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The Nine ([personal profile] thenine) wrote 2016-12-11 08:33 pm (UTC)

Hi, thanks for your interest!

Although gynoids exist in 'verse, they are exceedingly rare and extremely illegal in all parts of the known galaxy, so they fall under the 'humanized' umbrella for us, so part of her power translation would be to become a "hack-mod". "Hack-mod" is basically the Killjoys-centric term for cyborg, individuals who have had pieces of themselves replaced with cybernetic technology. This brainstorming post may be of help to you in figuring out the logistics of it, but the short of it is that she would become human at core, machine at large. Still illegal if you made her over the 30% mark, but not so illegal she couldn't feasibly travel between locations if she needed to (as would be the case if she were a complete android.)

1. Power regains would largely depend on both her AU background and the scope of them. Without knowing more, I couldn't really give you a definitive answer at this stage, but we'd handle it on a case by case basis. At least some of those would need to be "major" regains for the sake of power balance between the factions, but many of the others tentatively sound okay for minor.

2. Because she would be humanized, her symptoms would proceed in a similar fashion as everyone else, although if she had modifications like Leo, she could hold onto the snippets of memory she gets indefinitely, or et cetera. You're free to get as creative as you like with modifying her canon function to fit the 'verse here and we'll be happy to work with you to make it as fun as possible to play out!

3. That's entirely up to you! Whether or not she's programmed to obey anyone via brain chip, or if her canon programming returns--all of that is to your discretion. If you're interested in bouncing ideas around, we'll be happy to help with that, but from the mod point of view, we want whatever is going to be the most interesting character arc for you to explore.

Thank you for your well-wishes and please don't hesitate to stop by our brainstorming meme if you want to bounce more ideas around!

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