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koon aguero agnis ([personal profile] deceptions) wrote in [personal profile] thenine 2016-12-04 04:46 am (UTC)

aguero agnis koon | tower of god | reserved


Name: jay
Age: 21+, though if you need a real age i'll provide.
Contact: [ profile] charred!
Preferred Pronouns: she/her!


Name: aguero agnis koon ( he'll be going by just "koon", but aguero's his first name and agnis is his mother's maiden name. sometimes, he goes by A.A. )
Age: 28 ( 26 + 2 years established. i recently found out that ages in tower of god are useless, and koon, physically, is closer to 250-300?? apparently... however, the universe apparently treats the mental age as the "real age", so i'm... just going to take 28 and roll with it. )
Memory Option: 1 — full AU / deterioration
Established Status: established — 2 years.
Canon: tower of god
Canon Point: season 2, episode 202 ( hell train — name hunt station 5 )

Citizenship: authorized non-citizen.
Job: reclamation agent (/resistance mole)
* Level: 4

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