, so people will likely find him practicing martial arts or weaponry when he's mad. The gym rat starts young.

Nothing is more rewarding to Damian than proving himself, making disappointment a key factor in crippling his self-esteem. Those that have earned his respect are especially capable of crumbling him when they voice how disappointed they are in his actions and behavior, and they are one of the few that will ever hear a true, "I'm sorry."

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