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Memory: Bookman training and work requires a sharp eye for detail and an even sharper mind. Lavi has a photographic memory and needs no more than a glance to commit an image to mind.

Strategy: A keen observer of history and culture, Lavi has a considerable repertoire of battle strategies and tactics at his disposal when necessary. He cultivates the image of a person with a careless attitude and lacking wit, but when he chooses to turn his intellect on an enemy, the results can be devastating.

Deception: Disciplined and well-practiced at slipping into different personas, Lavi is described as a mirror pane--reflecting nothing back but the image of others. An expert liar, he can often deduce the best route for endearing himself to someone--friend, enemy, or otherwise--in order to meet his goals with none the wiser to his true intent.

Combat Specialist: Canonically, he's spent a lifetime learning martial arts and honing close quarters combat skills. Since his weapon of choice is staff-like and he's evidently not bad with a flag pole, he's appears better with long-range weapons rather than melee.

Field Medic: A lifetime spent in one war zone after the next has garnered Lavi some crude but effective medic skills--nothing that would qualify him to work in a clinic, certainly, but basic understanding of how to treat wounds, poisons, and keep himself or someone else alive long enough to find a more qualified set of hands.


Lavi has no out of the ordinary passives, though his physical capacity is hinted at being slightly above average in terms of strength and endurance. For simplicity's sake and because canon doesn't like being clear, we'll just say he's exceptionally well trained and in peak condition.


Innocence: Canonically, Lavi is an exorcist of the Black Order, an individual capable of synchronizing with "innocence". Innocence is a substance which can purify and destroy the akuma virus when it takes on a weapon form and is paired with an appropriate accommodator. Lavi is one such user and his innocence takes the form of a size-shifting war hammer. In Overjoyed, its size-changing abilities are owed to its use of claytronics or programmable matter. Although he'll have access to the hammer, he won't remember how to use it until he begins his first major regain. It currently rests dormant in his room.

Outside of its obvious offensive abilities, Lavi uses the hammer to strike magical seals and release powerful spells. While retaining their overall visual impact, their interface is now a holographic display, and the seals themselves are made of the same programmable matter that the hammer is--by selecting the different commands (i.e., hellfire and ash, violent thunder, so on), he instructs the catoms to rearrange and change their charge to produce the desired effect.

Major | Fire Stamp: Hellfire and Ash
: Similar to canon, this produces a column of flame, but unlike canon, he no longer has the ability to ride said flame like he's hanging ten, because that's not a thing. Because of its nature as programmable matter, he is only capable of directing the column within a limited range around him.

Major | Heaven Stamp: Violent Thunder, Whirling Skies: Selecting this command from the interface menu creates a directional column of lightning or electrical charge.

Major | Wood Stamp: Wind: This seal creates a localized vortex with limited directional abilities.

Major | Wood Stamp: Spinning Dist of Heaven and Earth: A more advanced technique than the previous, this technique can canonically control the atmosphere and objects in nature (such as the clouds, atmospheric pressure, wind, rain, etc), but in Overjoyed will be limited to more localized effects--controlling one or the other, but not both, and within a short radius of his position.

Major | Combo Stamp: Terrible Lightning of Heaven
: Using a combination of fire and heaven commands, the claytronics matter can be shaped into a wall of fire and iron as either a defensive or offensive measure.

Personality: Bookmen take no sides, harbor no loyalty. They are the impartial chroniclers, the untouched wanders, drifting through history like whispers of wind.

Lavi is a successor of this esoteric clan, and though his smile is always warm and his laughter rings bright, his heart is separated by a distance that none may cross.

He cares for others, he can't stop himself--but it doesn't matter.

(Sometimes, he even believes that's still true.)

「 The Bookman’s successor. I take on a new name each time I go somewhere new, and discard it each time I leave. 」

49 names, 49 logs. Each record a bookman creates entails a new name, a new persona. Lavi has existed longer than all others before, and perhaps therein lies the critical flaw. This 49th persona has stayed entrenched so long now that it's begun to seep past the skin and into his bones, that it's become him.

The smiling fool, laughing and charming his way through people, aching for the burdens of others but keeping his own hidden .. that person is steadily becoming indistinguishable from the bookman who fabricated him. That person's smiling face has controlled his for so long that he no longer knows when it's lying or telling the truth.

He no longer knows if the distinction is important, either.

「 He must not become attached or be controlled by emotion. He speaks with all kinds of people, then leaves as if nothing has happened. 」

In this way, being a killjoy is an easy double-life for Lavi. The creeds of his clan and ultimate goal of his mission often run in concert with one another: remain neutral, remain true to the word of the warrant.

But he is first and foremost a bookman--the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition is a stepping stone in his pilgrimage, a convenient means to an end. Given the choice between his duties as one or the other, he wouldn't hesitate to betray everything the RAC stands for and everyone in it.

Save, perhaps, Yu.

Yu is a liability, a perpetual threat to his impartial distance. He won't admit it to himself, but every time he has to consider leaving his partner's side and beginning a new log, taking a new name--it comes with a measure of heartbreak. Three years spent together, three years spent behind a mask of friendly lies and steady banter...

The edges of his smile are beginning to fray now, the veneer beginning to chip.

Each time a secret passes through the curve of his lips, he knows he's breaking a vow, complicating the inevitable day when they become enemies.

(Every human is just an enemy waiting to happen; all societies are just wars in delay -- )

All the same, he hopes that their semblance of friendship, of trust, might make that complication worth it.

「 Like a gust of wind. The wind doesn’t stay in one place. It feels nothing for the places it’s passed through. It just keeps wandering. 」

But that is not to say that Lavi is not without his joyous moments. He genuinely enjoys his work and his studies, his shallow relationships. His warm persona often endears him to others and his intelligence, albeit carefully hidden unless he has call to do otherwise, provides him insights that most people miss.

And above all else, Lavi is young.

Too young to ever fully adhere to his creed as either a killjoy or bookman. Too young not to get wrapped up in the moment and emotions of others, even if he can disconnect and shift between them with greater ease than others. His temper can still run hot beneath that placid mask, especially in the face of cruelty or ignorance. Although he may be trained to think in terms of black and white, his heart still very much deals in shades of gray.

He is imperfect in each of his positions in life, but his priorities--at least for now--are clear.

「 I am the Bookman’s successor. My current name—

—Lavi. 」

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