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Life can be messy and sometimes pretendy fun times needs to take a back seat, we understand. Please review our AC rules and the hiatus rules below before posting your hiatus. If your situation is not covered, or needs special consideration, feel free to reach out the mods via PM!

1) A hiatus for at least half of the month will result in your AC requirement being halved (from twenty to ten). A hiatus for three full weeks of the month completely exempts you from any AC requirement for that time frame.

2) Players may not hiatus during their first month in game.

3) Hiatuses may not be taken two months consecutively, nor if you received a strike in the previous month. If there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from reaching activity, please contact the mods, as we will make allowances on a case-by-case basis.

4) In the event that a player fails AC in the month following a hiatus, they will idle out rather than receive a strike.

Characters/Players currently on hiatus
LAPIS FATHALLA [personal profile] oneirismJAYES APRIL 9th
Lavi/Sui Feng [personal profile] inksplashes[personal profile] homonkaAri APRIL 17th
leopold fitz [personal profile] pestojay may 1st
RIN OKUMURA [personal profile] demonlyJAMIE APRIL 24TH
Crowley Eusford [personal profile] eusfordAshe May 1st
James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes [personal profile] lefthandfreeCurt May 1st



We're sorry to see you go, but games don't always mesh well with everyone for a lot of perfectly valid reasons. We hope you enjoyed your stay. If you could please fill out the form below, it would help us stay organized going forward. Thank you for playing with us!

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