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    Name: Sana
    Age: 30+
    Contact: Discord:sana#8278; AIM: Sanada4Prez; Plurk:Nyanbu (rarely used).
    Preferred Pronouns: No preference.

    Note: This character's canon already includes alternate worlds and memory modifications, and there are essentially two sets of personality/history in one body that eventually start to converge. Split personality = split app! Because I like complicating my life


    Name: Ginshu
    Age: Mid-30s, but he believes that he's older.
    Memory Option: 1 on top of 2. 1.5?
    Established Status: Yes, 1 year.
    Canon: Amatsuki.
    Canon Point: Volume 20
    Citizenship: Born on Leith, but renounced his citizenship upon joining the RAC.
    Job: Former killjoy, currently a monk with Resistance leanings.
    * Level:
    He thinks he's a former Level 4, but due to chronic illness caused by an experimental nano/genetic procedure some time in the past, he's unable to work as a killjoy and has permanent inactive status. Those memories and the evidence that supports them are purely Akemi's fabrication - he was never actually a killjoy, he has no real past, and in fact he's only "existed" for about a year.

    Name: Akemi Urushibara
    Age: Mid-30s.
    Memory Option: 2.
    Established Status: Yes, 5 years.
    Canon: Amatsuki.
    Canon Point: Volume 20.
    Citizenship: Born on Leith. As a Company employee, he can travel more or less wherever he wants.
    Job: Neuroscientist working directly for The Company.
    * Level:
    N/A, not a RAC member.

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