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Travel Permits

Traveling within the Quad can be difficult without the right credentials. Certain occupations--namely members of the RAC--can travel freely across the stars, but for most other denizens of the Quad, visas are strictly and ruthlessly enforced.

Not unlike today, it's half luck of the draw. If you were blessed enough to be born with Qreshi papers and Company connections in your blood, the Quad is yours to explore at your will. But if you're not dripping with money, you're going to have to caress the right palms to get where you want to go.

For citizens of Leith, travel is moderately restricted. They are free to move between Leith and Westerley but require permits to travel to Qresh.

For citizens of Westerley, travel is extremely restricted and visas are enforced down to the hour of their issuance. Failure to comply with the terms of the travel or work visa will result in an automatic warrant.

Obtaining Travel Permits

So long as you remember the above guidelines, permits will be handwaved in-game. I.e., you won't be required to check in with anyone about leaving a planet, but you are encouraged to use these restrictions to build CR with other characters.

Certain occupations are exempt from requiring permits unless otherwise noted: doctors (who have license to serve the entirety of the Quad), traveling merchants, RAC agents (who have no citizenship), and so forth.

Ships: Parameters and Restrictions

Having all the papers and signatures in the 'verse won't do you a lot of good if your only mode of transport is your moped. Ships and docking privileges require some serious bankroll to fund and even more to maintain. You can purchase a ship through Overjoyed's AC Bank system. Once you've done so, you'll be required to register using the form at the bottom of this page. Any in-game trades or sales of the ship will need to be cleared by the moderators first.

Public Transit

If you have the joy to pay, there are private corporations who can deliver you to your destination in a timely fashion. Depending on the level of discretion and luxury you require, the price might change, but options are available. For those with money, there are always options.

For those without it, however, there are decidedly less savory and comfortable choices for traveling the quad.

Work For Fare

More commonly known as 'slaver ships', these ships run the range from relatively mundane mobile entertainment venues where a passenger might work as a waiter to ruthless fighting rings where your fare is earned in blood. Some of these are legitimate and will drop you off once you've completed the terms of your contract, but many of these operations prey on the poor and create more debts to extend the life of the contract.

Ship Registry

Ships may be purchased or owned by multiple characters (with the AC cost split down the middle, or not at all--up to you!). Once your ship purchase has been approved, please use the following form to register your vessel:

Ship Registry
Character Name(s) Canon(s) Journal(s) Ship Model Docking Privileges
ANNABETH & MAGNUS CHASE RIORDAN MYTHOS [personal profile] athenite/[personal profile] freys MODEL A WESTERLEY
Hanna King Original [personal profile] brickinthewall MODEL A Leith
Jason Todd DC Comics [personal profile] tirejacked MODEL A Westerley
Julius Visconti God Eater 2 [personal profile] tousei MODEL A LEITH
Kanda Yu/Lavi D.Gray-man [personal profile] lotusmesenpai / [personal profile] inksplashes MODEL A Leith
LAPIS FATHALLA ORIGINAL [personal profile] oneirism MODEL A LEITH
Saber Fate/Zero [personal profile] iuramentum MODEL A Leith
TAKASUGI SHINSUKE Gintama [personal profile] shikomizue MODEL B Leith

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