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Warrant System

The Warrant System

Warrants are your sidequests. Fully optional, these monthly missions offer opportunities for your characters to earn HP, the AC currency, and fetch themselves some shiny new tech (or whatever else you fancy). While you have to be a killjoy in order to take and turn in a warrant, any character can help in a warrant and HP rewards will be split accordingly (IC dividends, however, is up to players).

Warrants are issued through the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition (more information can be found here). Warrants give RAC agents the authority to cross contested boundaries and the freedom to do what’s necessary to complete the parameters of the warrants.

Types of warrants

Warrants can be classified primarily by their levels. Levels 1-3 are free for player use—you don’t need a prompt or permission from us to make up your own warrant and turn in it for HP, but anything outside of that will require coordination with the moderators.

Level 1: Reclamation

Warrants issued for the return of lost or stolen goods to their rightful (paying) owners.

Level 2: Transfer

Missions in which the killjoy is tasked with moving a person through hostile territory to a designated safe area or other parameter specified. The person can be willing or unwilling (i.e., a prisoner). Note that these are sometimes used as hostage exchange warrants as well.

Level 3: Apprehension (Live)

An arrest warrant in which the target must be apprehended and delivered to the designated location (usually the prison intake facility, but not always) in living condition.

Level 4: Apprehension (Dead or Alive)

Similar to Level 3, but with a lot more negotiation on the terms of delivery condition. If the target is terminated during pursuit of the warrant, the killjoy must provide proof of death. (A body part will usually suffice.)

Level 5: Apprehension (Dead)

Also known as ‘kill’ or ‘execution’ warrants, these warrants mandate the elimination of the target and unlike other warrants, come with a guarantee. If a kill warrant is not completed within the designated time frame, the warrant is transferred onto the active killjoy until either the initial target or both are terminated. Note that Level 5 warrants are exceedingly rare and difficult to obtain.

Nonstandard Warrants

Claim and Clear Warrants:

A smuggler’s dream, these warrants can executed without the use of a warrant broker by any certified RAC agent, allowing the agent to board and salvage any derelict vessel in non-contested space.

Black Warrants:

Competitive warrants issued to the top teams within the RAC on a single target. These come with a hefty bonus and often involve sensitive, RAC-only information. Outsider participation is not encouraged.

Completing Warrants

how do I start a warrant?

There are a few options available to you. First, there will be monthly warrant prompts available (posted on [community profile] overjoyed_ooc ). Leave a comment there to receive mission specifics for your killjoy(s). Second, you can create your own warrant provided it's within the level 1-3 range. Third, you can propose a warrant to the mods. Note that kill warrants (level 5) will be exceedingly difficult to obtain, but level 4, C&C, and black warrants will be easier to arrange.

How much hp will I earn?

If you use one of the monthly warrants prompts, the HP information will be provided during the mission briefing. If you create your own Level 1-3 warrant, you will be issued HP comparable to the usual range for that warrant level once you turn in the completed log.

Where do I turn in my warrants?

In game, you would turn them into the RAC, your warrant broker, or directly to the warrant issuer (if you know who that is). OOC, you can submit them in a comment to the most recent monthly warrant posting. Note that there is no time limit on completing a warrant and it can be turned it during any week, regardless of when it was initially granted.