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1. Scifi has a long tradition of stealing popular staples from fantasy and horror (like vampires and ghouls) and then injecting them with a bit of pseudo-science to make 'em fit, so this could be played a few different ways. Ultimately, I would say this it up to player discretion--i.e., do you want to play out the character having the horrific emergence of these cravings in tandem with the memories? If so, you could translate their cravings in such a way that they would stay dormant until the memories started surfacing.

For example, they could be mostly cured of their vampirism/ghoul..ism.. upon entering Overjoyed with a hearty dose of gene therapy, but with the return of the memories, start exhibiting signs of regression and begin physically needing to consume their BFF again. Or it could've been hypnosis and with the memories breaking, the hypnosis breaks.. and so on and so forth.

If you didn't want to spin it that way and have their dietary preferences stay the same from day one, you could turn it into a disease that's incurable, experimental weapon program (popular), or like you suggested over plurk, drug addiction (great idea!).

2. We would be okay with accepting characters from series like Critical Role and Adventure Zone because they are published in a professional capacity and, aside medium (picture vs. video), aren’t all that different from a webcomic.

Thank you for asking and please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can provide further clarity!

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