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riza hawkeye | fullmetal alchemist | reserved


Name: Val
Age: 26
Contact: PM to this journal, private plurks to [ profile] speedforce
Preferred Pronouns: She/her, "that weirdo"


Name: Riza Hawkeye
Age: 29 (28 in canon + 1 year established)
Memory Option: 1 — AU Memory Deterioration
Established Status: Yes — 1 year spent working for the Company
Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist, manga
Canon Point: End of Chapter 83
Citizenship: Westerley, formerly Leithian
Job: Company Enforcer, focused primarily on border control

Canonically, Riza's wholly human and possesses not an ounce of supernatural ability in any direction. Thus, her skills would consist entirely of learned skills, ones that she naturally would have picked up during her time in the military:
  • SHARPSHOOTER — Very well-versed and highly efficient with firearms of any kind. She almost never misses her mark, giving rise to the nickname "The Hawk's Eye". (As an aside, the nickname is also due to her uncanny ability to notice whenever someone around her is slacking off.)
  • BATTLE TACTICS/COVERT OPERATIONS — She basically spends four years of her life in canon planning and carrying out a secret rebellion against the government. She knows what she's doing.
  • HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT/SELF-DEFENSE — Pretty self-explanatory, though I imagine she's only about average at it and obviously outclassed by anyone bigger/stronger than her.
  • FAMILIARITY WITH MOST COMMON WEAPONS — Bombs, hand grenades, knifes, etc. Obviously bigger/more complicated pieces of tech are probably a little out of her range of expertise but she could probably give them a good try.
Other stuff......she is apparently an adept driver in canon, which I'd like to at least translate into motorcycles and rovers in Overjoyed. Also has an exceptionally good sense of direction - she's shown walking underground without any sort of landmark and later is able to mark her path on a map using only the length of her steps and her knowledge from before she went underground.

First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is the model of a perfect soldier - attentive and alert, capable of maintaining her composure even in high pressure situations, and ever responsible even when it comes to finishing mountains of unexciting paperwork. She's quite intelligent, able to put two and two together in investigations, and is always polite to fellow military personnel, always addressing them by their proper rank and title. Unlike several of her fellow officers, she doesn't nap while in the office, shirk on paperwork, or use the military phone lines for personal conversations entirely unrelated to work; in fact, she tends to chastise this behavior in others, particularly in the case of her direct superior Colonel Roy Mustang. Her professionalism borders on strictness in these cases and it's given rise to Riza's nickname of "the colonel's scary bodyguard" in the office, though one that's only ever murmured whenever she's out of earshot.

Speaking of the colonel, Riza's dedication to him is absolute. The two of them have a long history together - Riza's father was Roy's teacher in alchemy, and Roy was the one who assisted her with funeral arrangements after her father's death. It's at her father's grave that Roy reveals his true wishes - to use both his military and alchemy skills to help protect others. It's a dream that Riza finds to be "wonderful" and shortly afterwards she joins the military academy, likely in part due to Roy's naive dreams. However, the skills she learns at the military academy are ultimately put to less pleasant uses: during her final year at the academy she's shipped out to the front lines and forced to murder hundreds of civilians in an extermination effort more gracefully named the Ishval Civil War. Ultimately the war itself ends, but the war inside Riza does not. Even to this day, she carries the weight of the crimes she committed during the war. However, she refuses to ask for forgiveness or atonement for her actions, stating that to do such a thing would be disrespectful to those who had died. Instead, she continues to move forward, continuing to use her skills so future generations won't have to kill as she has—and so she can protect and ensure the fruition of Roy's dreams, in which both the military and the secrets to alchemy are used for protection instead of destruction.

Though Riza can come across as intimidating or even cruel, in actuality Riza's quite kind, particularly towards animals and children. While she doesn't go around adopting every single animal on the street, she does take in a dog one of her fellow officers finds on the street but is unable to keep himself, despite being the one to tell him not to take in stray animals if he can't keep them. She also has a protective streak towards the Elric brothers, always asking after their health whenever she catches them in town and making sure they're as safe as possible, whether this means sending an escort with them during times of danger or watching over their safety herself. Her kindness isn't just limited to those younger than herself, but also to her fellow officers. After one of her fellow officers is put in the hospital and loses use of his legs, Riza visits him and encourages him not to lose hope in either himself or the colonel. Riza's softer side also shows in her decision not to eschew her femininity entirely. On her days off, she does her errands while wearing skirts (despite the fact that she herself admits skirts are less practical due to their limited movement) and she also chooses to grow her long after meeting Winry the first time around and deciding it wouldn't be such a bad idea.

It's important to note that for Riza, kindness does not equate to withholding heavy or burdensome information. She questions Roy's decision in lying about Hughes' death to Edward and Alphonse, asking him if it really was a kind thing to do, and doesn't conceal the truth about the Ishval War when Edward shows up at her door and asks her about it. Along the same vein, she doesn't try and make excuses for the fact that she kills people for a living when questioned about it by Winry several years prior. Instead of hiding behind excuses or using her guilt as a cover, Riza elects instead to come to terms with the mistakes she's made and her inexcusable actions during the war. She's the one who chose the path she did and thus she must be responsible for her actions and bear the weight of her own guilt. This manifests in an overly serious nature, though Riza is not wholly without humor, nor is she without her own particular brand of stubbornness. She's not afraid to - politely - disobey the orders of those ranking above her and also has no qualms with calling people out in situations where they're clearly acting without thinking. In rare moments, usually around friends or others she trusts, she displays a dry humor, unafraid to gently mock people or point out the obvious when it is missed by others.

How this all translates to Overjoyed: For the most part, her personality will be largely unchanged, with her guilt over her actions during the Ishval War tweaked slightly to be guilt over her actions while with the Company (since they're not exactly the most righteous of folks sometimes....). She will be a little more closed off in terms of her relationships with others due to the slightly tougher atmosphere of the Company and the Nine, and more willing to be decisive rather than waiting to follow orders, due to the lack of Roy Mustang in her life in Overjoyed. Instead, the largest tie she has right now is to her father, still living in-game.

AU History:
Fairy tales are forgiving; reality, less so.

At least, that's what her father had always told her at night each time she'd asked why Mommy wasn't with them anymore, why she never saw any of her grandparents and cousins the way the other children did. Mommy was gone, poisoned by one of the Nine - "those bastards" - and their hatred of anything that wasn't well groomed, expertly coiffed, and perfect in every way.

Riza would learn later that her mother had died of illness, and that the family that had sent her to Leith for daring to consort with a "dirty Westie" had actually sent medicine, albeit a few days too late. But her father had always been a little paranoid, seeing things where nothing existed, and he cut off all contact with them shortly afterwards, prohibited her from going out and mingling with the rest of the lesser Nine that inhabited their town. Not just because he hated them, but because he had a secret, one he hid in a safe place no one would ever think to look: his daughter. Be careful, he whispered, don't let them find out about you, he warned, and because she was young and naive and a child desperately in want of her father's attention, she listened.

So she grew up lonely, with only the books in the library and the growing dreams in her head. Eventually they left Leith and went back to Westerley's grime-filled streets, dangerous in their own right but in a far more blunt and honest way. Her father tinkered with his projects and she helped where she could, and though she loved her father, part of her longed for something better than a life under her father's shadow.

The answer came in the form of a snippet of conversation, filtering through an open window one muggy summer day. A group of boys eagerly discussing their trip out to the military camps within the week, most of them excited to fire a gun in order to prove their balls had dropped but one of them eager to tinker with the tech, make sure artillery and shields were in working order. It piqued her interest, enough for her to broach the subject with her father. He approved, encouraged her to go ahead and try something different, though he never did tell her it was more for the connections and the information that he wanted her to go, rather than out of any real support for her.

Turns out she didn't end up as engineer in the backseat, didn't even come close. A surprise ambush revealed a cool head under pressure and alarming accuracy and precision with a firearm. (Alarming and soft-bellied—her first kill left her folded halfway over a bush, retching up her breakfast from earlier while trying to hold back tears.) But as with all things, even killing became easier with practice, her hand shaking less each time she pulled the trigger and her eyes seeing quicker and quicker the exact location on the body she'd have to hit to kill instead of wound. Along with her queasiness, her youthful naivete also faded as her eyes took in more and more of reality's underbelly - the corruption, the abuse of power, the rumors that spread in hushed whispers of illegal experiments carried out in a secret dungeon no one would ever see. Eventually she tired of it, and with a record of good service and no black marks, was discharged home.

But home was not the same place she'd left it five years ago. Her house was a pile of ash and her father a prisoner, accused of leading a local group of Resistance and sentenced to death. In a panic, she went to the Company, bartered her life - or more accurately, her services - for her father's. They agreed, though not without a price: her father was to be kept under surveillance, and she was to follow orders without so much as a peep.

Which she did, albeit with great difficulty that first year. The Company does not forgive traitors or even those with an ounce of evident doubt in their heart. They gave her a series of tests to shake her loyalty, task after dirty task to see if she would tuck tail and run. She passed them all. And so they cut her loose, assured of her devotion to their cause.

Since then she's kept her head down, done as she's told with precision and promptness, and has found herself with a tidy rank affixed before her name and a measure of trust she's careful not to break in order to keep the citizens on the streets of Westerley - and more importantly, her father - safe.


Original History: here's a wiki!

Two pistols, altered slightly into sleeker sci-fi pistols
A hair barrette, now a fancy hair pin
A pair of earrings
Her clothes but that seems like a given

TDM thread in which I have no idea what I'm doing
Second (TDM) verse, worse (and way shorter) than the first
Thread from a different game, because these TDM threads are questionable at best

Miscellaneous Notes: I'd like to spend all 100 of my starting HP into getting a pet regain for Riza. In canon she has a black Shiba Inu named Black Hayate. In Overjoyed, he'll actually be a black German Shepherd mix named Roy with otherwise the same history, if that's alright!

Also I heard y'all liked cat gifs. Here is a cat gif to make up for this absolutely horrific app:

EDIT: I just realized I posted with a different journal than the one I reserved with, I swear this is still the same person.

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