thenine: (ari)
The Nine ([personal profile] thenine) wrote 2016-11-21 01:50 am (UTC)

Hi there!

That would be fine, we're only stringent on being part of the inner-circle and direct heirs. He's pretty likely to live on Leith if he wanted his own lands (but would still be Qreshi royalty, there's just more space there) and that would afford him greater luxuries than remaining on Qresh itself, but that would be entirely up to you as to where he resides.

Depends on what you mean by status. Within the Nine itself, yes, but everyone who's part of the Nine can trump anyone who isn't. I.e., if someone from the Company gave him trouble and he made a well placed phone call, it wouldn't be too hard to get that person fired. For the most part, just threatening it would get his way unless the other person also had those connections.

I hope this answers your question!

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