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Name: Laure

Age: 30+

Contact: [plurk.com profile] elvellyn

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/ or my favorite: Ari’s wife


Name: Kanda Yu

Age: 21

Memory Option: 1

Established Status: YES. Kanda has been in-verse for three years. During that time, he’s been partnered with Lavi as a Reclamation Agent team.

Canon: D. Gray Man

Canon Point: Manga chapter 217, after he agrees to become a new General in the Black Order

Citizenship: Authorized non-citizen

Job: Reclamation Agent

* Level: Four


Translated Personal Abilities

Passive | Enhanced Regeneration : While his canon ability originally allowed him to do such things as revive from death within 580 seconds, re-grow his entire body from cells, recover from a crushed skull, and burn off a universally fatal akuma virus, those abilities have been exhausted to a significant degree by his current canon point so his in game healing ability will reflect that. He can still heal rapidly, though to keep this balanced this will be represented as roughly double the normal human rate. It is also assisted by a sphere full of medical nanites in his chest in order to translate the canon source of his regenerative powers that had been developed by the Asian branch’s Chang family.

Minor | Blood transference: In canon, his blood is able to close and/or heal considerable wounds on others as well so this will still be the case in ‘verse – it will just be assisted by transferring those medical nanites. This aspect of his ability is outside the ‘passive’ status since it directly affects others.

Passive | Physical strength: Despite his animanga physiology, Kanda is quite strong. Canonically, he’s able to carry a man four times his size on his back and still run (this as a child) or cut akuma in half with a regular sword as opposed to using his innocence. This will still translate to being stronger than the average joe, but not excessively so. Exerting physical force over other people or objects will come with a ‘rebound’ cost. It will leave him weak for a while and slow his regeneration rate.

Passive | Speed: His regenerative abilities allow him to move faster and jump further than a normal human could. To translate, this will also be a drain on his regenerative rate, but will also be limited to, essentially, a 50% increase above the average human for movement, reaction time, and distance covered.

Passive | Expert swordsman/close combat fighter: Kanda is an expert swordsman with various forms of Japanese swords and can use them effectively in ‘boss-level’ battles. This doesn’t really need translating.

Translated Innocence (Mugen) Abilities

Innocence in his canon is a special form of weapon that can be used to destroy/purify akuma and Noah clan members alike and can only be wielded by those that have the ability to synchronize with a piece of raw Innocence. Once synchronized, however, the weapon is modified to grant the user special abilities, based largely on their synchronization rate. Those rare few that exceed 100% are considered ‘Criticals’ and usually become generals within the order, such as Kanda’s own elevation.

Mugen started as an equipment-type weapon, however, after Kanda’s return to the Order it reverted to a cube state and evolved into a crystal-type weapon. After liquefying, he drank his Innocence to re-synchronize with it. In doing so, a cross stigmata appeared on each of his forearms (that, afterwards, look like scars) before the Innocence used his own blood to reforge the blade. Mugen’s current form is near-impossible to break and has a red sheen to the blade. The translated abilities of the sword are:

Major | First Illusion: Netherworld Insects (界蟲「一幻」, Kaichū: Ichigen): This command allows Kanda to release detailed holographic ‘hell’s insects’ towards an enemy to serve as a distraction.

Major | Ripping Flash Claw (五幻・裂閃爪, Gogen Ressensou): Rather than unleashing seven sharp energy beams from his sword, this command will emit a strong electrical current when it touches an enemy.

Major | Double Illusion Sword (二幻刀, Nigentou): This command triggers the nanites used to forge the blade to release and split into two swords.

Major | Ascending Flower (昇華, Shouka lit. Sublimate): Kanda activates the nanites in his system in order to increase his speed, agility, and in-battle healing. When this happens, veins appear around his eyes

Major | Forbidden Spell: Triple Illusion (禁忌 「三幻式」, Sangenshiki): Can only be used after ascending flower in that it actually forces the nanites to work at max capacity, but at the cost of destroying the nanites themselves – thus decreasing his regeneration rate/longevity.

Major | Fourth Illusion Style (四幻式, Yongenshiki): Kanda's pupils take on a silver sheen and he gains another drastic increase in speed and power, at a severe cost to his regenerative ability and significantly decreases his longevity.

Recovering from injuries incurred in this state will take twice as long as a normal human would recover from any injury.

Major | NERFED | Fifth Illusion Style (五幻式, Gogenshiki): Mugen's blade emits a large amount of dark, lightning-like energy and pushes past the max of his regeneration by essentially tearing apart his body from within. It also causes him to enter a mindless berserker state. Due to the extreme nature of this ability, it is nerfed entirely.

**While players are not required to list abilities that will not be used, this one is included to show an example of a power that would be nerfed by the mods.


His time spent as first a military experiment and then a soldier has shaped him into an extremely detached person. He often comes across as vulgar and abrasive; an exceedingly cold, ruthless and arrogant individual, with little to no respect for the lives, trials, and/or tribulations of others. When he was younger, this often manifested in an utter disregard for those weaker than him - if they fell behind in battle, he was callous enough to leave them there without a second thought. If they got in his way, he was just as likely to cut them down to remove the obstacle, rather than fight beside them.

The process of change was non-existent while he was still in the military, until he met that one annoying kid (and even then he’d stabbed the guy in the end). But the very act of saving Kanda from his own personal hell, of forcing freedom on him after such a long time, has had a considerable impact on him - it forced him to see people for who they are, rather than who he assumed them to be.

It forced him to understand that he knew very little of humanity, but that it did exist outside the rigid structure of dark-side military operations.

Even so, his personality is changing at a glacial pace.

Where once he was outright dismissive, now he’ll give a passing glance before moving on. Where once he would have shot first and not bothered with the questions later, he now attempts to assess a situation in full (or to the best of his abilities, since so very many interpersonal actions still seem a waste to him). He’s beginning, slowly, to...actually remember faces, to carry on conversations.

Regret and a debt owed have a way of giving one an altered perspective on humanity and their own place in it.

Lavi, much to Kanda’s annoyance, doesn’t leave much room for backsliding. From the beginning, he refused to call him ‘Kanda’ - only Yu, despite all of Kanda’s demands otherwise. And while that wouldn’t mean much of anything to some… Kanda is all he’s really been, from the moment he’d opened his eyes in that stasis-pod. It’s the one way Lavi has forced him to be more ‘man’ than ‘soldier’ and to this day, he still doesn’t even know if Lavi realizes it.

Bastard’s smart though, so he probably does.

His partner often fills the quiet with conversation - regardless of whether Kanda participates or not, drags him to all sort of ‘social’ places to mingle or simply observe the chaotic mesh of humanity, and challenges the way Kanda perceives the world around them with little moments of insight that Kanda would have never been able to ascertain on his own.

Small, unconscious steps bring him closer to human. But he doesn’t consider himself there, not entirely. Not that he’s fucking trying, either.


AU History:

Kanda’s earliest memories are of running along the streets of Sugar Point and helping his mother tend both his baby sister and their small vegetable garden – but then, the adults became angry. When he was eight everything seemed to change. Before anyone knew it there were constant protests in the mines, pockets of violence that began cropping up between the Company enforcers and the local miners with an alarming frequency... his dad’s constant grumbles of being worked too hard for no pay.

As a child, he understood that the matter was grave, even if the nuances that defined the struggle escaped him.

At the height of the disagreement, he could remember his dad coming home, eyes manic as he boasted about people shooting someone called an ‘executive’, much to his mother’s horror. The revolutionaries had decided to celebrate their victory and called for a festival that night. He could remember the feel of his sister’s small hand in his as they followed their parents, eyes wide and curious as they watched vendors sell food and toys, their cheerful shouts drowned out by the cacophony of revelers and wandering players alike.

There were game stalls for children, where he won Akuma demon masks for both his sister and himself and what he thought were fireworks… until the lights started landing all around them, shattering buildings and people alike. The Company, it seemed, had retaliated for the executions of so many distant relatives with extreme prejudice. Their bombs razed Sugar Point to the ground, leaving a scattered maze of broken buildings and ruins before they walled off the city itself.

(Now, Sugar Point is a nest of vipers, where wild men clash with gangsters and slumlords to claim territory, but that’s another story.)

His next memory was that of waking up in a stasis chamber, wrapped in a cocoon of wires connecting his body to machines. Mother, father, and sister… all died at the hands of Company pilots, though Kanda’s own status is little better.

For the next two years, he remained captive on a black ops military vessel in space, a lamb offered to the dubious gods of science and technology aiming to create more efficient soldiers. Ones that can heal faster, move faster, sustain damages with higher pain thresholds.

Mindless cogs that look like men and fight like demons.

Two years he endured a vicious cycle of testing designed to see first how far both body and mind could be bent before it broke and how much damage could be inflicted and repaired thanks to the sphere of medical-grade nanites they’d implanted in his chest, until one of the other test subjects finally snapped. The boy had slaughtered everyone - the medical staff, the technicians, the military officials, the other test subjects until all that was left was the two of them, this boy that had attempted to befriend him. He claimed they all needed to die, to stop the testing, but surprisingly… Kanda’s will to live was stronger than his friend’s determination to kill.

After that, he was shifted from one specialized unit to the next, with the first year little more than an endless stream of planetside battles that blended together, a hazy time where broken limbs and shredded muscles heal at an exceptional rate, allow him to continue fighting long after his ‘normal’ squad mates had fallen, until they finally stopped assigning him to teams.

Three years of quasi-solo missions where he played the advance party for the regular soldiers.

By eighteen, he’d accepted that this life held no escape for him - that his loathing of the military may be fuel for his battler rage and little else, until one particularly irritating squad member tried to befriend him. The kid, around his own age, was annoying. All bright grins and polite friendliness, with his bleeding heart worn on his sleeve that just begged Kanda to punch it. Repeatedly.

Kanda had expected him to die in a day.

A year later, the kid had gotten in his way, tried to stop a bloodied battle that Kanda had been fighting with a former ally turned enemy and had been stabbed in the gut by Kanda’s own knife for the effort. Despite that, this same kid had managed to save Kanda after the battle was over - even managed to get them off planet before the next round of attacks came - only to jettison an unconscious and critically wounded Kanda from their disabled ship before sending the SOS out to a nearby non-combatant vessel. Afterwards, he’d lied to the military, told their superiors that Kanda had died when their mission had failed, and Kanda had been plucked out of the black by a Reclamation Agent.

Becoming a killjoy was an easy decision – he had no attachment to his dubious status as a citizen and this, at the very least, protected him from further military reprimand, should they ever find out he’d lived. While his skills qualified him as a Level Four from initiation, his handler had had initial misgivings because of his military background. Too often, soldiers weren’t able to transition from following orders to making snap decisions in the heat of the moment, when a swift decision determined whether the warrant was completed or failed, but Kanda displayed a situational awareness and ability to make those hard decisions that was needed to be a successful killjoy.

He’d never been that good at following orders anyway.

By the end of that year, he’d managed to gain his freedom, a ship, and a (grudgingly tolerated) partner, one Lavi Bookman, Jr. He owes that bastard for all of that and he knows it. One day, he might even have the opportunity to do something about that…

Original History: D.Gray Man wiki

Inventory: His sword, Mugen, is currently hanging on the wall in his crew quarters on their ship, along with his golem. The book containing all of General Cross and Allen Walker’s bills and Kanda’s exorcist uniform (to include the newly acquired General insignia) are locked in one of many storage containers in the cargo bay, hidden behind all others.

Overjoyed TDM #1
Overjoyed TDM #2

Miscellaneous Notes: Their ship, Noah, will be purchased with half of his intro HP points and half of Lavi’s as agreed upon by both players OOCly.

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