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The Nine ([personal profile] thenine) wrote 2017-02-04 04:50 am (UTC)


1) They do, but at great personal risk of being discovered by the respective authorities, so it can be fairly restrictive if you don't plan to have them acquire false identity documents. We talk about this in a little more detail here with another character on the brainstorming meme.

2) Absolutely! In fact, it's strongly encouraged so as to allow your character the potential to build pregame CR and get them fit into the game. For an example of how this can be done, please take a look at Stephanie Brown's AU history.

3) Yes! We're sorry about that, we ordinarily amend that when we open apps again. I'll fix it on the page but just so you don't have to scroll through, our app rounds run the 3rd to the 10th!

Hope this answers your questions and thanks for stopping by!

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