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The Quad


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The Quad

Located in the J-Star Cluster, the Quad is a corporately controlled planetary system made up of the primary planet, Qresh, and the three terraformed moons orbiting it - Leith, Westerley, and Arkyn. It is taught that of these three moons, only Westerly and Leith have been successfully terraformed to sustain life.

How true that is, however, is a matter of urban legend.

Unfortunately, solar storms and a toxic, volatile atmosphere around Arkyn leave exploration off the table for further research or confirmation… at least for now.

Please refer to the culture page for more information on how the different planets interact and travel page for information about moving between them.

Arkyn is currently off-limits. However, players are free to create their own locations (businesses, bars, etc) not listed here, so long as they are congruent with the setting.


Once the only habitable planet, Qresh's population became unsustainable due to rising water levels and much of its surface area has disappeared beneath the ocean. Currently, the planet is reserved primarily for the families of the Nine and their most prized vassals, though some of the elite business class have managed to sequester themselves an acre here or there.

Since Qreshi land is such a high commodity, Qreshi citizenship is only eligible to those that can claim to be both born on Qreshi soil and hold ancestral land - and since all citizens are given shares in the Company based on their land ownership, each family's goal is to maintain or expand their land holdings as much as possible.

Qreshi citizenship and influence is a complex standard to achieve. As such, the children of the Nine families that control the central planet are not eligible to hold land or company shares until they're of age (18) so their land is held in trust for them by a legal guardian until they reach maturity. Younger siblings are given few shares and smaller land holdings than the eldest child, and often agree to 'exile' themselves to Leith in order to have a larger sphere of influence.

The Ancestral Hall of the Nine, located in the capital city of Medidas City, is where the Nine Ruling Families meet to both develop policies for the Company and enact laws for the rest of the Quad.


Westerley is the largest of the three moons circling Qresh and by far the most populated. It is highly industrialized, over-populated, and consists primarily of the lowest socioeconomic class in the Quad. It's a contained cesspool, each of the walled cities on the surface an insular hellhole mesh of humanity comprised of murderers, petty criminals, cutthroats, and sexters. While there are certainly people who make purely honest wages on Westerley--such as miners or seasonable plantation workers--the options for the upstanding, moral citizen are limited and rarely substantial enough to make ends meet.

All Westerley citizens are required to carry either digital citizenship 'papers' that prove they are legal residents or digital work visas that have strictly enforced expiration dates. Anyone who attempts to either leave before their work visa is completed without authorization or stays beyond the set visa dates will immediately have a Level 2 Warrant issued for them by the Company. Punishment for visa violations is incarceration and hard labor for a set time frame, beginning at intervals of five years.

Anyone caught without papers - known as Illegals - will be imprisoned and forced to complete manual labor for the Company. Most forced labor is used in the mining of Yttrium - a rare earth-element that, when inhaled, causes rapid onset of lung disease, making a hard-labor sentence little more than a delayed execution order.

Citizenship, however, does very little to protect the locals from the Company's grip. Forced, random ID checks are usually completed at gunpoint, Company law enforcers receive limited censure - if any - for excessive use of force with the locals, and the Company periodically uses aggressive tactics to combat civil unrest and remind Westies just where their place is in society: beneath their heel.


Old Town is the main location for interaction on Westerley. It is a walled, heavily industrialized and over-populated city that houses everything from the Company's command post, organized crime syndicates, regular citizens, monks, and those who chase or offer every vice mankind needs to survive. Local businesses and housing are crammed in between the mining and factory facilities often at the risk of structural integrity, but no buildings are higher than three stories to stay within the bounds of the high-voltage electrical security field designed to keep people from getting in… or out… illegally.

Most citizens get around by walking, as the few cars or armored vehicles found within the walls usually belong to the Company. Those that can afford it can have motorcycles or bikes, but these are rarely in fine condition.

The Royale

Rarely clean but always open, The Royale serves cheap beer and watered down liquor, but you don't come here for the drinks--you come here for the fights, the music, the safety blanket of four walls and an intact roof. Some things don't change with technology, and this bar is one of them: it's as much a community center as it is a trashy club, and while you need papers to get a drink, a good relationship with your bartender can get you a long way.

There's nothing exceptional about The Royale, but maybe that's what makes it so special. It's just a regular place to kick back and have a beer with a friend, meet a girl, or start a revolution. As you do.


The tunnel system that snakes under Old Town is large and complex enough to contain another city within itself. Originally built to provide workers with access to the mines under Old Town, it now houses a little bit of everything, such as underground communities of illegals that have never been to the surface, monk retreats, and even bomb shelters built for the Company when the moon was originally terraformed.

Those that live within the tunnels are called Tunnel Rats and adhere to the Rat King's rule, surviving by any means necessary below the city.


Because the primary reason for terraforming the moons around Qresh was to both deport the lower classes and find additional resources for consumption, the cities of Westerley are separated by the Badlands - large stretches of land that have been stripped of all useful resources and are now highly volatile.

With toxins saturating the land, air, and remaining water resources, the Badlands offer an ideal place for criminal organizations to base their operations so they can move freely throughout the Quad… provided they can afford and maintain the tech needed to filter those impurities out of the environment. No one goes to the Badlands with a good reason, and no one who stays has any other choice.


Located along the City Wall, Intake is where all RAC agents bring their detained warrants from across the J for processing. Those processed are either sent to hard labor mines, minimum security prisons, high security orbital prisons, or transported to the entities that requested the warrant.


Located in an abandoned salt mine far out in the middle of the white-sand desert, Eulogy doesn't look like much from the outside, but that's by design. After making the perilous journey through the desert terrain and across abandoned rigs, you'll find yourself short-listed for execution if you don't meet the strict entrance requirements for this outlaw's den. Getting into Eulogy requires two things: stolen goods worth bartering and a criminal record with the Company. They'll check your past at the door and anyone who isn't dirty enough will need someone to vouch for them, 'lest they get a bullet or twenty to the brain. Those shady enough to give the Company hell, however, are welcomed with a black market value chip worth the goods they brought and a drink at the gambling tables.

Within the facility, there are several bars, gambling dens, a fight arena, and sexter rooms. Have fun, but don't complain to management if you get knifed.


"What do you get when you scratch a Leithian? - A Qreshi ancestor who's embarrassed to be there."

Leith is the closest of the moons to Qresh and home to the middle classes and lower nobility alike. It is where the well-off merchant classes, minor nobility with limited land rights, and the lesser branches of the Nine moved in order to have higher luxuries than they could afford on Qresh without subjecting themselves to the grime of Westerley.

Now, however, most of the citizens are farmer and merchant classes, as Leith provides the majority of the agricultural stock needed to support life throughout the Quad. Migrant workers brought from Westerley are seasonal based on crops, and strictly regulated. Leith is by far the most conservative of the planets. Hokk is manufactured but consumption is regulated, and slavery, drugs, and sex workers are illegal. Unlike Westerley, the moral and legal codes are both clearly defined and strictly enforced.


A large, circular market place located in the midst of several crop fields, the bazaar is a thriving market that sells all of the finest luxuries and necessities anyone could want. Filled with shops, cafes, and colorful stalls, it's a futuristic farmer's market: locally fueled, mostly organic, and slightly pretentious.

For those who know where to look, however, there are also information brokers and an intricate black market that barter to a different crowd. Not even this idyllic planet is without its touch of vice…


Located in the mountainous area of Leith, the monastery stretches across both sides of a cliff face and comprises of prayer areas, personal quarters, acolyte training areas, and a historic repository for Scarback history and scriptures.

Only those who have received an invitation will be allowed access to the monastery, and rare is the person who leaves with their knowledge but without the robes.



Headquarters for the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition, this 71-level cruiser is more of a moving command hub than a ship. Agent coordination, training, disciplinary proceedings, and team creation/dissolutions are all done on the Cruiser.

Warrants come in and agents are sent on assignments from this central location to all over the J - including many outlier habitable planets within the system.


"Sex, drugs, meds, and tech. Everything illegal and freaky in the Quad is for sale in Utopia."

Utopia is a large, hexagonal space station just outside of the Quad's space boundaries. Tech pirates, recreational memory and medical modification, drugs, black market toys, casinos, BDSM dungeons, and sexters can all be found here - set in a perpetual rave-type atmosphere.

Be careful though. Not everyone gets to play. You must be in the know to get in, as access is invite only.


Arcturus is a transport ship that makes a continuous circuit around the J, providing both tansit and bloodsport entertainment. If you need to travel but can't afford the fare, they'll let you work off your debt in the arena.

Careful though. If you're not good enough, you won't survive… but if you're too good, they may never let you leave.