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There are two ways that I can answer this. I'm going to provide the spoiler-free version since the information isn't revealed until late season 2, but if you want to know the spoiler-version (which will be more in-depth), send us a PP or just drop us a line and we'll scurry to the corner to whisper!

The blood blessing is symbolic, it confers no special powers--it just gives people hope. The person who receives it does not receive any special status themselves, except maybe to be seen as "fortunate", and whenever a blood blessing is given, others will gather around asking to receive the blessing until the blood clots.

Both the differently colored blood and accelerated healing (provided it falls within our accepted range and has reasonable limits) would be perfectly fine from a mod perspective but not likely to be as accepted among the believers and especially liable to cause mistrust among the order itself.* So while we wouldn't necessarily have qualms if you wanted to play this angle, know that he would have significant difficulty if both of these conditions remained the same. If you chose to 'humanize' him by making his blood red, however, he would have considerably less difficulty--though still strongly encouraged to hide his healing rate.

*This is one of those "a spoiler explains it perfectly" things.

I hope that this answers your questions and please don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information!

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