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Memory Mechanics
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Do I need to watch/be familiar with Killjoys to be able to follow the game plot?

Nope! So long as you read the information pages, you should be able to follow the game plot just fine. If you’d like additional information, the Killjoys Wiki has a lot of great information, but you should be fine without it.

What is the game day ratio?

2:1. Two real life days to every one game day.

What is "joy"?

Joy is what makes the world go 'round. Also known as money/currency.

What are "happiness points" or "HP"?

These are your AC points to spend at the AC bank.

Where can i track my hp?

HP will be maintained on the taken page.


Warrants are your sidequests. Completely optional but usually resulting in some worthwhile rewards. For the full documentation on warrants, please see here.

What is "Hokk"?

Hokk is your mutli-purpose plant for making a variety of mind-bending concoctions, usually liquid, and usually priced for its strength. It's best aged and tends to be on the bitter side. A real world equivalent might be Scotch.

And "Jakk"?

Another multi-purpose plant, but this one is less for drinking and more for injecting. More commonly known as "bliss", this street drug is highly illegal and highly profitable--a one time customer can easily become a long term user. Jakk is also a great incendiary, with the caveat of how potently toxic it becomes when burned: needless to say, this drug makes a terrible joint and lighting it up is ill-advised unless you want a building full of corpses. A real world equivalent in terms of effects and addiction might be opiates.

Is there a game cap or any cast caps?

Yes. The game has a cap of 60 players with a total of 120 characters. Casts at capped at a maximum of 6 characters. To see the current status of the game cap and/or cast caps, please visit the application page.


Am I allowed to app a current canon character from Killjoys?

No. The game is set concurrently to season one, so we will not allow canon characters at this time.

Am I allowed to bring in a character with other game CRAU?

Yes, however the memories of their previous game will be altered/suppresses along with their canon ones. How those are regained is entirely up to you. Please see below for further questions about memory modification.

Do you allow OCs?

We allow non-native OCs, i.e., OCs which originate from a universe outside of the Overjoyed/Killjoys setting. We do not allow fandom OCs.

Will multiple versions of characters be allowed - example Marvel comics vs MCU?

Yes, so long as they have a full background and timeline per version. If they were an alternate version as a plot device for one episode/chapter/filler, etc, then no.

How many characters can I app at once? Is there a character limit?

You can app one character per month, with a character max of 2 per player. You must have satisfied AC in the previous two months with your current character and purchase the second character slot from the AC Bank prior to application.

I’m familiar with Killjoys so can I app in as a Level Six RAC Agent?

No. No one can app higher than a Level Four at this time and no one can exceed a Level Five. As of now, we have no intention of using the Level Six plot arcs as part of the game canon.

Can I bring in a customizable character from an MMORPG?

Yes - so long as the character in question has a distinctive class/personal storyline progression and their IC choices have an effect on the character’s personality, etc. If it’s a game where you choose generic race for story plot that is the same regardless of faction/race/decisions, then no.

If the RPG character I want is taken, can I bring a different version of the type/class?

Provided they meet the above criteria (distinct class, personal storyline), we will allow a max of two, such as in the case of a male Shephard vs. a female Shephard in Mass Effect with a different plot progression.


What can my character bring with them when they arrive?

Whatever is on their person at the time they're brought in, provided the item(s) fit with the scope of the setting. Items that do not quite mesh may be modified (i.e., translated) to fit the environment.

Can my character bring their pets/familiars with them?

Short answer is no. Bringing in and modifying a separate sentient entity with the character simply does not work with the current entry dynamics. Pet/familiars can be regained later through AC Bank purchases and will likely require a translation process similar to tech/powers.

If, however, it is something inside them - a mystical bird, a ghost in their head - then it would remain and coincide with power regains.

Can my character regain items from their worlds here?

Yes, items can be regained with AC point purchases.

How will my character arrive?

All characters will arrive with memory implant technology. However, you may have your character show slight symptoms of memories breaking down from beginning. It is an OOC option whether you keep the memory loss or not.

Can my character be "established"?

Yes. Your character may have arrived up to five years ago, but they may not have regained any of their memories, powers, items, or etc during this time frame. This option is only to allow you to better flesh out their AU world and should not be used to circumvent the memory mechanics.

Will my character be humanized upon arrival?

Yes. Please be sure to list the PB for your character in your app if they are not humanoid in nature. This means your transformer, My Little Pony, Cat/Dog-hybrid needs to look like a normal person, as thus far there are not ‘aliens’ in Killjoys. Hobbits, elves, etc can simply be ‘modified’ humans.

Additionally, this also applies to characters who are canonically androids/purely synthetic in nature. Although androids do exist in the game verse, they are very rare and completely illegal and would limit the player character's movements considerably. As such, these individuals will need to be translated as "hack-mods". For more information on hack-mods, please see the technology page.


So my character will arrive with their memory altered. How does that actually work for canon characters?

Characters won’t have to go through the ‘woke up in a hospital/dumped in an alley/other generic catch all’. Instead, the Company will deposit them in a bed one night, in the residence constructed for that character. When they wake, they’ll go about their daily lives. We’ll post a monthly plot event to give everyone a way to meet, greet, and kick each other to say hello.

The memory options can be reviewed here.

Can I canon update?

Yes. It just gives your characters more memories to regain after they’ve been here for a while. This may be done for a small AC bank purchase.


My character has a special item that imbues them with power. Will they still have it?

Items may change shape/form to fit the environment (Please see the application page for more details). Items can be found in their home/residence, though the item(s) may be unrecognizable until their memories of using said item returns.

What kind of limitations do my character’s powers have? Will they be nerfed and, if so, how much?

The only powers that will be limited are those which would be game-breaking, such as teleportation and dimensional travel. Those abilities will be nullified while here. However, all others are usable to one degree or another.

That said, magic does not exist in this universe and all magical abilities will need to be translated to a scifi-equivalent to fit the mechanics of the game.

For specific information on powers, translations, and regains, see here.

How will the memory loss upon arrival affect my character's ability to use their special skills or abilities?

While the false memories are intact, their most powerful magic/skills/special abilities remain dormant. As their memories return, they’ll be able to access their powers - simpler ones at first and then the more complex as they regain more of their old selves. In other words, your character's "major abilities" (as defined in the powers guide) will be inaccessible until purchased with HP.


What if I want to app a character that’s dead in their own canon?

You may. If they’re brought in moments before death, the medical tech is advanced enough that most injuries/illnesses can be fixed if caught in time. If they’re already dead or in spirit form (soul reapers/ghosts/gods) then part of the dimensional shift process is to give a solid form to an insubstantial state. They may regain the memory of their death or not - entirely up to you.

Respawning - yes or no? What if they die just a little bit?

Nope. One life, one death in the Quad. How many times you hit that near death experience before being saved and then going through the joys of recovery are up to you but if they die, there’s no coming back.


What kind of technology is available?

Technology information can be found here.

My character brought x-bit-of-tech with them, can it interface with game tech?

It would depend on how closely it aligns to the native tech. Overjoyed's tech is high scifi, but not overly hard scifi, so there's a good chance that anything else which falls in this genre could interface. Hit up the brainstorming meme and a mod will be happy to address your specifics.

What kind of communication technology is available?

Like all of the tech in the Quad, its distribution comes down to wealth. If you have the status and the joy, you can get your hands on some fancy holographic projectors that make it look like the other person is right next to you no matter how many lightyears might actually be between you. But for most people--i.e., those who aren't ingratiated with the Qreshi elite--the standard technology is still text messaging, audio calls, and video chatting. Characters can make posts to a general 'network' and maintain their own means of contact (ooc: a network community and an IC contact post).

My character is a hacker/has high level hackers under their command, can I hijack other people's posts?

This is tricky and can come down to a lot of factors, but to make things easier, we're going to institute two basic requirements for hacking. A) It has to make sense. I.e., your character can't have suddenly developed these skills or contacts over night and B) it has to be okay with the other player(s) in question.


Am I required to have a HMD?

We do want all players to have a HMD set-up on the character journal, however we will not have a mandatory HMD requirement. It is entirely up to player discretion as to whether their HMD allows anonymous commenting or not.

Please refer to the Rules on OOC player interaction.

Do you have a plotting meme?

We have a brainstorming meme for prospective players and will regularly post CR memes for new and existing players.

How will NPCs be handled?

Players are free to use and abuse NPCs as they like, provided they are not used in place of major CR or for plot-intensive roles. NPCs who hold high rank or significance to the overall game are off-limits. I.e., if you want to create a random information broker on Leith, that's fine, but if you wanted that information broker to also be a high ranking official for the Company, that would be prohibited and require an AC Bank purchase.

Regarding information brokers in particular, you are free to have them provide as much information as you need to move your plots along--what you are not free to do, however, is have valid information regarding major plot players. Using the above example, your NPC information broker could pass along that a cousin of X family was seen sneaking into the coat closet with his porter, but you could not make that game canon without a purchase from the AC bank.
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It does, but now I have more questions xD

Hypothetically speaking, would it be possible to overthrow the Nine? Does the possibility exist and can it be realized through IC actions?
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Lovely! Would it be possible for PCs to receive NPC support, if that happens? I'm reading this a little as that PCs have to orchestrate everything themselves, and if they try this sort of thing alone it doesn't seem like it'll have very high a successful rate.
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It does! Thank you for being so thorough.