mustwefight: (i want to live in this transparent world)
ALISA BOSCONOVITCH ([personal profile] mustwefight) wrote in [personal profile] thenine 2016-12-11 11:29 am (UTC)

Hello, mods! I am interested in apping Alisa here from Tekken, who is a gynoid equipped for combat (i.e. chainsaws for hands, jets in her "wings" and feet, rocket fists, a detachable exploding and regenerating head -- don't ask) and hinted to be capable of emotion. She can also hack databases, make calls, has heat sensors, etc.

1. How will power regains work for her? Will she be able to access her weapons and other combat-oriented functions right away, or will that depend on her AU background?

2. Since she is a robot, how will deteriorating memory work for her? What symptoms will she experience?

3. In canon, she is programmed to obey Jin Kazama. Will this be overwritten if I decide to AU her? If she is programmed to obey another character in-game (NPC or otherwise), will her canon programming return when she regains her memories? Will she keep both commands?

This game looks awesome, and I'm really excited for it to take off! c: Thanks for your time!

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