thenine: (laure)
The Nine ([personal profile] thenine) wrote 2017-02-03 01:45 am (UTC)

Initial projections for game run time sits at about a year in total, so about nine months from now.

We've significantly deviated from the show's plot at this point! The three month timespan to begin the faction wars was planned from the beginning so our plots have run a little more rigidly to get us there, but starting in Chapter 3 and going forward, the plot will be much more heavily shaped by the actions of player characters within those factions to determine the outcome of the war, including the transition from cold faction wars to outright civil war and revolution/rebuilding. (Which unfortunately means predicting the pace is a little nebulous at this stage, but from the mod side, we're aiming to settle in around ‘medium’.)

I hope this answers your question and thanks for asking!

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