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(CW for suicide mentions, as it is part of Leo's canon history.)


Name: Monica

Age: 25

Contact: [ profile] staves

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her


Name: Leo Elster

Age: Early twenties, presumed to be 22

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: 1 year

Canon: Humans

Canon Point: Post Series One

Citizenship: Westie

Job: MOSTLY A HOBO— wait. No. He works for The Company as a cafe waiter. Actually also an informant to Takasugi who seeks revenge against The Company.

Abilities: As Leo is a hybrid, he does not have all the abilities of an actual synth. He can't access the internet in his head, nor does he have an internal GPS. His very existence is reliant on energy, as well as his pumping heart. He has a charging port on the left side of his abdomen, which gives him energy.

He also has a digitised memory, which means he can't forget anything, and everything he sees and feels gets recorded in his brain and can be played back if he's wired to something.

He's also very good at hacking and programming!

Leo grew up in a very secluded home. His mother was sick ever since he was a child, and his father thought it best to buy a home away from the city where only few people could come in. It's why Leo hardly had friends, and even though he lived under the same roof as his parents, they were barely there for him. Growing up, he became introverted and lonely. Cold and aloof. Taciturn.

Whenever he had to talk to people, it was with a tough exterior. He's lost most of his faith in humanity and finds it very difficult to trust others. Basically, he isn't a very easy person to deal with. For most of his adolescent years, he spent them running and being away from civilisation, only communicating and spending time with his new family—a family of synthetic robots, rather than humans. It's why he's rather ambivalent with regards to working with humans or even being around them. When he does have to talk to humans, he usually uses sharp tongue and bad sense of humour (it's really bad) to the point that most of what he says comes off as sarcasm. And sometimes, he even uses hostility to communicate. He really has great people skills.

When he was thirteen, his mother broke away from the care of her nurses and took Leo with her in her car and drove off and got into an accident. This accident led to both of them drowning and dying, but one of the synths his father created saved him and brought him back to shore. He was in a coma for a good while until he woke up as a half-human, half-synth hybrid. Upon waking up and becoming part-synth, he found out that all his memories have been digitised, meaning he can't ever forget anything and that his memories can be played out as long as he is plugged in. It's his synthetic brain that's affected him a whole lot, what with him being able to relive his death over and over again. He's more stable now regarding the whole ordeal, but it still haunts him and has changed the way he thinks about life.

He believes that humans are supposed to remember the good memories to get rid, or at least, not remember the bad memories so much. And it's because he literally can't forget that he's developed such a pessimistic way of thinking. While good things still happen to him, the bad memories weigh over him much more. Often times, he drinks alcohol until he passes out because when he isn't in the right state of mind, he could forget about his death and all the awful things that has happened in his life, even for a short while.

Leo has a lot of issues about his existence as he's the only human-synth hybrid. Frankly, none of the scientists even thought something like Leo could be possible, but he is. Whenever he sees his naked body, he gets emotional and sometimes cries about how he doesn't know where he belongs. Is he a human, or a synth? He grew up in a home full of synths as his father created his "family" to take care of him because he and his mother can't, and he identifies with them a lot especially now that he is almost one. He sides with the synths more than humans, wanting and yearning for synthetics to be accepted in society as actual contributors and to not just be treated as something—someone—disposable. Despite his negative way of thinking, he still hopes and dreams of living in a world where humans and synths (with or without consciousness) lived together without any violence. In a way, Leo has this childlike way of thinking.

While Leo may present himself as cold and indifferent, he's actually a very emotional person. He only shows this side of him to his synth family, who has taken care of him and has been with him since he was a child. He can actually get very impatient at times, even showing aggression when he can't get what he wants right away. And when things don't go his way and he's given up hope (which doesn't take very long, truth be told), he starts yelling and goes off on his own, not even caring about where he'll end up in. Not even caring for his own safety. He also loves his synth family a lot—so much that he would do anything for them. What drives him to continue to stay alive is the fact that his synth family needs him and that he also needs them. What makes him keep moving is the idea of living in a happy home with his synth family. They're his whole world.

Having been raised by robots, Leo barely knows how to be human. While in his synth family, he supposedly has a younger brother (Max was built when Leo was 12-13, and looks like he's in his early twenties), he's still treated as the precious one. After all, the synths were built to cater to Leo's needs and be there for him as both his parents could not. It's why he's grown up to be a bit bratty and dependent on his family, truth be told. Not to mention, he lacks social skills and his strange sense of humour doesn't really help anybody. He's been told that he's weird by Mattie, a human he was seeking help from. It bothers him a little at first, but eventually, he concedes that he is. He's just too focused on his family that he forgets about the other things, even taking care of himself.

Even though Leo is mostly abrasive, he's fully aware that he does shut people out. He's aware that he doesn't trust humans, and that he mostly relies on himself to do everything. And even though he does have an unpleasant personality, there are still people who wish to get to know him better or to be his friend. He's even apologised to Mattie for pushing her away when all she was trying to do was help. In a way, being exposed to more people and having to work together with them is slowly uncovering the child inside him. He wants to have friends, to have people to depend on, but he knows that the situation he's in doesn't give him a chance to do any of those. It's why his vulnerability is also easily taken advantage of. Pandering to his weaknesses will gain his eventual trust, and the tough cookie cracks.

On the surface, Leo is one of those quiet, brooding types. He can be nice, and he wants to be nice and be surrounded by people he cares about and who care about him, but he's too afraid to place his trust in people. There will be times when he'll let people in, but that's only if he can tell that the other can do something for him or if he's getting anything good out of it.

AU History: (I know I commented to the brainstorming meme with ideas, but I figured out something else that could be more interesting for his character arc. Hopefully this is okay!)

David Elster was a leading doctor who researched mostly on robotics and android-related sciences. In fact, he was the leading doctor for hack-modded people. David was even known for modding his own son, Leo. What David did was experiment on his brain and turn it into something digital to keep him alive. Some of Leo's body parts were changed into a robot's parts as well, which then meant that he needed to charge every now and then just to stay alive. But this was all when Leo was just born. Leo grew up believing that he was 100% human, but has a port just because he was very sickly as a child and this was David's only way of saving him.

David's research was well-known throughout the Quad, and he was revered by many other scientists for it. Unfortunately, one of his sons, Fred—which Leo will believe to be his elder brother when in canon, David Elster only has one son—drowned and died. It was said that David Elster turned that son into a full android, losing his humanity. And that was when things changed. It was illegal, of course, which then made him lose his place in The Company. Scandals were everywhere regarding David Elster, and because of this, he killed Fred and then himself, leaving poor Leo Elster behind to take care of his sick mum.

Beatrice Elster, on the other hand, was Leo and Fred's sickly mum. She was sickly in the psychotic way, and because the Elster name basically got screwed, Leo had a very difficult time taking care of her. He was only thirteen when all of this happened too. He had to take up all sorts of jobs just to be able to feed both him and her. He always hid his family name whenever he introduced himself, but at times that he couldn't, he was beat up for it or heavily scolded for even having the gall to try and find a job at their business.

Life wasn't easy for Leo Elster growing up. And eventually, Beatrice's sickness was just too much that she tried killing both herself and Leo, but she only succeeded in the former. It hadn't even been a year since David passed away, and that happened. This memory of his constantly haunted him and he always dreamt of being hunted down by Beatrice. It was, of course, a traumatising experience and one that he would not want to happen again, but it keeps haunting him in his dreams.

Alone and having a difficult time trying to keep himself fed and clothed and to have a roof on his head, he turned to the resistance. Or rather, a group who sought vengeance against The Company. He works for The Company doing various small jobs for small wages, but he also served as an informant of sorts because many people come and go at the cafe he works for. He gets to hear all sorts of things, which helps him a lot. He gets money for it, and those against The Company get what they need.


Original History: Leo at the Humans wiki

Inventory: A wire that can connect him to various ports (computers, TVs, electrical sockets)

Link one
Link two

Miscellaneous Notes: n/a

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