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Zanou'a Adveniho ([personal profile] yesallwomen) wrote in [personal profile] thenine 2017-01-05 03:14 am (UTC)

Hello modly mods!

I just wanted to get some clarification on the MMO customizable character, and the OC question. So, the standard for the MMO character to be appable, is that pertaining to the character that would be more or less the main character of the story (like in FFXIV there's the warrior of light that the plot follows), and only those?

I ask this because it leads into my next question about OCs, since it says all that are not within the canon of killjoys are fair game... if the OCs are not related to the main story of the MMO, and are actually just more or less fandom OCs based around the lore of the world and what not, are they allowed to be appable?

I guess I wanna know where the two things intersect in terms of being what is or isn't appable. SORRY IF THIS IS NEEDLESSLY COMPLICATED.

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